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Cheat mode
Unlock all levels in classic mode, then clear all the gaps in all fifteen levels. All the cheat options will now appear in the cheats menu on the game options screen, and can be toggled on or off as desired.

Natas Kaupas
Enter "oldskool" as a code. Alternately, successfully complete classic mode under the sick difficulty setting.

Perfect grind
Enter "straightedge" as a code.

Graffiti Tagger
Successfully complete the Berlin level in story mode.

Ben Franklin
Successfully complete the Boston level in story mode.

Successfully complete the New Orleans level in story mode.

Successfully complete the Barcelona level in story mode.

Peds Group A
Successfully complete story mode under the easy difficulty setting.

Peds Group C
Successfully complete story mode under the sick difficulty setting.

Peds Group E
Successfully complete classic mode under the sick difficulty setting.

Peds Group F
Get a 100% completion in story mode.

Peds Group G
Get a 100% completion in classic mode.

Phil Margera
Successfully complete story mode under the easy difficulty setting.

Successfully complete story mode under the easy difficulty setting.

Star Wars Kid
Successfully complete story mode under the easy difficulty setting.

The Hand
Successfully complete story mode under the normal difficulty setting.

Pro Skater Level
Successfully complete story mode.
Berlin: Train wreck
To cause a train wreck in Berlin, skate over to the bar area. Climb up the large brown building to the third and top ledge. If you follow that ledge over towards the train tracks, there should be a black and yellow bar. Grind it to cause the train wreck. There is also a massive point bonus for this stunt.

Boston: Ben Franklin
Go to the statehouse (the building with the two statues). Go on the right side, where there is a ramp on the building. Go up the ramp and break the glass. You will now be inside the building. Ben Franklin will be in there. Follow him and you will complete the goal, as well as unlock him in any mode.

Go to where the Star Wars Kid is found, but on the other side. When you enter the area the Star Wars Kid should be on your left. A person on the right will be trying to levitate a goat.

Boston: Destroy the construction dead
In order to have the dead walk among you in New Orleans, you must first enter the cemetery and knock all the skulls off the five crypts. Once this is accomplished the game will start an intermission sequence which features a voodoo guy on a tricycle shooting out of the river behind the cemetery and casting a spell that turns the civilians in New Orleans into the living dead. Also, a hole that leads to the underworld is opened up in the center of New Orleans. In order to reverse the spell, do a Spine Transfer into the hole and grind the circle in the underworld. Keep grinding on it until the game instructs you to jump off. At this point, you will be shot out of the hole. Then, a timer will begin. You must do a grab trick over the statue in the church courtyard. If this is accomplished, the spell is reversed and everything returns to normal. Note: The dead will not try to hurt you. They just walk and stand around. Once the spell has been activated, you can play as the voodoo guy on the tricycle. He is located in the back of the cemetery.

Skatopia: Rope ride
Grab on to what looks like a jet pack and it will take you on a very fast rope ride.

Skatopia: Easy Bomb Box mission
The easiest way to complete the Bomb Box mission in Skatopia is to Flip Trick onto one of the lower boxes and Caveman the rest in that row. Just jump from box to box after getting off your board, but make sure to do one row at a time.

Skatopia: Manual Down The Mountain goal
First, unlock Bigfoot. Do this by giving Jesse James the chainsaw and find Bigfoot in the cliffs near the billboard that you tag. Switch to Bigfoot and start at the top of the mountain where the old bus is located. Then, start the manual. Because the board is gas powered, you will go zooming down the mountain and will not have to balance for too long. Then, just go out the entrance while manualing and the goal is done.

Spain: Make a phoenix
Do the "Free The Bull Fighter" goal first. Remember to let the bull lose by throwing tomatoes at it. Next, go to the bridge and jump over the burning car to catch your board on fire and use the catapults to hoist yourself up into the air. Note: The catapult part may require a few attempts.

Zoo: Unlock aquarium
Jump on the house near the elephant then hop on the elephant's back. He will get mad and crush the aquarium door.

Easy points
When you need a lot of points, find a trash can or another object and do a Natas Spin on it.

The Natas Spin
To do the Natas Spin, approach an object, such as a trash can, statue, or a pole, while standing on the board. Jump at it and press [Y] while holding [R].

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 reference
When customizing your board, go to the "Griptape" section. Scroll through the list, clicking on every single griptape until you reach one with a bat on it. This was the griptape that the demon girl from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 had on her board.

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