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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

100x Medalist (30) - Awarded 100 total medals.
500x Medalist (40) - Awarded 500 total medals.
Battle Tested (10) - Played VS mode 10 times in different songs.
I'm full of stars (40) - Gained 50,000 total stars.
I'm Kind Of A Big Deal (40) - Achieved the rank of "Infinity".
In Synch (25) - Scored 1,000,000 pts in Co-op mode (all signed in players will be awarded).
Been to Get Music (5) - Entered Get Music for the first time.
Big Name in Lips (40) - Achieved a Grand Ranking of "Hit Maker".
Call Me Superstar (40) - Achieved a Grand Ranking of "Superstar".
Clap Your Hands Everybody (25) - Noisemakers were perfectly in sync (all signed in players will be awarded).
Defending Champion (25) - Got 20 challenge wins.
Fan Service (35) - Participated in a Vocal Fighters game with a 4 point difference (Except in Freestyle mode).
Fight for the first time (5) - Sent a song challenge to a friend for the first time.
Figure 8 (25) - Got 8 medals total in one song (all signed in players will be awarded).
First Kiss (35) - Participated in 2P Kiss game ranked as "Match Made in Heaven" (Except in Freestyle mode).
Full Medal Panic! (40) - Got 12 medals total in one song (all signed in players will be awarded).
Gotta Have More Cowbell (30) - Used the cowbell 50 times (all signed in players will be awarded).
Ham Star (30) - Awarded 30 Performance medals.
I Got You Babe (5) - Participated in Co-op mode for the first time.
Rising Star (40) - Achieved a Grand Ranking of "Lounge Act".
Superstar! (40) - Gained 100,000 total stars.
Technician (30) - Awarded 30 Technique medals.
This is madness! (20) - Added 300 songs to Lips from external sources.
Throw Your Hands Up (5) - Triggered a gesture in the Virtual Music Video.
Time Machine (30) - Awarded 30 Rhythm medals.
Try Freestyle Mode Out (5) - Played Freestyle mode for the first time.
Let's Get This Party Started (10) - Activated Jukebox mode. Will be awarded to all players who are signed in.
Life of the Party (30) - Awarded 30 Party medals.
Like A Rock (30) - Awarded 30 Stability medals.
Lips Anthology (30) - Sang 40 different songs.
Nice Duds (35) - Successfully stopped the bomb from exploding in Time Bomb (Except in Freestyle or Short mode).
One Giant Leap for Mankind (10) - Added 20 songs to Lips from external sources.
One Hit Wonder (5) - Sang 1 song in short or full.
One Small Step For Man (5) - Added a song to Lips from external sources.
Perfect Pitch (30) - Awarded 30 Pitch medals.
Platinum Artist (25) - Sang 10 different songs.
Rebirth of Cool (30) - Got "Cool" 10 times in a row.
Welcome to My Lips (5) - Entered My Lips for the first time.
What's Cooler Than Being Cool? (30) - Got "Cool" in every page.
Wishing on a Star (30) - Gained 5,000 total stars.

Additionally, there are nine DLC achievements:

Smokin' (10) - Get 50 Combos.
Perfect Harmony (10) - Sing 20 songs in Duet mode.
All Mime (30) - Trigger all Timed Gestures in 1 song.
Legendary Performer (40) - Earn a Bronze Cup or better on 20 songs.
Medal Rush (30) - Earn 1,000 total medals.
Shake It Like You Mean It (30) - Hit all Timed Noisemakers in 1 song.
Star Struck (40) - Gain 150,000 total stars.
The Great Ball of Fire (40) - Get 200 Combos.
You've Got Talent (20) - Earn a Bronze Cup or better on 1 song.

Additionally, there are twelve "I (Heart) the 80's" DLC achievements:

A Little Respect (20) - Earn a Pitch medal in the song "A Little Respect".
It's a Celebration (20) - Earn a Party medal in the song "Celebration".
Make Me Cry (20) - Win in Vocal Fighters with a 4-point difference on the song "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me".
Poppin' '80s (20) - Score points in 10 or more Lips I the '80s songs.
Rockin' '80s (20) - Score points in 20 or more Lips I the '80s songs.
Tech & Shout (20) - Earn a Technique medal in the song "Shout".
Power Of Love (20) - Rank "Match Made in Heaven" in the Kiss minigame on the song "The Power of Love".
Relax Explosion (20) - Earn a Big Bang rating in the song "Relax".
Rhythm in The House! (20) - Earn a Rhythm medal in the song "Our House".
Thrashin' '80s (30) - Score points in all 40 Lips I <Heart> the '80s songs.
Too Bold (20) - Earn a Performance medal in the song "Too Shy".
You're Gold (20) - Earn a Stability medal in the song "Gold".

Unlock Avatar Awards
Over the Top (Hat) - Sing a song.
Shades of "Lady Gaga" (Glasses) - Earn 100 of every type of medal and 100,000 total stars.
Shades of Infinity (Glasses) - To earn an Infinity rating you need to perform well on a song.

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