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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

1st time out (10) - Win an Online League match.
A Man Down (20) - Win a game when down one man.
Bend it like a pro (15) - Score from a free kick in a match.
Club god (40) - Reach legendary status for your club.
Custom sixty four winner (50) - Win a Created Tournament that starts with sixty four teams.
Director in the making (10) - Upload a video to EA Sports™ football world.
Eat my chip (10) - Score by chipping the keeper in a match.
FIFA Fair Play (40) - Play 5 consecutive matches without getting any cards (bookings must be enabled in the settings).
Fling yourself at it (20) - Score with a diving header in a match.
Frequent flyer (20) - Win in every stadium.
Giant Killer (15) - Beat a five star team with a half star team.
Gimme five (5) - Score five goals in the arena.
Good head on your shoulders (10) - Score with a header in a match.
Hero (10) - Save a penalty.
Huge investment (20) - Buy a player in Manager Mode for 50 million of your chosen currency.
Huge return (30) - Sell a player in Manager Mode for 50 million of your chosen currency.
In off (20) - Score off the woodwork in a match.
Last Gasp Goal (19) - Score in the 89th minute.
Like on the training field (10) - Score from a corner.
Living legend (50) - Reach legendary status for your country.
Manual labour (10) - Win a match with fully manual settings (no assistance can be switched on).
On the spot (5) - Score from a penalty in a match.
On yer bike! (30) - Score with a bicycle kick.
One goal a season (10) - Score with a defender in a match.
One star winners (75) - Win a Tournament that starts with sixteen teams, with a one star rated team.
Optimus Chung (10) - Win a game with adidas Live Season enabled.
Provider (10) - Perform a cross for a friend who scores from it (co-operative achievement).
Ranked winner (10) - Win a Ranked Xbox LIVE Match.
Real world winner (20) - Win 5 Interactive League matches.
Screamer! (10) - Score from over 30 yards out in a match.
Sparkly Clean (10) - Keep a clean sheet.
Spending spree (20) - Buy 50 players in your career in Manager Mode.
The Gipson Curse (10) - Go into an online match after choosing your own arena player.
The ol' switcheroo (5) - Successfully perfom a pass that switches the play from one flank to the other.
The Parolin Manoeuvre (10) - Win a game whilst not signed in to Xbox LIVE.
The purist (100) - Complete a Manager Mode season without simming any games.
What a Beauty! (5) - Score on the volley in a match.
Wing play (10) - Score from a cross.

Additionally, there are ten Ultimate Team achievements:

Silver Packs (5) - Open first Silver Pack.
Best of the Best (5) - Obtain your first Gold Rated Manager.
Bigger Venue (10) - Upgrade to a Silver Rated Stadium.
Club Tournament Mastery (50) - Win all gold Club Tournaments.
Gold Packs (15) - Open First Gold Pack.
Online Champion (15) - Win Gold Ultimate Team Trophy.
Online Tournament Mastery (50) - Win All gold Online Tournaments.
Solid Gold (70) - Obtain 11 gold players.
The Collector (15) - Complete an 11 player team page in the collection.
World Champion (15) - Win the Gold World Trophy.

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