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Unlock Desperate Escape
Complete the Game.

Unlock Lost in Nightmares
Complete Chapter 3-1.

Regenerate Items
Chapter 2-1, take all the items at the beginning and then Quit the game. Return to the game by selecting Continue and you will begin Chapter 2-1 with the items you got before you quit the game, however, the items at the beginning (you took just now) are still at the same place, so you can obtain them again. Repeat the same thing to get as many as you like.

Note: This works on any stage, this is just one example of how to benefit from it.

Unlock All "Graphic Filters"
By finishing the game you unlock different graphic filters to use during gameplay. Once unlocked, go to Bonus Features and buy them for 0 pts. each.

Classic Horror (Black & White) - Beat the game on Amateur difficulty.
Noise (Grain effect) - Beat the game on Veteran difficulty.
Retro (Sephia) - Beat the game on Normal difficulty.

Unlock Infinity Rocket Launcher
Beat the game under 5 hours on any difficulty, and turn infinite ammo on under bonus features.

Unlock Costumes
Chris (S.T.A.R.S.) - Complete Chapters 1 - 6 and find 25 BSAA Emblems.
Chris (Safari) - Complete Chapters 1 - 6.
Sheva (Clubbin') - Complete Chapters 1 - 6.
Sheva (Tribal) - Complete Chapters 1 - 6 and find 30 BSAA Emblems.

Unlock Mercenary Characters
Chris (Safari) - Get an A Rank or higher in The Village.
Chris (Stars) - Get an A Rank or higher in Experimental Facility.
Jill (Battle Suit) - Get an A Rank or higher in Ship Deck.
Jill (BSAA) - Get an A Rank or higher in Public Assembly.
Sheva (Clubin) - Get an A Rank or higher in Ancient Ruins.
Sheva (Tribal) - Get an A Rank or higher in Missile Area.
Wesker (Midnight) - Get an A Rank or higher in The Mines.
Wesker (STARS) - Get an A Rank or higher in The Prison.

History of Resident Evil - Beat the game on any difficulty.
Mercenaries Mode - Finish the game in any difficulty.
New Game+ - Finish the game in any difficulty.
Playing with Sheva - Finish the game in any difficulty.
Professional Difficulty - Beat every chapter on Veteran.
Unlimited ammuntion for a weapon - Finish the game then max out the upgrades for that gun.

Versus DLC Achievements
Army of One (15) - Win 30 matches in Slayers.
Bringing the Pain (30) - Defeat 100 players using physical attacks in Versus.
Eye of the Tiger (15) - Win 30 matches in Survivors.
It Takes Two to Tango (15) - Chain a 40-defeated combo in Team Slayers.
It's All About the Points (15) - Score at least 40,000 points in Survivors.
Keep the Good Times Rolling (15) - Chain a 20-defeated combo in Slayers.
Let's Get This Party Started! (20) - Unlock all selectable characters in Versus.
The Team That Slays Together... (30) - Win 30 matches in Team Slayers.
There's no I in Team (15) - Score at least 80,000 points in Team Survivors.
We Will Survive (30) - Win 30 matches in Team Survivors.

Versus DLC Characters
Once you download the Versus DLC, you may buy the following characters from the Bonus Features menu using your accumulated Exchange Points:

Chris (S.T.A.R.S.) - 13,000 Exchange Points.
Chris (Safari) - 8,000 Exchange Points.
Jill (Battlesuit) - 7,000 Exchange Points.
Jill (BSAA) - 5,000 Exchange Points.
Sheva (Clubbin') - 6,000 Exchange Points.
Sheva (Tribal) - 15,000 Exchange Points.
Wesker (Midnight) - 30,000 Exchange Points.
Wesker (S.T.A.R.S.) - 50,000 Exchange Points.

Weapon Unlocks
Fully upgrading the first weapon of each type unlocks the ultimate weapon of each category:

Gatling Gun (Chris Only) - Fully upgrade the VZ61 Machine Gun.
Hydra Triple Barrel Shotgun - Fully upgrade the Ithaca M37 Shotgun.
Longbow (Sheva Only) - Fully upgrade the S75 Rifle.
M93R Pistol (Samurai Edge Custom) - Fully upgrade the M92F Pistol.
S&W M500 (Handcannon) - Fully upgrade the S&W M29 Magnum.

Play as Josh Stone and Unlock Professional Difficulty
Play as the leader of the BSAA West Africa Branch, and Jill's partner in this add on game. And how to unlock Professional Mode:

Josh Stone - Complete Desperate Escape on any Difficulty.
Professional Mode - Complete Desperate Escape on The Veteren Difficulty.

DLC Achievements
Complete each achievement to receive the allotted GamerScore:

It's Just a Bad Dream (15) - Complete Lost in Nightmares with an S rank.
Kung Fu Fighting (15) - Inflict a set amount of damage to Wesker in Lost in Nightmares.
Must've Got Lost (15) - Complete Lost in Nightmares on any difficulty setting.
Night Terrors (40) - Complete Lost in Nightmares on Professional.
Wish Upon a Star (15) - Destroy all 18 of the Score stars found throughout Lost in Nightmares.

Play as Jill Valentine
Complete the game on any difficulty setting, you may choose to play a Jill on you next playthrough. Jill Valentine Playable Charactor - Complete Lost In Nightmares.

Play using original Resident Evil gameplay
When you start the level investigate the door three times then on the fourth a ? will appear press [X] again and you will have the original gameplay.

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