Rapala Tournament Fishing Cheats - Xbox 360

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Check out these Rapala Tournament Fishing cheats and stay cool!
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Always Ready (25) - Catch your first fish within the first 2 minutes of entering a new tournament fishing day.
American Tour (25) - Finish the American Tour event.
Arcade Challenge Completion (50) - Finish the Arcade Challenge game mode.
Bad Weather (20) - Catch at least 40 fish while in bad weather.
Bass Champion (20) - Catch 40 Bass.
Catfish Champion (20) - Catch 40 Catfish.
Elite Tour (25) - Finish the Elite Tour event.
Fish Master (25) - Catch every fish in the game at least once.
Fishing Boat Expert (20) - Use all boats at least once in a tournament event.
Fishing Line Expert (25) - Catch at least 20 fish using every fishing line in the game.
Fishing Reel Expert (25) - Catch at least 20 fish using every reel in the game.
Fishing Rod Expert (25) - Catch at least 20 fish using every rod in the game.
Legends Series (25) - Finish the Legends Tour event.
Lund Series (25) - Finish the Lund Series event.
Lure Apprentice (25) - Catch at least 10 Lake Sturgeon using a single lure type.
Lure Expert (25) - Catch at least 30 Chain Pickerel using a single lure type.
Lure Master (75) - Use each lure at least 10 times.
Lure Specialist (50) - Catch at least 60 King Salmon using a single lure type.
Master of Deceivement (135) - Finish the Tournament game mode with every character in the game at least once.
Perch Champion (20) - Catch 40 Perch.
Quick Fishing (40) - Catch your first 3 fish in a new tournament fishing day in less then 6 minutes.
Ranger Tour (25) - Finish the Ranger Tour event.
Rapala Pro Tournament (25) - Finish the Rapala Pro Tournament event.
Rapala Series (25) - Finish the Rapala Series event.
Salmon King (20) - Catch 20 King Salmon.
Shore Fishing Expert (20) - Catch at least 15 different fish species casting only from the shores.
Time Challenge Completion (50) - Finish the Time Challenge game mode.
Tournament Completion (50) - Finish the Tournament game mode.
Tournament Master (40) - Finish the Tournament game mode in first place (Gold Medal).
Trout Champion (20) - Catch 40 Trout.

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