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Unlock Photo Shoot mode
You must get 8,000 cash then go get the camera in the shop.

Unlock Sound Test in locker room
You must get 9,000 cash then go get the audio set in the shop.

Unlock Swimsuits
When you play as any default character in their swinsuits for several matches, the suits themselves will eventually become available for purchase. They'll go for $9,000 for all the other characters.

Popularity Is Everything
Increasing your popularity depends on your wrestler type. Good fighters (all on the top row) have blue popularity meters and they increase in popularity as you engage in (and win) normal matches. Bad fighters (all on the bottom row) have red popularity meters and do not experience changes in popularity in normal (pinfall) matches. Bad fighters increase their popularity in the Street Fight mode (next to the Locker Room icon).

Costume Clues
The shop's locked costumes can be unlocked by fulfilling the various conditions hinted at in the text box. Some conditions include holding onto titles, winning over certain opponents, or simply spending time in other modes.

Pump Her Up
Winning any type of match increases your fighter's ability to be customized in body (appearance) and muscle (performance). Increasing muscle stats will increase the damage you do, and reduce the damage taken. Only the normal fighter may be customized; superstars are played as designed.

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