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Check out these Full House Poker cheats and stay cool!
Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore:

Big Dog (10) - Won a tournament.
Bucket List #12,472 (5) - Completed a ranked multiplayer game of Full House Poker.
Cardrack (10) - Won two consecutive showdowns.
Ding! Double Digits! (10) - Leveled up to 10.
Ding! Grats! (5) - Leveled up to 2.
Ding! Top Dog! (20) - Leveled up to 50.
I See the Future (5) - Used every possible pre-action at least once.
It's Like the Wave (10) - All 10 players at a single table performed a chip trick during the same hand.
Pull the Trigger (10) - Bet on every street in a hand and then won the showdown.
Rollin' (10) - Earned a bankroll of at least 500,000 chips.
Stylish Host (5) - Hosted a multiplayer game with customized table, chair, and card styles.
Extra Tricky (10) - Performed 3 different chip tricks in the same hand.
Gone Fishing (10) - Won a showdown with a hand you made on the river.
Headshot (10) - Busted another player in a ranked multiplayer game.
Hollywooding (5) - Honed your acting skills by performing 10 aggressive or timid plays.
I Hate ATM Fees (20) - Played 50 hands in a row without taking a cash advance.
The Final Table (20) - Won the All-Pro Tournament.
Took Down a Pro (10) - Won a Pro Takedown.
Trickster (5) - Performed a chip trick at the table or while a menu screen is displayed.
You're Not the Boss of Me (10) - Beat Larry, Lily, or Daisy in a Pro Takedown.

Additionally, there are three Texas Heat, Spring 2011 Season DLC achievements:

Gold Medal Champion Spring 2011 (15) - Finish a Texas Heat show with a Gold Medal in the Spring 2011 season.
Hot Pot Master, Spring 2011 (10) - Win a Hot Pot hand in Texas Heat's Spring 2011 season.
Winner's Circle, Spring 2011 (25) - Accumulate a total of five million table chips across the Spring 2011 season of Texas Heat.

Additionally, there are three Texas Heat, Summer 2012 Season DLC achievements:

Alpha Dog (15) - Win 25 tournaments.
Name Of The Game (15) - Win 10 hands with a Full House.
Poker Fan (20) - Play 10,000 hands of Full House Poker.

Additionally, there are three Texas Heat, Summer 2013 Season DLC achievements:

Busted (20) - Knocked out 200 opponents in multiplayer.
High Roller (15) - Earn a bankroll of 10,000,000 chips.
Totally Flushed (15) - Won 10 hands with a Flush.

Unlock Avatar Awards
Bulldog Helmet - Level up to 50.
Hoodie - Level up for the first time.

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