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Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat Mode
Select "Cheats" under the options menu and enter the following codes:

[Green], [Red], [Green], [Red], [Yellow], [Blue], [Green], [Red] - HUD Free Mode.
[Green], [Red], [Yellow], [Green], [Yellow], [Blue], [Yellow], [Green] - Invisible Characters.
[Blue], [Yellow], [Blue], [Red], [Red], [Yellow], [Green], [Yellow] - Air Instruments.
[Blue], [Blue], [Red], [Yellow], [Red], [Yellow], [Blue], [Blue] - Electrika Steel Unlocked.
[Blue], [Yellow], [Green], [Yellow], [Red], [Green], [Red], [Yellow] - Most Characters Unlocked.
[Red], [Green], [Blue], [Green], [Blue], [Green], [Red], [Green] - All HO/POs.
[Yellow], [Yellow], [Green], [Green], [Red], [Red], [Blue], [Blue] - Focus Mode.
[Yellow], [Green], [Yellow], [Yellow], [Yellow], [Red], [Blue], [Red] - Always Slide.
[Yellow], [Green], [Yellow], [Blue], [Blue], [Red], [Blue], [Red] - Auto Kick.
[Yellow], [Yellow], [Blue], [Green], [Blue], [Red], [Red], [Red] - Performance Mode.
Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore:

Secret Notes 1 (5) - Hint: Jesse McCartney.
Secret Notes 2 (5) - Hint: Janet Jackson.
Secret Notes 3 (5) - Hint: The Rolling Stones.
Secret Notes 4 (5) - Hint: Lily Allen.
Secret Notes 5 (5) - Hint: Aly & AJ.
Secret Notes 6 (5) - Hint: Maroon 5.
Secret Notes 7 (5) - Hint: David Bowie.
Secret Notes 8 (5) - Hint: Evanescence.
Secret Notes 9 (5) - Hint: Hinder.
Secret Notes 10 (5) - Hint: Pat Benatar.
Secret Notes 11 (5) - Hint: No Doubt.
Secret Notes 12 (5) - Hint: Marvin Gaye.
Secret Notes 13 (5) - Hint: Spice Girls.
Secret Notes 14 (5) - Hint: Village People.
Secret Notes 15 (5) - Hint: Hilary Duff.
Secret Notes 16 (5) - Hint: Yellowcard.
Secret Notes 17 (5) - Hint: The All-American Rejects.
Secret Notes 18 (5) - Hint: Roy Orbison.
Secret Notes 19 (5) - Hint: Carl Douglas.
15 Minutes of Fame (5) - Complete a song as an Avatar rocker.
A Cool Mill (10) - Score over 1,000,000 points as a band in any single song in Career or Quickplay.
A New Challenge Awaits (30) - Complete 50 of the Career Challenges at Platinum or Diamond.
Face to Face (15) - Complete 25 online Pro Face-Off matches, win or lose.
Fevered Pitch (15) - 100% a song as a vocalist.
Four of a Kind (10) - Complete a song as 4 of the same instrument on any difficulty in Quickplay or Career.
Glimmer (10) - Earn 111 Stars in Career.
Iced Out (10) - Earn Diamond level on a Career Challenge.
In the Moment (5) - Successfully complete a Band Moment.
Jack of All Trades (15) - Complete at least one challenge for every instrument at Gold level or better.
M.C. (5) - Host an online Career game and play a song.
My First Gig (5) - Complete a Career gig on any difficulty.
Nation's Star (20) - Complete 50% of the gigs in Career.
Nice to Meet You (20) - Complete the gigs and unlock all of the celebrity characters.
Picture Perfect (15) - Streak through an entire song without missing a note on medium or harder difficulty.
Platinum Blonde (10) - Earn Platinum level on a Career Challenge.
Rise to Fame (10) - Complete 25% of the gigs in Career.
Road Most Traveled (20) - Unlock every venue.
Shine (30) - Earn 555 Stars in Career.
Sparkle (20) - Earn 333 Stars in Career.
Star Light, Star Bright (10) - Score over 10,000 points while in a single Star Power deployment.
Star Powered (10) - Earn an 11x multiplier.
Studio Time (10) - Create a GHâ„¢Studio song.
Testing the Waters (20) - Play through every Band Hero song once.
The Long Road Ahead (30) - Complete Career on any difficulty with any instrument.
There's no 'I' in 'Band Hero' (15) - Complete a song with 4 players without any members failing on expert in Career or Quickplay.
Till Death Do Us Part (5) - Play an online Do or Die game.
Treasure Hunt (490) - Collect all of the Secret Notes.
Welcome to Band Hero (5) - Complete the Tutorials.
World Known (30) - Complete 75% of the gigs in Career.

Unlock Bonus Characters
Adam Levine - Successfully complete the Maroon 5 "She Will Be Loved" gig.
Adrian Young - Successfully complete the No Doubt "Don't Speak" gig.
Taylor Swift - Successfully complete the Taylor Swift "Love Story" gig.
Tom Dumont - Successfully complete the No Doubt "Don't Speak" gig.
Frankenrocker - Successfully complete the Diamond Bonus Challenge for the Fall Out Boy "Sugar, We're Goin' Down" gig.
Gwen Stefani - Successfully complete the No Doubt "Don't Speak" gig.
Shadow Character - Successfully complete the Gold Bonus Challenge for the David Bowie "Let's Dance" gig.
Tony Kanal - Successfully complete the No Doubt "Don't Speak" gig.

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