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Cheat Mode
Enter the following codes at the "Cheats" menu to unlock the corresponding cheat:

[Blue], [Red]x2, [Green], [Red], [Green], [Red], [Yellow] - Gem Color
[Green], [Blue], [Red], [Yellow]x2, [Red], [Green]x2. - HyperSpeed(known as HyperGuitar, HyperBass, and HyperDrums)
[Blue], [Red], [Blue]x2, [Yellow]x3, [Green] - Jonny Viper!
[Green], [Red], [Blue], [Green], [Red], [Blue]x2, [Green] - Nick!
[Yellow]x2, [Blue], [Red], [Blue], [Green], [Red]x2 - Performance Mode
[Blue], [Blue], [Red], [Green]x2, [Blue]x2, [Yellow] - Quickplay Songs
[Blue], [Red], [Green]x2, [Yellow]x3, [Green] - Rina!
[Green], [Red], [Yellow]x3, [Blue]x2, [Green] - Invisible Rocker
[Blue], [Red], [Yellow]x5, [Green] - Aaron Steele!
[Red]x2, [Blue], [Yellow], [Green]x3, [Yellow] - Air Instruments
[Green]x2, [Red]x2, [Yellow], [Red], [Yellow], [Blue] - Always Slide
[Yellow], [Green], [Red]x2, [Green], [Blue], [Red], [Yellow] - AT&T BallPark
[Yellow], [Green], [Red], [Blue]x4, [Red] - Auto Kick
[Green], [Red], [Yellow], [Blue], [Red], [Yellow], [Blue], [Green] - Extra Line 6 Tones!
[Green], [Red], [Green], [Blue], [Red]x2, [Yellow], [Blue] - Flame Color
[Red]x2, [Yellow], [Red], [Blue], [Red]x2, [Blue] - Star Color
[Red], [Green]x2, [Yellow], [Blue], [Green], [Yellow], [Green] - Vocal FireBall
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Custom Beats (5) - You created your own custom drums.
Download Junkie (5) - Download a few songs from GHTunes.
Easy There (25) - Complete a Career on easy (Band or Solo).
Feeding the Beast (5) - Upload a song to GHTunes.
First of Many (10) - Complete a gig (Band or Solo).
Hall of Famer (100) - Complete a Career on expert (Band or Solo).
Hardcore (60) - Complete a Career on hard (Band or Solo).
Inked (5) - You created a custom tattoo.
Jack of All Trades (150) - Complete all instrument careers - any difficulty (Band or Solo).
Leading Lady (10) - You rocked out as Hayley Williams.
Learning the Ropes (5) - Complete a tutorial.
Medium Musician (30) - Complete a Career on medium (Band or Solo).
Mine is Bigger Than Yours (5) - Complete an Xbox LIVE Band v Band match (win or lose).
Motorcity Madman (10) - You rocked out as Ted Nugent.
One Man Band (10) - Perform as every instrument at least once (Vocals, Lead, Bass & Drums).
One Of A Kind Axe (5) - You created your own custom guitar.
One Time Solo Artist (5) - Completed a song (Solo).
Pick and Axe (5) - Perform as a Guitarist (Band or Solo).
Platinum Rockstars (50) - 100% a song as a band, hard or expert only (4 player band).
Pumpkin Smasher (10) - You rocked out as Billy Corgan.
Rock Maiden (5) - You created a female band member.
Should We Stick Together? (10) - Complete a song in a band (4 player band).
Solid Gold Rockstars (30) - 100% a song as a band (4 player band).
Solo Artist (25) - Complete a solo career (any difficulty).
Stamp Of Approval (5) - You created your own band logo.
Stix (5) - Perform as a Drummer (Band or Solo).
50 Note Posse (15) - All band members get a 50 note streak at the same time (4 player band).
A Pair Beats A Pair (5) - Complete an Xbox LIVE 2 v 2 Pro Face-Off match (win or lose).
Bad to the Bone (10) - You rocked out as the Skeleton.
Band on a Mission (25) - Complete the majority of the gigs (Band or Solo).
Bling, Bling (30) - Earn $1,000,000 in lifetime earnings.
Survival of the Fittest (5) - Complete an Xbox LIVE Battle Mode match win or lose.
The Dark Prince (10) - You rocked out as Ozzy Osbourne.
The Experience (10) - You rocked out as Jimi Hendrix.
Top of the Charts (30) - Complete a band career (any difficulty).
Warrior Of Rock (5) - You created a male band member.
Wylde Man (10) - You rocked out as Zack Wylde.
Yodeler (5) - Perform as a Vocalist (Band or Solo).

Unlock Characters
Billy Corgan - Play the song 'Today' in the band career.
Hayley Williams - Play the song 'Misery Business' in the vocals career.
Ozzy Osbourne - Play the Ozzfest gig in the vocals career.
Rockubot - Complete th drum career.
Skeleton - Complete the vocals career.
Sting - Play the song 'Demolition Man' in the bass career.
Ted Nugent - Beat his guitar battle in the guitar career.
Travis Barker - Play the song 'Dammit' in the drum career.
Zakk Wylde - Beat his guitar battle in the guitar career.

Unlock "Pull Me Under" Song
Complete the full career for any instrument (any difficulty), then you need to play the song in the credits to unlock it.

Dimebag Darell Custom Character
Use the following customizations:

Rob Snow
Face: For the scaling make his face and jaw bigger and give him brown eyes.
Facial Hair: Fine Goatee

Skin Tone: Tan
Proportions: The one close to the end, making him heavy in middle
Tattoos: Anything that looks good on left or right arm
Presence: Anything wild or really calm
Hair: Curley Cue; Color: Darkest Orange

Torso: No Sleeves Please; Color: Black
Pants: Camo Whamo!; Color: Default
Shoes: These Oh Things?; color: Default
Accessories: Left Arm: Banded Bracer; Color: Black, Right Arm: Little Banded Bracer; Color: Black

Cowboys From Hell Dean ML Guitar
Body: Dearth Fader
Finishes: The Forge
Details: None
Band Logo: None
Fret Board: Ebony
Inlays: Dots silver
Headstock: Veejay
Finish: Solid Black
Details: Truss Cover
Pickguard: None
Pickups: Supersonic Black
Knobs:Bellenders: Black
Bridges: Whammy Bar:Black
Strings: Your choice.

Note: For other finishes Dime used, if you do not like the "cowboy from hell" look, change the body finish to: Boltz, Bookmatch color orange, Detail: Pinstripe: Black, Firestarter

Glitch: Foot Petal Hit Without the Foot Petal
Simultaneously hit the cymbals (Yellow + Orange) when the foot petal line comes across where you are supposed to hit the notes. Note: If it is a Foot Pedal + Orange note, the "Foot note" will not register and the Orange one will override.

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