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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

Legendary Arsenal (20) - Unlock all weapon and armor for each of the Legendary Warriors.
Legendary General (15) - Activate all three General Abilities during a single game of Generals.
Legendary Warrior (10) - Win 10 online ranked duels.
A Pox of the Small Variety (5) - Win a ranked online duel against a developer playing as Cortes or someone with this achievement.
Marksman (10) - Get three consecutive headshots using any long range weapon in a single ranked duel.
Six Degrees of Separation (35) - Severed every limb from your opponent during a slice mode duel without using a final strike.
Dead and Broken (10) - Break your opponent's arm and leg by grappling before final striking them in a ranked duel.
Denied! (10) - Parry your opponent three times in a row without being hit in a single ranked duel.
If anyone Khan, Genghis Khan! (35) - Beat arcade mode with Genghis Khan using only the dead fish on Deadliest Difficulty.
Slash Mode (40) - Kill 50 enemies in a row in Survival Slice Challenge as the primary player.
These Dice are Loaded! (5) - Lose three consecutive battles at even odds or better during a game of Generals.
When Push Comes to Shove (5) - As the primary player, After being pushed knock an opponent out of the ring.

Unlock Avatar Awards
Sun Tzu's Costume - Complete arcade mode with any warrior on any difficulty level.
Sun Tzu's Helmet - Complete arcade mode as each warrior on the Deadliest difficulty.

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