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Primary Collection of Cheats
Perfect skitches
Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, then enter "rearrider" as a code. Alternately, get all 129 goals.

Perfect rail balance
Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, then enter "letitslide" as a code. Alternately, get all 129 goals.

All skaters
Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, then enter "getemall" as a code.

Increased speed
Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, then enter "moveinfast" as a code.

Play as T.H.U.D.
Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, then enter "NOOO!!" as a code.

Cheat mode
Successfully complete the game under any difficulty setting. Then, go back and complete all the goals to unlock all of the cheat options.

Pre-made skaters
Go to create a skater and change the name to one of the following entries. The character will change into the corresponding skater.
1337 (Rulon Raymond)
Akira2s (C Surla)
Alan Flores buffoon (Pete Day)
Alex Garcia
Andy Marchel
arrr (Captain Cody)
Big Tex (green skinned cowboy with a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, Hawaiian shirt, shoots, and a tribal tattoo)
Chauwa Steel
Chris Rausch
ChrisP (Chris Peacock)
crom (Eric Grosser)
Daddy Mac (Dana MacKenzie)
Dan Nelson
Dave Stohl
DDT (Darren Thorne)
deadendroad (Ralph D'Amato)
fatass (Brad Bulkley)
FROGHAM (Kendall)
GEIGER (Jake Geiger)
Guilt Ladle (Kevin Mulhall)
Hammer (Ted Barber)
Henry Ji
Jason Uyeda
Jeremy Andersen
Joel Jewett
Johnny Ow (Chum)
leedsleedsleeds (Wardy)
Mike Ward
moreuberthaned (Mikey Ortai)
M'YAK (Rock)
Noly (Nolan Nelson)
NSJEFF (Jeff Morgan)
POOPER (Paul Robinson)
Stacey D
tao zheng
The Kraken
The Swink
THEDOC (Adam Lippmann)
Todd Wahoske
TOPBLOKE (Dave Cowling)
TSUEnami! (Todd Sue)
woodchuck (Michelle Deyo)
Yawgurt (Gary Jesdanun)
ZiG (Zac Drake)
Kid Mode
Get all 129 goals.

Get all 129 goals.

Hotter Than Hell level
Get the last goal (Kill Eric's Best Line) to unlock the Hotter Than Hell level, which features Kiss. You will also unlock the Helicopter FMV sequence.

Play as Gene Simmons
Successfully complete story mode under the normal difficulty setting.

Play as Iron Man
Successfully complete story mode under the beginner difficulty setting.

Play as pedestrians
Clear all gaps in the game to unlock 26 playable pedestrians, including Eric Sparrow, Ollie The Magic Bum, the Chef Dude (makes you do the Boneless and No Complys), the rest of members of KISS, a drug addict, and a drug dealer.

The following is a list of all the pedestrians that are unlocked get when you find all of the gaps.
Eric Sparrow
Todd The Manager
Neversoft Chef
Jersey Bum
A Crack Addict
A Drug Dealer
Factory Worker
Security Guard
Street Warrior
Headstone Harry
A Buisness Man
Manhatten Cop
Construction Worker
State Trooper
Hotel Desk Clerk
Hotel Door Man
DJ Obert
Team Filmer
Leaf Blower Guy
KGB Member
Tank Guard
Paul from KISS
Peter from KISS
Ace from KISS
Kiss Concert FMV sequence
Collect all the letters that spell K-I-S-S in the Hotter Than Hell level. This will unlock the Kiss FMV sequence. Then, collect K-I-S-S again. This will start the KISS Concert.

Bails 2 FMV sequence
Collect six secret tapes.

Lost Footage FMV sequence
Complete the game under the too easy and beginner difficulty settings to unlock a new "Lost Footage Tape", in which instead of challenging Eric, you punch him and take the tape.
Hawaii: Venice level bonus
In Hawaii, you can unlock the Venice level from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. From the large hotel you start at, follow the main road all the way around in either direction. When you find the strip of buildings that are opposite on the map from the hotel, you will find a large tiki head. Alternately, go out the front doors of the hotel and through the plaza all the way out the other side. Jump inside the tiki head's mouth to find a secret area. Skate down the tunnel until the end and boneless into the air to grab the unlock for the Venice level.

Note: Think of the map as a square. If the beach is at the bottom, the tiki head is on the top side of the map. It is much easier to get inside the tiki head's mouth if you dismount your board first.

Hawaii: Secret tape
Climb the hotel that you start at. Get to the roof and to the right of the pipe on the right is the side of the building. Grind that ledge onto the wire to get the secret tape.

