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Cheat Mode
Go to the UNLOCK page in the menu and enter the following codes:

your3mynextt4rget - Unlock QBU88 Recon Kit
try4ndrunf0rcov3r - Unlock the M60 Support Kit
cov3r1ngthecorn3r - Unlock the Uzi Special Ops Kit
Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

Always get paid in gold bars (15) - Complete 'Welcome To Bad Company' on normal.
Action, not words! (25) - Complete 'Welcome To Bad Company' on hard.
Not even a nugget! (15) - Complete 'Acta Non Verba' on normal.
Where are they going so fast? (25) - Complete 'Acta Non Verba' on hard.
You and what army? (15) - Complete 'Crossing Over' on normal.
Been There, Drove That! (20) - Drive all vehicle types (Jeep, Tank, Heli, Boat).
One In a Million (20) - Hit hostile helicopter with laser designator.
Clean sweep (25) - Find all collectables.
I Love Gold! (10) - Find one gold bar.
Say goodbye to the gold! (25) - Complete 'Crossing Over' on hard.
He might come in handy (15) - Complete 'Par for the Course' on normal.
Cart Wheels (25) - Complete 'Par for the Course' on hard.
Hold on! (15) - Complete 'Air Force One' on normal.
Russia? (25) - Complete 'Air Force One' on hard.
Let's take that boat (15) - Complete 'Crash and Grab' on normal.
Capitalist pigs, very nice (25) - Complete 'Crash and Grab' on hard.
You found it you keep it (15) - Find 5 unique collectables.
Half way thru (20) - Find half of all collectables.
Staying Alive (15) - Complete one mission without dying (any difficulty).
Killer on the loose (25) - Kill 25 enemies.
Sir, yes sir! (30) - Complete 'Ghost Town' on normal.
Here is your DD-214 (30) - Complete 'Ghost Town' on hard.
Death From Above (20) - Kill 25 enemies in a helicopter.
Home Wrecker (15) - Destroy 200 walls.
The Hypochondriac (20) - Use Auto Injector 50 Times.
Manic Lumberjack (15) - Knock down a small forest.
The Anti-Mechanic (20) - Destroy 50 vehicles. (containing enemy AI).
Check My Grill (20) - Find half of the gold bars.
Specialist (10) - Reach Rank 3.
Master Sergeant (15) - Reach Rank 8.
Colonel (25) - Reach Rank 20.
General of the Army (35) - Reach Rank 25.
Gold Digger (30) - Find all gold bars.
On Top of The World (20) - Climb to the highest spot in the game.
Get me started (15) Participate in one online match (Ranked).
Leatherneck (25) - Play 100 online matches.
Never Used a Door (15) - Destroy 1000 walls.
Forest Ranger (15) - Knock down 1000 trees.
With My Devil Dogs (15) - Use Squad in the menu, find a friend and play one round.
There is no I in Squad (15) - Have 20 Squad members spawn on you without dying in a single round.
Dog owner! (20) - Collect 5 unique dog tags.
Get the dog! (20) - Collect 50 unique dog tags.
Be the best (20) - Place #1 in a ranked match.
Vehikill (20) - Get at least one kill in every vehicle.
Drive By (25) - 100 kills using vehicle.
Catch The 'Bad' Moment (15) - Take 3 pictures using the image system.
Darwin's Parachute (10) - Glide in the parachute for 3 seconds.
I am Bad Company! (25) - Achieve all the awards.
Ooh Rah (20) - Achieve half of all awards.
Beans Bullets Bandages (30) - Get 10002 kills.

Unlock Weapons
Reach the indicated rank to unlock the corresponding weapon:

Uzi - Rank 4

Unlock WildCards
1 on 1 Sea - In a Round Destroy 1 sea vehicle of the same kind without assistance.
1 on 1 Air - In a Round destroy an air vehicle of the same kind without assistance.
1 on 1 Land - In a Round Destroy one land vehicle of the same kind without assistance.
2 Pair - In a Round get 2 of any 2 trophies.
Airtime - In a Round 2 seconds air time in a land vehicle.
Dead Eye Headshots - Global - Get 100 Headshots with any sniper rifle.
Full Deck - In a Round 52 total Kills.
Full House - In a Round Destroy 3+2 vehicles of the same King.
Gunslinger - Global - 80 Kills with Handgun.
Armor Buster - In a Round Kill 5 Armored Vehicles.
Avenger Trophies - Global - 50x Avenger Trophies.
Beat the House - In a Round 15 Grenade Kills.
Cab Driver - In a Round 5 min as driver in a vehicle with passengers.
Chopper Chopper Kills - In a Round Kill 5 Air vehicles.
Destruction Site - In a Round Destroy 50 Objects.
Dueces are Wild - In a Round Kill 2 Enemies of each Kit.
Five of a Kind - In a Round destroy 5 vehicles of the same kind.
Headshots - In a Round 20 Kills from Headshots.
Parashooter - In a Round 4 Road Kills with any air vehicle.
Snake Eyes - In a Round get 11 Kills as two different classes.
Squad Avenger Card - Global - Get 100 Avenger Points Avenging Squad Members.
Squad Wild Card - In a Round 1 Squad member trophy per Squad Member.
Santa's Litle Helper - In a Round 10 Kill Assists Points.
Savior Trophies - Global - 50x Savior Trophies.
Staying Dry - In a Round 2 seconds air time with a sea vehicle.
Straight Flush - In a Round Destroy 1 vehicle of each kind.
Strike - In a Round Kill 10 Enemies at the Same Time.
Tank Buster - In a Round Kill 5 Tanks.
Three of a Kind - In a Round destroy 3 vehicles of the same kind.

Skip the Tank Escort ("Acta non verba" Mission)
Go along with the mission as normal (walk or ride with the tanks). As soon as you get the autosave (when "Saving..." is on the right of the screen) walk back to where the drill, RPG, and C4 pickups are. Now wait until the objective becomes complete and regroup at the smoke. You have avoided a nasty battle!

Save Your Grenades
During the game, you'll encounter plenty of houses that you can explore. Usually, your instincts will tell you to blow a hole in the house with a grenade. But you can save those precious grenades and use your knife to bust out the house's door or windows. You can then jump on into the house and explore without having used any grenades!

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