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Check out these Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 cheats and stay cool!
Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

Battle Start! (10) - Complete the first Battle Zone.
Battle-Crazy (20) - Reach your 50th Xbox LIVE battle.
Ball Master (5) - Shoot off as many balls as possible in mini-game.
Battle King (20) - Complete all of the Battle Zones.
Best Friends (10) - Fight 10 times in 1P vs. 2P battle.
Capsule Corporation Founded! (30) - Collect all items.
Cell Games Champ (35) - Win the Cell Games.
Cell Games True Champ (40) - Champion of Cell Games on Hard Difficulty.
Character Complete (35) - Unlock all characters and forms.
Come Forth, Shenron!! (15) - Summoned Shenron for the first time.
Destroyed a Formidable Foe! (5) - Complete battle in Galaxy Mode for the first time.
Discoverer (20) - Discover a hidden route in a Battle Zone.
Power Level...of 5... (5) - Earn 5 losses in Xbox LIVE.
Raging Blast (0) - Obtain all the achievements.
Reward Mania (20) - Collect more than 100 illustrations.
South Galaxy (20) - Complete more than 30 characters in Galaxy Mode.
Stamp Rally (20) - Earn 300 Challenge Stamps in Battle Zone.
TAKKARAPUTO POPPORUNGA (25) - Summoned Porunga for the first time.
The Days of Battle Continue... (20) - Win 50 times in 1P vs. CPU battle.
East Galaxy (10) - Complete more than 10 characters in Galaxy Mode.
Famous Scene (10) - Collect more than 30 illustrations.
Fashion Complete (35) - Unlock all costumes.
First Galaxy! (20) - Complete "BOSS MISSION" in Galaxy Mode for the first time.
First Step to Ultimate (15) - Complete the first Ultimate Zone.
Fruits of Training (15) - Obtain Rank S++ for the first time.
Fundamentals are Vital (5) - Complete Tutorial until the end.
Galactic Domination!! (50) - Complete all characters in Galaxy Mode.
Humanitarian (15) - Use every form of every transformable character at least once.
I Wanna Fight Someone Stronger! (20) - Earn 30 victories in Xbox LIVE.
Music Complete (20) - Get all of the game BGM.
North Galaxy (30) - Complete more than 40 characters in Galaxy Mode.
Off-the-charts Warrior! (40) - Complete more than 50 characters in Galaxy Mode.
Please Go Easy on Me (5) - Fight in an Xbox LIVE battle for the first time.
Title Hunter (30) - Collect 100 or more titles.
Title Seeker (25) - Collect 50 or more titles.
Training Journey (10) - Fight on all maps.
The Fight Has Just Begun (10) - Win 20 times in 1P vs. CPU battle.
Title Collector (10) - Collect 10 or more titles.
Trivia King (10) - View all character profiles in the Museum's Character Encyclopedia.
Ultimate among Ultimates (30) - Complete all of the Ultimate Zones.
W.Tournament Champ (35) - Win the World Tournament.
W.Tournament True Champ (40) - Champion of World Tournament on Hard Difficulty.
West Galaxy (10) - Complete more than 20 characters in Galaxy Mode.
Wonderful Memory (30) - Collect more than 250 illustrations.

Unlock Characters
Android 13 - Beat Dr. Gero's Boss Mission in Galaxy Mode.
Android 14 - Beat Android 13's Boss Mission in Galaxy Mode.
SSJ3 Broly - Beat Broly's Boss Mission.
SSJ3 Vegeta - Beat SSJ3 Broly's Boss Mission.
Cooler - Beat Frieza's Boss Mission.

Unlock Hidden Routes for Battle Zones
Circle Zone: Stage 2 - Defeat Recoome with the Ultimate Attack.
Spiral Zone: Stage 3B - Defeat Kid Trunks while in Raging Soul.
Spherical Zone: Stage 2 - Defeat Android #14 with a Super Attack.
Triangle Zone: Stage 4A - During your fight with Cell land a combo of at least 20 hits.
Ultimate Spherical Zone: Stage 3 - During your fight with Dore land a combo of at least 20 hits.
Ultimate Spiral Zone: Stage 3A - Defeat Super Trunks with a Super Attack.
Ultimate Circle Zone: Stage 1 - Defeat Teen Gohan with the Ultimate Attack.
Ultimate Final Zone: Stage 3 - Defeat Bardock with a Super Attack.
Ultimate Lozenge Zone: Stage 3 - Defeat Frieza with the Ultimate Attack.
Ultimate Triangle Zone: Stage 3B - Defeat Goten while in Raging Soul.

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