Hawaii: Smoking tiki manual
Find the evil tiki where the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 bonus level can be found. Get on top of that tiki. The easiest way to do so is to get off your board and jump on top. Once on top, remount your board, but at the same time hold the Analog-stick [Back] so you do not move anywhere. Then, perform a manual on top of the tiki. The longer you hold it, the more smoke will start leaking out the top. If done correctly, you will hear a sound resembling scraping wood.

Hotter Than Hell: Secret tape
Get KISS once to unlock the video, then get it again to get the concert to start. When they are playing, use the doors on either side of the door that you can go through to the other side of the level. It will take you to the top of the level. You will see the secret tape in the air in front of you.

Make your way up onto the catwalks, where they cross over the Kiss stage. Jump down off of the catwalk and onto the top center part of the stage. Then, grind on the ledge that raises up near the center. When you reach the last part that it rises, jump and you will fly up and grab the tape. Once you land, you also will get the gap.

Hotter Than Hell: 10,000 point gap
Find the Go-Kart. Drive the Go-Kart around until you find a huge ramp that goes over the center of the level. Drive off it as fast as possible and you will clear a gap that gives you 10,000 points.

Hotter Than Hell: "S" letter
When you are spelling the "S" for "KISS" and must go through the flames, there is a little skate pipe on stands under it. You will see that there is a ramp in the middle. Go up the ramp, then it goes up with you. When you go down, it stays up. Skate down it into the skate pipe, then jump through the flames and get the letter.

Manhattan: Secret tape
When you start, go down the street to the left of the worker with the jackhammer . At the end of the street is a lit up billboard with a ladder. Climb the ladder, then jump and grab the ledge. The tape is there for the taking.

Manhattan: Leeds United logo
Skate over to the Brooklyn Banks. Look on the wall near the cars and you should see the Leeds United logo that the team use on their shirt.

Moscow: Hanger level bonus
Find the place where there are a lot of tanks and a building that reads "AEHNH". Stand in front of the building to the left. Line your self with the brown ledge. Climb up it. Stand on the brown ledge that you are about to grind on. If you are in the correct location, to your left should be a tree and straight ahead should be a big red building palace-looking thing. Grind that ledge and jump toward the previous viewed window. You should go down a ramp. Where the ramp is located, is a ramp that goes up on the right, revealing the secret level as you went down the ramp.

Stand in front of the AEHN building, then jump on top and go to the left-most edge of the building's roof. Grind it going towards the big red building. Jump through the window immediately in your view. Inside is a room where the secret tape is located.

Moscow: Fatality! gap
Ollie into the snowman's head to knock it off. Blood and snow will squirt from where his head was located.

Moscow: Strange dialogue
Go to the bowl with the glass on it and stand on the star. Turn the music volume all the way down to hear a man talking gibberish, and people cheering him.

At the start of the level, go to the area where there are a lot of tanks. Go in front of the brown building that reads "AEHNH". Go directly in front of the brown ledges. Get of your board ([L] + [R]) and climb the building. In front of you should be a red palace of some sort. To your left should be a thin rail. Grind the rail, then jump over the red wall. Then, you will see a strange half sphere-like building. Spine transfer into the building to break the glass windows. When you are in the building, stand over the red star in the middle. Point the [Right Analog-stick Down] at the star. You will start to hear cruel evil laughing.

New Jersey: School level bonus
In New Jersey, you can unlock the School level from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. Cross the bridge, then get on top of the large building immediately afterwards. Shimmy across the tall gate and pull yourself onto a ledge. It will be on the ledge alongside a tall building.

Have the station area unlocked. Go to the station area and get air off the middle quarter pipe in the back. You will see a floating icon marked "Tony Hawk 2". Run into it and the School 2 level from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 will be unlocked.

An easy way to unlock the School 2 level is as follows. Go to the roundabout near the train station, then grind the half pipe/ramp on the left-hand side. Then, enable the "Moon physics" cheat and grind around to just before you go under the little roof. Jump up and when you land in the little roof, disable the "Moon physics" cheat. Get off your board, then jump up the ledge. Next, walk around to the School 2 icon. Alternately, go into the train station then go to the ramp/half pipe underneath the School 2 icon. Then, enable the "Moon physics" cheat and jump up the half pipe/ramp to get the icon. Note: This may require several attempts.

New Jersey: Secret tape
Go under the bridge on the side that allows you to do so. The tape will be floating there for your taking.

New Jersey: Familiar pedestrians
The pedestrians are all Ollie clones. Look towards the house where the last goal ends, and Alexandr will be walking around it.

In the "Save Eric" mission, press [A] when it gets in the train lobby, when you see the car.

School 2: Gary Coleman
You can find Gary Coleman at the courtyard, walking around.

Slam City Jam: Tour title
On the big half-pipe on the railing, it will say "Boom Boom Huck Jam", which is Tony Hawk's tour title.

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