3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures Cheats - Xbox 360

 All cheats for this game by platform: Xbox 360
Check out these 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures cheats and stay cool!
The online achievements can be earned in any game type (player, ranked and private):

Ace (20) - Make 6 holes in 1 on Traveler or Explorer Course.
Carnival Treasure Hunter (10) - Collect all medals in Classic Carnival.
Host with the most (20) - Host 3 online games.
Master Explorer (20) - Complete Explorer Course in 4 under par or better.
Master Groundsman (10) - Create a hole with the editor.
Master Traveler (20) - Complete Traveler Course in 4 under par or better.
Minigolf Adventurer (20) - Complete Traveler and Explorer courses in 12 under par.
Old West Treasure Hunter (10) - Collect all medals in Old West.
Open Champion (20) - Win an online multiplayer game.
OuterSpace Treasure Hunter (10) - Collect all medals in OuterSpace.
Rookie Adventurer (20) - Complete Prairie dogs, Gopher Smack and Planetoid holes in tournament.
Seasoned Swinger (20) - Complete Traveler and Explorer course in level par or better.

Unlock Medals
This will show you the locations for the Xbox 360 game of 3D Ultra Minigolf:

(Explorers) Outer Space Medal #3: Tubular - Get your ball next to the flag. The hit it into the corner closest to the flag and it will be sucked into a tube and land on the medal.
(Explorers) Outer Space Medal #4: Space Bar - Behind the red tube in front of you, so go around and get it.
(Explorers) The Carnival Medal #3: Bump n' Run - Hit the ball hard so it goes past the hole, and the medal is at the end of the trail.
(Explorers) The Carnival Medal #4: Rolling Tube - Hit your ball down to be level with the hole and then knock it up the ramp.
(Explorers) The Old West Medal #3: Dead Man's Creek - Look behind the stump straight ahead and you will see this medal.
(Explorers) The Old West Medal #4: Water Tower - Get the ball into the pipe straight ahead of you. The medal is in this pipe.
(Travelers) Outer Space Medal #1: Teleporter - Hit the ball into the purple container and it will bounce it on to the medal.
(Travelers) Outer Space Medal #2: Rocket Man - Turn your attention to the crater right below the medal and smack your ball on to the crater and you will get it.
(Travelers) The Carnival Medal #1: Skeeball - Hit the ball directly between the two little holes, and above the large hole, and you will get this medal.
(Travelers) The Carnival Medal #2: Spinner - Hit the ball into the spinning cup so that it spits your ball down the left side and when it comes out and bounces down the stairs.
(Travelers) The Old West Medal #1: Graveyard Shift - before taking your first shot, look directly to your right, the medal is there.
(Travelers) The Old West Medal #2: Barrel Blast - Look directly behind the shack that is straight ahead of you, and you will see this medal.

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