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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Arms Addict (30) - Collect 100% of all weapon data.
Accomplished Battler (10) - Obtain 50% of all battle trophies.
Advanced Battler (10) - Obtain 70% of all battle trophies.
Aspiring Architect (20) - Create 40% of all possible items.
Creature Collector (20) - Collect 50% of all monster data.
Creative Craftsman (20) - Create 60% of all possible items.
Dilettante Designer (20) - Create 20% of all possible items.
Expert Battler (10) - Obtain 80% of all battle trophies.
Inspired Inventor (20) - Create 80% of all possible items.
Dutiful Deliverer (30) - Complete 100% of all quests.
Errand Boy (20) - Complete 30% of all quests.
Novice Battler (10) - Obtain 20% of all battle trophies.
Master Battler (10) - Obtain 90% of all battle trophies.
Monster Master (30) - Collect 100% of all monster data.
Potential Postman (20) - Complete 60% of all quests.
Practiced Battler (10) - Obtain 30% of all battle trophies.
Rookie Battler (10) - Obtain 10% of all battle trophies.
Seasoned Battler (10) - Obtain 60% of all battle trophies.
Ship Savant (20) - Collect 100% of all spaceship data.
Skilled Battler (10) - Obtain 40% of all battle trophies.
Treasure Hoarder (30) - Open 100% of all treasure chests.
Treasure Hunter (20) - Open 50% of all treasure chests.
Ultimate Battler (10) - Obtain 100% of all battle trophies.
World's Biggest Welch Fan (20) - Create 100% of all possible items.

Unlock Battle Trophies
Level cap increase - Collect 50 battle trophies.
Additional Battle Voices, Set 1 - Achieve 30% of character's Battle trophies.

Unlock Difficulties
Chaos Mode - Beat the game on Universe mode.
Universe Mode - Beat the game on Galaxy mode.

Unlock "Cave of the Seven Stars" Dungeon
Beat the game once, reload your save and enter the left door up the stairs after the final save point which allows you to fight the Undying Dragon. Once you beat the dragon, you receive the Darkness Ring. Go back to the Colosseum in Tatroi and go to the end of the left hallway on the first floor. Use the Darkness Ring on the Glyph in the wall to uncover the secret entrance to the dungeon.

Unlock Wandering Dungeon
Defeat Gabriel Celeste at the end of the Cave of the Seven Stars. After that, take the elevator in En II down to the Old Road to Sanctuary and speak to Barago. Barago will then take you to the entrance. Monsters here appear as shadowy zombies, so you never know which enemies you'll be facing in combat, and each floor is randomly generated every time you step in. There are no save or restoration spots, and the final boss of this dungeon is 20 floors in. If you leave the dungeon, the floors are randomly generated again, and you must start over. After defeating the Ethereal Queen on the 20th floor the dungeon goes on for as many floors as you like, simply repeating the bosses of the 19th and 20th floors.

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