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Check out these Kameo: Elements of Power cheats and stay cool!
Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore:

10 Live Co-Op games (0) - You've hosted 10 Xbox Live games on a single savegame!
20 Live Co-Op games (0) - You've hosted 20 Xbox Live games on a single savegame!
50 Live Co-Op games (0) - You've hosted 50 Xbox Live games on a single savegame!
Airship Time Attack 'A' (0) - 'A' rank on Time Attack (Thorn's Airship)
And the winner is... (0) - You've downloaded the winning skins from the Kameo Design-A-Skin competition!
Beaten Corallis (Co-Op) (10) - Defeated Corallis in a Co-Op Quest.
Beaten Lord Drok (Co-Op) (10) - Defeated Lord Drok in a Co-Op Quest.
Beaten Old Mawood (Co-Op) (10) - Defeated Old Mawood in a Co-Op Quest.
Beaten Queen Thyra (Co-Op) (10) - Defeated Queen Thyra in a Co-Op Quest.
Beaten Thorn (100) - Kameo defeated the Troll King Thorn!
Beaten Thorn (Co-Op) (10) - Defeated Thorn in a Co-Op Quest.
Castle Time Attack 'A' (0) - 'A' rank on Time Attack (Thorn's Castle).
Forest Time Attack 'A' (0) - 'A' rank on Time Attack (Forgotten Forest).
Forgotten Forest Co-Op 'A' (0) - Got a Co-Op 'A' rank on Forgotten Forest.
Forgotten Forest Expert (0) - Beat Forgotten Forest in Expert Mode.
Forgotten Forest ranking (50) - 'A' ranking on Forgotten Forest.
Found 40 Below (20) - Kameo can transform into eight Elemental Warriors.
Found Ash (20) - Kameo can transform into three Elemental Warriors.
Found Chilla (20) - Kameo can transform into six Elemental Warriors.
Found Deep Blue (20) - Kameo can transform into five Elemental Warriors.
Found Flex (20) - Kameo can transform into seven Elemental Warriors.
Found Major Ruin (20) - Kameo can transform into four Elemental Warriors.
Found Pummel Weed (20) - Kameo can transform into one Elemental Warrior.
Found Rubble (20) - Kameo can transform into two Elemental Warriors.
Found Snare (20) - Kameo can transform into nine Elemental Warriors.
Found Thermite (20) - Kameo has command of all the Elemental Warriors!
Freed Halis (100) - Kameo rescued Halis from the Forest Temple.
Freed Lenya (100) - Kameo saved Lenya from the Water Temple.
Freed Yeros (100) - Kameo brought Yeros home from the Snow Temple.
Game Complete (50) - The game has been fully completed!!
Pass Time Attack 'A' (0) - 'A' rank on Time Attack (Thorn's Pass).
Rune Champion (0) - You earned 5,000 runes in a single battle!
Snow Temple Co-Op 'A' (0) - Got a Co-Op 'A' rank on Snow Temple.
Snow Temple Expert (0) - Beat Snow Temple in Expert Mode.
Snow Temple ranking (50) - 'A' ranking on Snow Temple.
Snow Time Attack 'A' (0) - 'A' rank on Time Attack (Snow Temple).
Thorn's Airship Co-Op 'A' (0) - Got a Co-Op 'A' rank on Thorn's Airship.
Thorn's Airship Expert (0) - Beat Thorn's Airship in Expert Mode.
Thorn's Airship ranking (50) - 'A' ranking on Thorn's Airship.
Thorn's Castle Co-Op 'A' (0) - Got a Co-Op 'A' rank on Thorn's Castle.
Thorn's Castle Expert (0) - Beat Thorn's Castle in Expert Mode.
Thorn's Castle ranking (50) - 'A' ranking on Thorn's Castle.
Thorn's Pass Co-Op 'A' (0) - Got a Co-Op 'A' rank on Thorn's Pass.
Thorn's Pass Expert (0) - Beat Thorn's Pass in Expert Mode.
Thorn's Pass ranking (50) - 'A' ranking on Thorn's Pass.
Treasure Hunter (0) - You've found a mythical Mystery Gem (Rune Battle).
Water Temple Co-Op 'A' (0) - Got a Co-Op 'A' rank on Water Temple.
Water Temple Expert (0) - Beat Water Temple in Expert Mode.
Water Temple ranking (50) - 'A' ranking on Water Temple.
Water Time Attack 'A' (0) - 'A' rank on Time Attack (Water Temple).

