The Warriors: Street Brawl Cheats - Xbox 360

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Check out these The Warriors: Street Brawl cheats and stay cool!
Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore:

500 Grand (10) - Player must amass 500,000 points.
Chain Gang (10) - Player must beat enemies to get 20xCombo.
Facebreaker (20) - Player must wreck enemy gang members to get a 50x chain.
Flawless Mission (10) - Player must clear a rival gangs turf, start to finish, without losing a life.
Alleycat (20) - Accumulate 9 backup lives for your Warrior.
Big Bopper (30) - Player persevere against the odds in Arcade Mode.
Can you Dig it? (20) - Player must rack up 2,500,000 points.
Meet the Rage (10) - Player must use Rage.
The Best. (20) - "You Warriors are good. Real good." Player must complete Story Mode.
War Chief (10) - Player must win 10 games in VS Mode.
Warrior, Gladiator (30) - Player must defeat the worst of the worst in the arena of Boss Mode.
Xbox LIVE Soldier (10) - Player must complete any Mission over Xbox LIVE.

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