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Unlock Cars/Paint Jobs
Carbon Hydros Custom - Beat all Showtime Road Rules.
Carbon Ikusa GT - Beat all Time Road Rules.
Carson Carbon GT Concept - Find All 400 Smashes.
Carson Fastback - Get a B Class License.
Carson GT Concept - Get a Burnout Driving License.
Gold Paint Finish - Win all Elite License Events.
Jansen Carbon X12 - Land All 50 Superjumps.
Hunter Mesquite - Get a D Class License.
Platinum Paint Finish - 101% Completion (All Events Completed; All Roads Ruled; All Discoveries, Car Parks and Drive-Thrus Found; Two sets of Online Challenges Completed).
Krieger Carbon Uberschall 8 - Complete 2 Sets of Online Challenges.
Montgomery Carbon Hawker - Hit All 120 Billboards.
Nakamura SI-7 - Get a C Class License.
Rossolini Tempesta - Get an A Class License.

Unlock License Upgrades
A License - Win 26 events.
B License - Win 16 events.
C License - Win 7 events.
D License - Win 2 events.
Burnout Elite License - Beat all Events.
Burnout Paradise License - Win 45 events.

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