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Check out these Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds cheats and stay cool!
Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore:

A New Battle (5) - Start the Game.
A Perfect Train Ride (15) - Get a perfect score on the Monster Egg bonus stage.
An Unexpected Train Ride (15) - Find the Monster Egg bonus stage.
Level 25 (20) - Get any character's level to 25.
Like a Scavenger (10) - Play until the very end of an online Battleground match.
Marvelous! (5) - Land a 100 hit or more combo.
Maximum Level (35) - Get any character's level to 50.
As a Phantom Breaker (10) - Clear any stage in online co-op play.
Cocoa's Dream (15) - Clear the Ikebukuro stage.
Connected (5) - Execute a strong special move by canceling a special move.
Ding! (5) - Level up a character.
Dodged (5) - Use Slip Shift to dogde and enemy attack.
Don't Be Picky (5) - Restore health by eating food you don't like.
I think I got it! (10) - Read all the "How To Play".
Into the Country of Darkness (15) - Clear the Shinjuku stage.
Perfectionism (30) - Unlock every skill for one character.
Rapid Fire (5) - While playing as Yuzuha, repeatedly press the SP button during a jump.
Restoring Powers Lost… (5) - Unlock a new skill with any character.
Stop it at the Source! (15) - Destroy thr mysterious keystone.
Strange Things (10) - Clear the Odaiba stage.
The Sealed Shrine (20) - Clear the Kumon Shrine stage.
The Starting Place (10) - Clear the College of Music stage.
Travel to Another World (10) - Clear the Akihabara stage.
Who's your type? (10) - Use every starting character.

Unlock Characters
Cocoa - Beat Game on Easy or Normal.
Infinity - Beat Game on Normal.
L - Beat Game on Hard.
M - Beat Game on Easy or Normal.
Nagi - Beat Game on Normal.
White Mikoto - Beat Game on Hard.

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