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Complete the following achievements to unlock the indicated number of Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

Escaped the Imperial Sewers (50 points) - Escaped the Imperial Sewers, Main Quest Beginning.
Closed an Oblivion Gate (50 points) - Closed an Oblivion Gate, Main Quest.
Located the Shrine of Dagon (50 points) - Located the Shrine of Dagon, Main Quest.
Delivered Daedric Artifact (50 points) - Delivered Daedric Artifact, Main Quest.
Destroyed the Great Gate (50 points) - Destroyed the Great Gate, Main Quest.
Champion of Cyrodiil (110 points) - Completed the Main Questline.
Murderer, Dark Brotherhood (10 points) - Join the Dark Brotherhood.
Slayer, Dark Brotherhood (10 points) - Reached Slayer rank in the Dark Brotherhood.
Eliminator, Dark Brotherhood (10 points) - Reached Eliminator rank in the Dark Brotherhood.
Assassin, Dark Brotherhood (10 points) - Reached Assassin rank in the Dark Brotherhood.
Silencer, Dark Brotherhood (10 points) - Reached Silencer rank in the Dark Brotherhood.
Speaker, Dark Brotherhood (10 points) - Reached Speaker rank in the Dark Brotherhood.
Listener, Dark Brotherhood (50 points) - Completed the Dark Brotherhood Questline.
Pit Dog, Arena (10 points) - Joined the Arena in the Imperial City.
Brawler, Arena (10 points) - Reached Brawler rank in the Arena.
Bloodletter, Arena (10 points) - Reached Bloodletter rank in the Arena.
Myrmidon, Arena (10 points) - Reached Myrmidon rank in the Arena.
Warrior, Arena (10 points) - Reached Warrior rank in the Arena.
Gladiator, Arena (10 points) - Reached Gladiator rank in the Arena.
Hero, Arena (10 points) - Reached Hero rank in the Arena.
Champion, Arena (10 points) - Reached Champion rank in the Arena.
Grand Champion, Arena (50 points) - Completed the Arena Questline.
Pickpocket, Thieves Guild (10 points) - Joined the Thieves Guild.
Footpad, Thieves Guild (10 points) - Reached Footpad rank in the Thieves Guild.
Bandit, Thieves Guild (10 points) - Reached Bandit rank in the Thieves Guild.
Prowler, Thieves Guild (10 points) - Reached Prowler rank in the Thieves Guild.
Cat Burglar, Thieves Guild (10 points) - Reached Cat Burglar rank in the Thieves Guild.
Shadowfoot, Thieves Guild (10 points) - Reached Shadowfoot rank in the Thieves Guild.
Master Thief, Thieves Guild (10 points) - Reached Master Thief rank in the Thieves Guild.
Guildmaster, Thieves Guild (50 points) - Completed the Thieves Guild Questline.
Associate, Mages Guild (10 points) - Joined the Mages Guild.
Apprentice, Mages Guild (10 points) - Reached Apprentice rank in the Mages Guild.
Journeyman, Mages Guild (10 points) - Reached Journeyman rank in the Mages Guild.
Evoker, Mages Guild (10 points) - Reached Evoker rank in the Mages Guild.
Conjurer, Mages Guild (10 points) - Reached Conjurer rank in the Mages Guild.
Magician, Mages Guild (10 points) - Reached Magician rank in the Mages Guild.
Warlock, Mages Guild (10 points) - Reached Warlock rank in the Mages Guild.
Wizard, Mages Guild (10 points) - Reached Wizard rank in the Mages Guild.
Master-Wizard, Mages Guild (10 points) - Reached Master-Wizard rank in the Mages Guild.
Arch-Mage, Mages Guild (50 points) - Completed the Mages Guild Questline.
Associate, Fighters Guild (10 points) - Joined the Fighters Guild.
Apprentice, Fighters Guild (10 points) - Reached Apprentice rank in the Fighters Guild.
Journeyman, Fighters Guild (10 points) - Reached Journeyman rank in the Fighters Guild.
Swordsman, Fighters Guild (10 points) - Reached Swordsman rank in the Fighters Guild.
Protector, Fighters Guild (10 points) - Reached Protector rank in the Fighters Guild.
Defender, Fighters Guild (10 points) - Reached Defender rank in the Fighters Guild.
Warder, Fighters Guild (10 points) - Reached Warder rank in the Fighters Guild.
Guardian, Fighters Guild (10 points) - Reached Guardian rank in the Fighters Guild.
Champion, Fighters Guild (10 points) - Reached Champion rank in the Fighters Guild.
Master, Fighters Guild (50 points) - Completed the Fighters Guild Questline.

