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Cheat Mode
Pause the game while playing the Story mode, hold down the [Block] button, and enter the following codes on the D-Pad (extremely quick!) to activate the corresponding cheat option:

[Up], [Up], [Up], [Left] - Enemies leave behind free Quad Damage.
[Up], [Down], [Down], [Up] - Enemies leave behind free Special Fruit.
[Up], [Right], [Down], [Left] - Enemies leave behind free Super-Kick.
[Down], [Down], [Down], [Up] - Crash freezes anything he touches.
[Left], [Right], [Left], [Right] - Crash looks like a shadow.
[Left], [Left], [Left], [Down] - Various body parts enlargen.
[Right], [Right], [Right], [Up] - Enemies leave behind free Wumpa Fruit.
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Crash Grab (50) - Collect all Crash voodoo dolls.
Crash King (25) - Fully upgrade Crash.
Crunched (25) - Beat Crunch Boss Fight.
Don't Recycle (25) - Collect all Junkyard voodoo dolls.
Duplex Crash (10) - Defeat 1 enemy in coop mode.
Easy Does It (15) - Complete co-op balancing puzzle in Wumpa Island above the waterfall.
Fashion Fury (20) - Defeat 75 Brat Girls.
Follow Your Nose (25) - Stun 5 Sludges As Crash.
Freezer Burn (25) - Collect all Ice voodoo dolls.
Girl Power (25) - Beat Coco Boss Fight.
Glass Is Half Full (50) - Complete 50% of the game.
Stone Cold Crash (15) - Stun 5 Ratcicles as Crash.
T to the K (20) - Fully upgrade TK.
The Dark Side (25) - Collect all Mount Grimly voodoo dolls.
P Stinking U! (20) - Fully Upgrade Stench.
Roll It Up! (20) - Fully upgrade RhinoRoller.
Shadow Boxing (20) - Defeat 75 Znu.
Shell Shocked (20) - Fully upgrade Magmadon.
Shoot the Works (20) - Fully upgrade Snipe.
Slap on the Wrist (20) - Destroy 75 Slap-E robo-hands.
Snow Blows (15) - Beat all 10 levels of arena minigame in Ratcicle Kingdom.
A Combo to Go (35) - Defeat 50 enemies in co-op mode.
A Wumpa A Day (15) - Find a Crash health upgrade collectible.
Goo Squared (20) - Fully Upgrade Sludge.
Happy To See Me (5) - Store a Mutant in your pocket.
Hot Stuff (25) - Collect all Wasteland voodoo dolls.
Ice On The Cake (20) - Fully upgrade Ratcicle.
It Took Two To Tango (15) - Complete coop balancing puzzle in the Wasteland.
Lark In The Dark (15) - Beat all 10 levels of arena minigame in Mount Grimly.
Multi-Tasking (5) - Store a Mutant while riding another one.
N Is For Evil (25) - Collect all evil school voodoo dolls.
Neo Is Getting Angry (50) - Beat Cortex Boss Fight.
Night Fright (20) - Fully upgrade Grimly.
No Place Like Wumpa (25) - Collect all Wumpa voodoo dolls.
Oo Oo Ah Ah (20) - Defeat 75 Doom Monkeys.
Over Easy (15) - Complete co-op balancing puzzle in Mount Grimly.
Big Shooter (10) - Fire a large projectile from the mask in coop mode.
Break Them To It Gently (25) - 15x combo scored.
Can U Dig It? (5) - Enter an underground space.
Chuck Is That You? (35) - Score a 20x mojo multiplier via combat combos.
Spike the Punch (20) - Stun 5 Spikes as Crash.
Stand in the Sand (15) - Beat all 10 levels of arena minigame in Wasteland.
Whack-A-Nerd (20) - Defeat 75 Ratnicians.
Would You Like Fries With That? (10) - Score a 10x mojo multiplier via combat combos.

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