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Primary Collection of Cheats
Master code
Enter the options menu, then select "Cheats". Enter "watch_me_xplode" to unlock all cheats. Note: You must include the underscore "_" character. This will not unlock all the gaps.

Always special
Enter the options menu, then select "Cheats". Enter "i'myellow" to always have a full special.

Perfect manuals
Enter the options menu, then select "Cheats". Enter "freewheelie" for perfect manuals.

Perfect skitch
Enter the options menu, then select "Cheats". Enter "bumperrub" for perfect skitch.

Matrix mode
Enter the options menu, then select "Cheats". Enter "fbiagent" for Matrix mode. All ollies and aerial tricks will be in slow motion.

Moon physics
Enter the options menu, then select "Cheats". Enter "moon$hot" for moon physics.

Play as Daisy
Spend $100,000 at the store after finding all gaps and getting a 100% completion.

Play as Jango Fett
Spend $9,000 at the store.

Carnival level
Spend $15,000 at the store.

Big Head mode
Spend $1,000 at the store.

Cool Specials mode
Spend $1,000 at the store.

Disco mode
Spend $1,000 at the store.

Gorilla mode
Spend $1,000 at the store.

Invisible mode
Spend $1,000 at the store.

Sim mode
Spend $1,000 at the store.

Super Blood mode
Spend $1,000 at the store.

Clown's head
Spend $300 at the store.
Bob Burnquist: Special moves
Perform the following moves with a full meter.
BS One Foot Smith: Press [Up], [Down], [Y].
Samba Flip: Press [Left], [Right], [B].
Sit Down Air: Press [Left], [Down], [B].
Kareem Campbell: Special moves
Perform the following moves with a full meter.
B-Ballin Slide: Press [Left], [Right], [Y].
Double Blunt Slide: Press [Down], [Up], [Y].
Kickflip Backflip: Press [Left], [Down], [B].
Steve Caballero: Special moves
Perform the following moves with a full meter.
Daffy Grind: Press [Up], [Down], [Y].
FS 540: Press [Left], [Down], [B].
Kickflip Superman: Press [Right], [Up], [X].
Learning moves
You will learn the following moves after completing them in a challenge given to you by a pro, from the first level to the Kona USA level.
Semi Flip from Mullen
Darkslide from tourist
Misty Flip from Rick Thorne
Varial Mctwist from Tony Hawk
Standing Backflip
Play as Mike Vallely or any skater that knows the Ho Ho Street Plant. Jump into the air, and after you do the sequence of buttons, you will hit the ground and perform the trick. Immediately after hitting the ground, press [A] to jump. Your player will do a backflip. Note: This gets you no points.

Alcatraz: Baseball mini-game
Get to the prison yard with a large gap in the wall. Talk to the pitchers mound to start the mini-game. You will earn $25 per homerun.

When you have hit as many homeruns as possible and a voice states that they will not pitch anymore, go back to the mound and select to pitch again. They will still give you $25 for every homerun. Repeat this until the message stating that you have taken all the money flashes across the screen.

Alcatraz: Enter bulldozer
Go down to where you do the competition, where the bulldozer is located. Jump on the bulldozer. If timed correctly, you can go inside it, as if you were driving.

Alcatraz: Water tower bowl
Play as Jango Fett and enable the "Moon gravity" cheat. Go to the baseball field and ignore the mysterious voices. Point Jango towards the water tower and use the Jango Jump Jet one time. You should get on the side of the water tower. If you start to fall early, do the Jango Jump Jet again. There should be a collapsible wall on the side. Jump in and start to do tricks in the air. The roof will fall apart and you can also get a few hundred dollars.

Alcatraz: Knock people into water
To knock people into the water, run into them. You can only knock people that are near the water.

Carnival: Hidden area
After buying or winning the Carnival level, you will see a haunted house while skating around. Go up to the house and you will see two rails on the "porch", symmetrically side by side. Grind one of the two and you will enter another dimension with floating skulls and spirals. You will grind into the mouth of a large head and go back into the level.

Stand facing the Horror House. On your right, notice a path with the train tracks on running down the side of the house between the fence and the wall of the Horror House. Follow the tracks in through the wall and you will be inside the Horror House.

Go to the haunted house and grind the left pole on the ground to enter it.

Carnival: Ride the rollercoaster
The large rollercoaster in the level is also rideable. Go to Rockin' Rockitz, and position yourself with your back towards the ride. In front of you is the green wall of the coaster, and a long chimney-type arrangement on the side. Go around this to either side and skate into the door. Then hold [Down] to stop. Wait for a train of cars to approach from the right, then grind to the left in front of it. Stay balanced (or enable the code) and ride it.

Carnival: Easy tricks
To do the tricks that they yell out easily, enable the "Matrix mode" and "Moon gravity" codes. Quickly do the tricks in the air. Note: If you do not do this fast enough, you will have to do it twice.

Carnival: Get eaten by an alligator
Go to the Rockin Rockitz, then jump over the wall behind the ride. Just wait there and enjoy the show.

Carnival: Pig mini-game
When you win after medaling in the competition, you will be asked to help tear down the competition by lip tricking on the banners. After this task is done, none of the ramps will be there. However, a will be pig running around. Talk to the pig lover and he will ask you to catch the pig before his cousins do. You will not get any money for this.

Chicago: Ride around level
Look for a red pickup truck and jump in the back of it. You will be able to ride around the level in the truck without skating.

Chicago: Pull off a backflip
Go to the bridge that is up (going over the river). Hold "Ollie" until you get to the top. When you reach the top, release "Ollie" and hold [Down]. Just before you hit the ground, press "Revert". Note: The "Kid mode", "Moon gravity", and "Stats at 13" cheats may also me needed for this. You also may want to skitch on a car to get more speed and more air. Press [Down] and steer toward the bridge when you get there. It does not matter where you land -- if done correctly, you will still land it.

College: Tennis mini-game
Go to the tennis court and can play tennis with a someone named Bjorn. You will get $500 if you win.

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