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Cheat Mode
Press [LB], [RB], [LT], [RT] while playing to enter a cheat mode:

pinata - A shower of candy when a zombie dies.
future - Gives zombies futuristic shades.
mustache - Mustaches for zombie.
trickedout - Alternate lawn mower appearance.
daisies - Once zombies are killed, they leave small daisies behind.
sukhbir - Toggles the zombie's call for brains-sound.
slowboke - Zombies walks slowly.
dance - Zombies dance.
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Alive and Planting (25) - Survive 40 waves of pure zombie ferocity.
Close Shave (15) - Win any level after all 5 lawnmowers have been used.
Nom Nom Nom (10) - Stop the horde using only the Sunflower, Wallnut, and Chomper on any level.
Shopaholic (10) - Go trunk diving and spend at least $25,000 on Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies.
Smarty Branches (15) - Grow the Tree of Wisdom to at least 100 feet.
Crash of the Titan (10) - Defeat your first Gargantuar.
Explodonator (20) - Blast 10 zombies at once with a Cherry Bomb!
Home Lawn Security (25) - Complete adventure mode.
Master of Morticulture (25) - Collect all 49 plants in the game.
Soil Your Plants (10) - Plant your first 10 peashooters.
Versus vs Versus (15) - Go on a 5 game winning streak in VS. mode.
ZFF's 4 Evr (20) - Bowl a winner with a friend in Co-Op Wall-Nut Bowling.

Unlock Trophies
Gold Trophy - Get all trophies in Mini-Games, Puzzle, and Survival modes.
Silver Trophy - Complete Adventure mode one time.

New Seed Selection
If you do not like the cards from Crazy Dave, exit the game and restart. The cards will change randomly.

Defeating the Final Boss
The final Boss will launch massive fire balls and ice balls at your plants. They will crush everything in their path except for zombies (basically, all plants in that row). To destroy the ice ball, use a Chili Pepper in that row. To destroy the fire ball, use an Ice Shroom, but also with a Coffee Bean or else it will fall asleep.

Easy Money

Ultimate Lawn Defence Using Infinite Sun Cheat

"Dr. Zomboss": Easy completion
When Dr. Zomboss comes down to throw an ice ball or fire ball, you can use Freeze Shrooms to freeze him. This allows your various pults time to get some damage on Dr. Zomboss himself. Jalapenos will also cause damage to him when he is down to toss a fire or ice ball. The more damage you can do to Dr. Zomboss, the faster and easier it is to end this level. Save at least one Freeze Shroom and one Jalapeno for whatever he tosses.

Zombie Mini-games: Earning Sun
The only way to earn sun in the zombie mini-games is to kill sunflowers. First, put a good zombie for the situation in the lane you want it to go in. Make sure that there are sunflowers planted in that lane. Collect the sun when the zombie eats the flower, then buy more items and eat the brains.

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