The Splatters Cheats - Xbox 360

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Check out these The Splatters cheats and stay cool!
Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore:

500 Stunts (5) - Reach a total of 500 Stunts overall.
1,000 Bombs (5) - Blow up 1,000 bombs overall.
5,000 Bombs (5) - Blow up 5,000 bombs overall.
5,000 Stunts (10) - Reach a total of 5,000 Stunts overall.
10,000 Bombs (10) - Blow up 10,000 bombs overall.
A Promising Talent (5) - Complete all levels in "Become a Talent".
Born To Fly (10) - Perform 50 Air-Strike Stunts overall.
Captain Combo (10) - Complete all levels in "Combo Nation".
Definitely a Talent! (10) - Earn three stars in each "Become a Talent" level.
Genius Spark (15) - Generate six Stunts with a single splatter.
Got Combo? (10) - Chain a 10-Stunt combo in a single level.
Chain's Addiction (10) - Chain a single combo through an entire "Combo-Nation" level.
Clean Run (10) - Complete a level without failing.
Combolicious (15) - Chain a 60-Stunt combo in a single level.
Death from Above (15) - Perform 500 Air-Strikes overall.
Master of Versatility (10) - Do eight different Stunts in a single level.
Got Stunts? (10) - Perform 10 stunts in a single level.
Master of Masters (10) - Complete all levels in "Master Shots".
Sweet Combo (15) - Chain a 30-Stunt combo in a single level.
The Combonator! (10) - Earn three stars in each "Combo-Nation" level.

Unlock Avatar Awards
"The Splatters" T-Shirt - Unlock the Flip move to receive this shirt.
"Die With Style" T-Shirt - Unlock the Air-Strike move to receive this shirt.
Splatter-Head - Unlock the Ballistic move to earn this award!

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