Easy Imperial Arena
Get a bow or some decent spells. Make sure you have at least 30 in Acrobatics. As soon as the gate drops, run to your right, to where the right gate meets the fence. Kump onto the stone piece that juts out. Then, jump again to get on top of the little piece sticking out above it. Once on top, turn and fire on your helpless victims. When you have to fight mages or archers, stay on the ground and strafe behind the four central pillars for easy kills.

Easy Magic Skills Increase
Complete all the Mage Guild Recommendation Quests to gain access to the Arcane University. Buy the cheapest spell you can find for each of the magic based skills (Illusion, Conjuration, Alteration, Mysticism, Restoration and Destruction). For Destruction, a Drain Spell is recommended. Go to where you make your own spells and select a spell. Make it so you only use up 1 Magicka and the spell is on "Self". Name the spell and create it. Do this with all the other types of magic based skills then make them all on "Self", including Destruction. If you used a Drain spell, when you use it on yourself it may appear you took damage but you do not, because you drain it from yourself to yourself. Cast the spells all the time when you are walking around or whenever possible. Your skills will increase quickly without having to wait between spellcastings. Note: This trick will only work if the spells are cast on "Self". Spells do not count towards experience unless they have an effect on something.

Easy Alteration experience
To get quick levels in the Alteration skill, make sure you have these spells: Open Average Lock, Open Easy Lock, and Open Very Easy Lock. Then, find a chest that you would have to normaly need a key or have to lock pick. Use the opposite spell of the chest. For example, if the chest requires the easy spell, use the very easy spell on it. Make sure you have some Magicka potions or you can just wait an hour every time you exhaust you Magicka supply. In no time you will have leveled your Alteration skill dramatically.

When you get the Open Very Easy Lock spell, keep using it on all boxes, barrels, and doors even if they are not locked. This will quickly level up your Alteration skill.

Easy Athletics experience
Get an enchanted amulet, ring, or other item you can enchant with Water Breathing. Make sure it is a constant effect. Equip the item with Water Breathing then jump in some water. Swim to the bottom and just hold the [Analog-stick Up] to keep swimming into the floor. Your Athletics will greatly increase in five minutes.

Easy Conjuration experience
Near the town of Bruna, go east, southeast. If you reach The Red Ruby Cave you went too far. You will need to go back west slightly. You should see a shrine, that will once activated, will give you Conjuration points as well as a temporary bound weapon and/or greaves. You can keep activating the shrine every 24 hours. Wait in front of it for 24 hours, then activate it again. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Easy Hand-To-Hand experience
In order to make this work, you must have 100% or more Invisibility or Chameleon. This is done by either enchanting a number of armor, rings, or amulets, or you can enter an Oblivion Gate and keep reloading the game until you find the Sigil Stone that offers Silence and Chameleon. After you get that stone, use the "Duplicate item" glitch and you can now instantly enchant your items without the trouble of finding Soul Gems and Souls. Now that you have Invisibility, go up to a guard and start beating him up using hand-to-hand combat. When he dies, more guards will keep spawning. You can just keep beating on them. You can also find a character that is marked with a crown that will not die, and only becomes unconscious. Because they do not see you, it is not bad. Also, they never die, so you can endlessly beat on them until you master Hand-To-Hand. Your skill increases about every 20 seconds or more, depending on how high your skill level already is.

Go to the Arena district in the Imperial City. You will see two NPCs (an Argonian and an Imperial woman) fighting. Stand close to them for a minute. Your Hand-To-Hand skill will increase by 5. Note: This can only be done once.

If you are in the Fighting Guild, you can watch to people training and your blade and block will increase.

Easy Restoration experience
To do this, you must be far enough into the Mages Guild quests so you can make your own spells. Go there and make a Fortify Health, Fatigue or Magika. You can make it target or self, but make sure it is only for one second. Then, repeatedly use it.

Easy experience
When you are doing the arena and are about to fight the Grand Champion, do his side quest first so that during the fight he does not try. When you are about to actually fight him, go into game options and set the difficulty to "Very Hard". This give everyone you fight more health. When you are attacking the Grand Champion, you can get a lot more free hits in without worrying about him trying to fight back. This works even better if you are using a very weak weapon. It is not about how much damage you do that increases your levels, but how much you attack.

Your character must have a major skill of Sneak and either Destruction or Alteration. If your skills are Sneak and Destruction, gain access to the Arcane University. Go to the place to make spells. Make a Drain Health spell and make sure that it is set to "Self"and it only uses 1 Magicka. Then, go upstairs. Go into Sneak mode and just run into the wall without stopping. Activate magic ([RB]) repeatedly. You will soon gain levels quickly. Note: When you activate the magic it will seem as if it is hurting you, but it is not. If your skills are Sneak and Alteration, go into a room with a container (for example, cupboard, drawers, etc.). Run into the container in Sneak mode and use a "open very easy lock"repeatedly on the container.

