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Cheat Mode
Go to "EA Sports Extras" > "Passwords" screen and enter one of the following CASE-SENSITIVE codes for the desired result:

greensfees - Unlock all courses
CLEVELAND - Cleveland Golf-related items unlocked
ALLSTARS - Unlock all golfers
GUYSAREGOOD - Precept-related items unlocked
INTHEGAME - EA-related items unlocked
JANNARD - Oakley-related items unlocked
JLINDBERG - J. Lindberg-related items unlocked
JUSTDOIT - Nike-related items unlocked
JUSTSHAFTS - Grafalloy-related items unlocked
LIGHTNING - PGA Tour-related items unlocked
MACTEC - MacGergor-related items unlocked
MRADAMS - Taylormade-related items unlocked
NOTJUSTTIRES - Bridgestone-related items unlocked
RIHACHINRIZO - Mizuno-related items unlocked
SHOJIRO - Bridgestone-related items unlocked
SNAKEKING - Cobra-related items unlocked
SOLHEIM - Ping-related items unlocked
TENGALLONHAT - Members of crowd have big heads
THREESTRIPES - Buick-related items unlocked
CREAM - Unlimited Money
PLAYFIFA08 - Unlock Wayne Rooney
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Ace Seeker (30) - Make a Hole in One.
Afraid of the Dark (20) - Land the ball inches from the hole.
All in the Family (35) - Complete a full 18 Hole round of each Traditional game mode using the same Original Golfer.
Anchor Man (10) - Create and Play a 4-player Online Match.
Big Spender (15) - Spend $5000 at the Pro Shop.
Bomb Away! (30) - Drive your tee shot more than 350 yards.
Buick Clubhouse Ambassador (25) - Beat Erika Von Severin in Tiger Challenge.
Buick Clubhouse Member (10) - Beat Danny Wheeler in Tiger Challenge.
Collector (20) - Buy 25 items at the Pro Shop.
EA SPORTS™ GamerNet 1000 (35) - Obtain 1000 Producer Points on EA SPORTS™ GamerNet.
EA SPORTS™ GamerNet 5000 (75) - Obtain 5000 Producer Points on EA SPORTS™ GamerNet.
Egg on the Dance Floor (20) - Successfully putt 75ft or more without using the putt preview line.
FedEx Delivery (75) - Win the FedExCup.
Gold Card Membership (75) - Complete 100% Tiger Challenge Gold.
In the Hunt (30) - Rank in the top 5 of any offline tournament.
In The Zone (50) - Win any offline tournament.
King of the Jungle (75) - Beat Tiger in Tiger Challenge.
Major General (75) - Win all 4 Majors.
Mini-Golf (20) - Complete each Mini game using the same Original Golfer.
Old School (20) - Play an entire round offline using the 3-Click feature.
On Fire (30) - Finish a round with a score of -10 on TOUR PRO using an Original Golfer.
Pole Dancer (20) - Hit the flag pole.
Reality Star (35) - Play and beat a challenge in each of the Free Style, Long Drive, 9 and 18 Hole Showdown channels.
Scrambler (20) - Rank in the top 10 of any offline tournament.
Tiger Coin-Op (20) - Complete a full 18 Hole round of each Arcade game mode using the same Original Golfer.
Viva Las Villegas! (20) - Beat Villegas in Tiger Challenge.
Weekend Warrior (30) - Complete 100% Tiger Challenge Bronze.
XX (10) - Create a female golfer using Photo Game Face.
XY (10) - Create a male golfer using Photo Game Face.
You Da Man! (50) - Complete 100% Tiger Challenge Silver.
Zapper (10) - Post in each of the Free Style, Long Drive, 9 Hole Showdown, and 18 Hole Showdown channels.

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