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Unlimited health
Quickly press [White], [Black], [White], [Black], [Y]x4, [B]x2 during game play.

Unlock gallery pictures and FMV sequences
Quickly press [White], [Black], [White], [Black], [Y]x2, [A]x2, [R], [X], [R], [X] during game play.

Swim abilities
Press [White], [Black], [White], [Black], [Y]x2, [X]x2, [Y], [X] during game play.

Ending bonus
Successfully complete the game with all cogs, eggs, and opals collected for a 100% completion to unlock a bonus level, an extra FMV sequence after the ending credits, and the ''Movies'' option at the extras menu.
Collect 15 Golden Cogs to unlock the Zoomerang.

Collect 20 Golden Cogs to unlock the Multirang.

Easy kills
If you have the Multirang and have to fight a group of Frills, run around in circles while throwing all of your boomerangs at once.

Rainbow Cliff: Easy lives
Whenever you return to the Rainbow Cliff area from another area, there is a free life icon that you can pick up. Follow the dead end gully that is to the right of Julius' lab. The icon is at the end. You can go back and forth from any level to Rainbow Cliff as many times as desired to get this free life every time.

Two Up: Frill kill
When you have to get the Thunder Egg, collect over 100 Opals then go by the Frills (but not too close). Hold "Bite" and wait until Ty starts to turn blue. Then, point Ty towards a Frill and release "Bite". Ty will kill all the Frills.

Finding items
Look behind waterfalls. There is usually an item hidden there.

Restore health
If you are hurt, jump in water then get out. You will now have full health.

Glitch: Fly
When in any level and you see a picnic basket, jump up in the air and bite at the same time. Do not move once you are in the air or you will fall down. However, you can throw your Rangs in the air.

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