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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

All You Need Is Doug (5) - Thawed out poor frozen Doug.
Go Ahead And Jump (15) - Watched a kefling bounce through a long series of cannons.
Help! (I Need Somebody) (25) - Started 10 buildings the builders finished without you.
Be It Ever So Humble (25) - Finished the Giant's Gift. How relaxing!
Come on, Vogue! (10) - Expressed yourself with 20 different emotes. Strike a pose!
Endless Doug (20) - Got to know Doug pretty well. Does he ever stop talking?
I Am The City (25) - Helped out with building 100 buildings.
Reunited (And It Feels So Good) (20) - Talked to the whole family of builder brothers.
Smile On Your Brother (10) - Received Collectibles from a friend. How sweet!
I Would Walk 500 Miles (20) - Visited the Ice Kingdom, the Desert Kingdom, and the Forest Kingdom.
One Tree Hill (15) - Adorned your world with 25 unique decorative pieces.
The Stars At Night (10) - Helped enhance your world with culture stars.

Additionally, there are three It Came From Outer Space DLC achievements:

Easy Being Green (10) - Help create a Nuclear Lobster.
Like a Rock (15) - Get past the meteor to explore the map.
Mr. Roboto (25) - Help build the Ubertronic Dynabot.

Additionally, there are three The Curse of the Zombiesaurus DLC achievements:

Field Day (20) - Help create a Scarecrow.
It's Alive (30) - Help build the Franken-builder.
Monster Mash (50) - See the epic confrontation between Zombie-saurus and the Vampire Ape.

Additionally, there are three Sugar, Spice, and Not So Nice DLC achievements:

Sticky Business (20) - Save the Caramel Lake.
Hunger Hunt (30) - Help find Augustus and his hidden treats.
Sweet Dreams (50) - Help restore Charlie to the Fudge Fortress.

Unlock Avatar Awards
Baby Dragon - Make friends with the baby dragon released from an egg in the Ice Kingdom.
Winged Hat Of Kefkimo - Talk to the Chief at the great Hall in the Ice Kingdom.

Unlock Cloning Clyde
If you have a Cloning Clyde save on your Xbox, you will unlock an exclusive Cloning Clyde.

Unlock Outpost Kaloki X Bonus
Have Achievements from Outpost Kaloki X on your profile to unlock a special Emote in World of Keflings.

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