Make your character a Dark Elf with the birthsign Warrior, and create a class with the following attributes: Athletics, Acrobatics, Blade, Block, Blunt, Heavy Armor, and Marksman. Next complete the arena to get leveled up. Then, get a horse and go to the lady in Kvatch. Note: You may have to shut the Oblivion Gate. Once on your horse, talk to the Orc woman at Kvatch and sell your most expensive equipped weapon until you have 55,000 gold. Then, join the Fighters Guild and complete your first mission. Then, go directly south of Imperial City and find a bridge. Cross the bridge to find a place called Vindisel. Kill a lady named Umbra and take her armor, shield, and blade. Next, go to Imperial City and mess with the guards. Every now and then when you are about to die, run from Imperial City before the guards kill you, or pay the fine using the gold from Kvatch. After you level up, go to any Fighters Guild and train your major skills. Then, attack the Imperial Guards and repeat.

Use the following trcik for easy experience in Leyawiin (Blade, Blunt, Hand to Hand, Destruction, Marksman and Sneak). Go to Leyawiin find Rosentia Gallenus' House. She has four Scamps. You can kill them and more will respawn. Sneak attack with a blade, mace, or hand to hand. Then, use a bow and cast fire. Note: If you use your bow, the arrows are hard to get back. Note: If you finish the quest you cannot do this anymore.

Go to Cloud Ruler Temple northwest of Bruma. Walk up the big stairs. You will see two Blades sparing. Stand close to them for a minute and your Blade and Block skills will increase by 2. Note: This can only be done once.

Easy stealing
Put on the Gray Fox's mask. Steal something and wait for the guards to tell you, "Oh, you are the Gray Fox. I'm going to kill you" (or something similar. Select "Resist Arrest". Then, go to your inventory and take off the mask. Exit the menu, then yield to the guard by holding [Block] and pressing [A] to talk to him at the same time. He should walk away. You will not have a bounty, and you will still have the stolen item.

More Magika
Get into the Arcane University. Get some decent Soul Gems with decent souls and enchant something constant effected fortify Magika/Intelligence. With enchanted items (each roughly 20 points), it is useful. Use the duplicate item cheat to get many Soul Gems.

Infinate recharge
Perform the "Duplicate items" glitch on a Soul Gem. Pick them all up. When an item is on low charge you can recharge it back to full without wasting money on Soul Gems or going through the bother of soul trapping.

Save lockpicks
When you are going on a mission for the Theives Guild, it is much easier to steal keys for all the doors from immobile gaurds (or the owners of the building of the place you are robbing) after you have leveled up your Sneak skill with the "Easy Sneak level" trick. After you steal the keys you can open nearly every key for the building you are in.

Easier break-ins
To break into a house or chest easier, pay attention to the speed of the tumblers when they drop. If you try after the tumbler fell fast, you will have a much better chance of keeping the tumbler up.

Unlimited arrows
For an unlimited source of iron arrows, go to the Bloodworks in the arena. One of the gladiators is practicing with his bow on a target. Stand close by. When there are five to ten arrows in the target, take them before he does. He will just continue shooting when you move out of the way. This is an unlimited source of iron arrows, which can be sold to almost any merchant and therefore also makes an unlimited source of gold.

When you are at the Inn of Ill Omen, go outside where the man is practicing his archery.He is using steel arrows. Go in front of him and pick up the arrows. He will not hit you. He will wait until you move out of his way. You will not get into trouble with the guards. You can do this as many times as desired.

Go to Cheydinhal and break into Bazur gro-Gharz's house. When you kill him, search his body. He will have unlimited steel arrows.

Skingrad: Hidden treasure
Buy the house in Skingrad and the upgrades for it. You should have a deer head mounted in the wall. Jump on it and retrieve the note. It should say that the man who is writing it is being sent to the prison, but left a clue to his treasure for his loved one. However she never found it. The answer to the riddle is an hourglass. Go in the basement of the house. The hourglass can be found at the top of a support beam with the garlic hanging from it. Pick it up and you should get about seven flawless gems and the Ring Of The Grey.

Nord: Easy kills
If you selected a Nord as your race, choose The Lover as you star pattern. This makes it extremely eay to kill someone. First, get them down a bit in health. Then use The Lover's star pattern ability to stun them. while they are stunned, hit them with Nordic Frost. This will kill almost all enemies and works well as a finisher.

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