Alternate costume
Get an "A" rank on all levels to unlock the original Kameo costume.

Unlock Crystal Eyes
Eye of Defense - Increases Kameo's Defense; Decreases Kameo's Attack: Near the top of the ancient tower.
Eye of Restoration - as Kameo, restores health: Under a shell in the enchanted Kingdom.
Eye of Spirit (hidden in a hallway behind a sheet): Past the portal to the mainland, there is a big door that needs lit dragon heads to open, flame them and go thru another door like it.
Eye of Strength: In the chamber of living protraits, use thermite's Mortar ability to blow up the statue in the middle.

Unlock Forgotten Forest Bonuses
Alternate Costume - Pummel Weed - Score 400,000.
Animation Video - Score 200,000.
Cheats Set #2 - Score 2,000,000.
Cutscene Player - Score 1,600,000.
Alternate Costume - Rubble - Score 1,200,000.
Wotnot Book Video - Score 800,000.

Unlock Thorn's Airship Bonuses
Airship Concept Video - Score 2,000,000.
Alternate Costume - 40 Below - Score 1,500,000.
Cheat Set #6 - Score 3,000,000.
Deleted Scenes Videos - Score 1,000,000.
Early Footage Video - Score 500,000.
End Concept Video - Score 2,500,000.

Unlock Thorn's Castle Bonuses
Alternate Costume - Kameo - Score 100,000.
Cheats Set #1 - Score 2,500,000.
Concept Video - Score 1,500,000.
Making Backgrounds Video - Score 500,000.
Test Cutscene - Score 2,000,000.
Troll Song - Score 1,000,000.

Unlock Thorn's Pass Bonuses
Alternate Costume - Flex - Score 4,000,000.
Alternate Costume - Kameo - Score 2,500,000.
Animatic Videos - Score 4,500,000.
Cheat Set #5 - Score 5,000,000.
Deleted Moves Movie - Score 3,000,000.
Evolution Videos - Score 3,500,000.

Unlock Water Temple Bonuses
Alternate Costume - Ash - Score 1,000,000.
Alternate Costume - Kameo - Score 500,000.
Alternate Costume - Major Ruin - Score 2,000,000.
Boss Fights - Score 2,500,000.
Cheat Set #3 - Score 3,000,000.
Cutscene Videos - Score 1,500,000.

Unlock Mystic Eyes
Each Mystic Eye is located around the Enchanted Kingdom:

Eye One - Pummel Weed required. Go to the beach by the palace and use Pummel Weed's Uproot attack and flip the shells. It is under one of them.
Eye Two - Ash required. Go to the dungeon. Gstraight through the first doorway and turn left. Light the torches on the wall and go in the room. It is floating in the middle of the room.
Eye Three - Chilla and Major Ruin required. Go to the Throne Room. Go right into the Ancient Tower. Run left along the wall until you see a "quarter pipe". Use Major Ruin and go up to the second level. Go to the frozen wall and use Chilla to climb to the next level. The Eye is in the middle of the shiny light in the middle of the tower.
Eye Four - Thermite required. Go to the Chamber of Living Portraits. Use Thermite's Mortar attack and blow up the Statue of Thorn.

Torture Troll
At the very beginning of the Dungeon of Eternal Life, there is a Troll in the cell. You can get him out of there. Unfortunately, this does not work with the elemental Trolls. Get Deep Blue out there, and spray the Troll with water. This will get the Troll up. You can then become a puddle thing and use the whirlpool to bring him closer. If you get too close to the bars, the whirlpool will suck him up and he will die before you can have your fun. When he is close enough to the bars so that you can grab him, do so and he will be free. However, he will still just stand there, glitched. You can torture and play around with the troll, but you cannot take him outside with you. If you kill him, just go back outside then return to see a fresh Troll to destroy.

When Ash launches a fireball, some flame will linger where you stand. If you morph to a character like Pummel Weed, the flames will alight your character and cause some damage. But you can use Deep Blue with the oil upgrade and shoot napalm.

As Ash, launch a fireball, then quickly morph to Deep Blue and start shooting oil. The oil will be in flames as you shoot it. You will not take damage from the flames because Deep Blue is of the Water element and Fire doesn't affect it.

Immolation Nation (Ash Life)
Once you unlock Ash's flame circle move, you can use it immolate Ash and recover his life.

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