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Check out these Infinite Undiscovery cheats and stay cool!
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Capell to the Rescue (30) - Rescue the imprisoned.
Claridian Chef (10) - Keep improving your cooking skills.
Aerial Acrobat (20) - Executed a 20-hit aerial combo.
Artistic (30) - Learn every tune.
Aspiring Chemist (5) - Improve your alchemy skills.
Azure Avenger (10 GS) - Destroyed the Azure Chain.
Barrel of Lulz (15) - Detonate all the barrels in prison.
Bestselling Author (5) - Improve your writing skills.
Blitzkrieg (10 GS) - Launched 10 Surprise Attacks.
Claridian Hand (10) - Keep improving your enchanting skills.
Claridian Mind (10) - Keep improving your alchemy skills.
Claridian Scribe (10) - Keep improving your writing skills.
Claridian Hammer (10) - Keep improving your forging skills.
For the Children (30) - Rescue the child before he gets hurt.
Goldsmith (5) - Improve your forging skills.
Groundbreaking (20 GS) - Executed a 30-hit ground combo.
Guardian (30 GS) - Reached a safe haven without letting any unblesseds perish.
Reckless Driver (30) - Use the carts in the mine.
Imperial Guard (20) - Hurry to the empress.
Infinitely Unobservant (10 GS) - Allowed the enemy to surprise you 10 times.
Marathon Man (20) - Hurry to the village under attack.
Mister Chef (5) - Improve your cooking skills.
On the Run (30 GS) - Reached Nolaan without taking any damage.
Orange Officer (10 GS) - Destroyed the Orange Chain.
Compulsive (50) - Obtain every item.
Hero of the Millennium (20) - Defeat as many enemies as you can.
High Enchanter (5) - Improve your enchanting skills.
Down to Earth (20) - Work on your down strikes.
Filthy Rich (20) - Gather as much Fol as you can.
Stalwart (30) - Learn every battle skill.
Rock, Stock, and Barrel (30) - Use machines of war to destroy your foes.
Sagacious (30) - Learn every spell.
Social Butterfly (10) - Take advantage of your party's skills.
The Tide of Battle (20) - Watch out for the tsunami.
Surprise! (5 GS) - Launched your first Surprise Attack.
Time for Glasses? (30) - Keep on clocking hours.

Unlock Modes
Hard Mode - Finish the game in normal mode.
Infinity Mode - Finish the Game in hard mode.

Easy Money
After completing the fight at Port Zala, connect with Rucha and buy ingredients from Faina. Buy as much Sliced Fish and Sliced Deviant Fish as you can afford. Then, go into the Creation menu and create the Deviant Fish Platter (which will consume a Sliced Deviant Fish and two Sliced Fish a piece).

After making as many of these dishes as you can, talk to Faina once more and sell them to her for a huge profit. The more you can afford to create, the more money you can make, so try to make as much as possible. You should make 15x more on selling the final product than you spent on the ingredients to make it.

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