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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Apr. 15, 2006
Author: JPaterson50KB
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Control camera
Press [Start] to pause game play. Press [L] or [R] to scroll until the "Messages" screen appears. Press [X], [Left], [A], [X]. The text "Punch it Chewie" will appear as the last line in the "Messages" screen to confirm correct code entry. Press [Start] to resume game play, then click the Right Analog-stick to free the camera. Use the Right Analog-stick to aim the camera, then use the Left Analog-stick to move in that direction. You can pass through walls, doors, and other obstacles, and move back far enough to see entire areas.

Alternate ending sequence
Reach the final battle with Darth Malak, but do not open the door yet. Press [L] + [R] + [Y] on controllers one and four.
Bastila's underwear
Equip Dark Jedi robes on Bastila. Remove them to see new underwear.

Custom underwear
When you go completely to the Light or Dark side, your character will get custom underwear emblazoned with the Light side or Dark side logo. By unequipping any armor your character is using, you can see your custom Force underwear.

Defeating droids with energy shields
To easily defeat droids with an energy shield, use the Disable Droid or Destroy Droid Force power to do a considerable amount of damage. However, if the droids do not have an energy shield and you do not wish to engage in close quarter combat, simply equip one or two lightsabers to deflect the gunfire. If you cannot equip a lightsaber, use an Ion Blaster or Ion Rifle.

When facing the droids, have a party consisting of your character, Bastila, and Carth. Everyone should have some type of sword and use them to attack the droids.

Dantooine: Ancient Ruins: Ancient Armor
When you get to the third Jedi trial, you will see a merchant near where the Kath Hounds first ambush you. Talk to the merchant that sells armor and weapons. Ask to see his stock and you will see Cassus Fett's Armor. It costs 15,000 credits. Note: You will no longer be able to get the armor after you are taken prisoner by Saul.

Dantooine Ebon Hawk: Easy credits
When you start to do the last Jedi trial on Dantoiine, go in the Ebon Hawk. Ask the droid, if available, to make Computer Spikes. Keep asking for more of them. Next, go to Big Z and let him make Frag Grenades. Then, find the merchant near the Jedi Academy. He sells expensive and good armor. Sell those Frag Grenades and Computer Spikes, then repeat for as many credits as desired. Note: You can only have about ten or eleven of anything the crew makes at a time. You also have to ask for them one at a time.

Dantooine Grove: Keep Juhani while playing a Dark character
If you are playing a Dark side character, when you defeat Juhani do not fight her again. Instead, say that she can come back to the Light side. She will join your team and be helpful in later missions. You can make up for the gained Light points gained by getting Dark points in the Sandral-Matale Feud quest.

Dark alignment
When doing the Sandral-Matale Feud quest, go to the Sandral home first when you have permission to investigate the disappearance of Shen Matale from the Jedi Council. Take the necessary steps to enter the home. After questioning Nurik Sandral, he will depart to the back of his home. Get to the point where you can deny Rahasia. You can go to the Matale's home and speak with him. If you select all the bottom answers, his last question will be for you to ask 2,000 credits for finding Shen. By selecting all the bottom answers, you have earned yourself a Dark side point. Talk to the droid again and Ahlan Matale returns outside with the same line of questioning. Repeat this to accumulate as many Dark points as desired.

Dantooine Sandral Estate: Increase Cave
During your Jedi training you are told there are Force crystals present in a cave on Dantooine. However, none of the Jedi will tell you its location. The Dantooine Crystal Cave is in the far east corner of the "Sandral Grounds". The location of the cave will not show up on your map (or mini-map) until you have actually entered the cave. Inside the cave are several Kinrath that must be killed. They resemble large praying mantis and have stingers like scorpions. The Kinrath stingers use a very strong poison. You can use the Force "Cure" to restore your HP until you have recovered from the poison, or use an antidote kit. Note: The antidote kit is not available on Dantooine; you must return here after getting one on another planet. In the rear of the cave are several crystal formations and at least a dozen Kinrath eggs. Many of the eggs also contain Force crystals. Break them all open. During one run in the cave, it is possible to retrieve ten Red crystals, two Rubat crystals, one Bondar crystal, one Green crystal, one Yellow crystal, and one Blue crystal. There are more than enough crystals in this single cave to equip all your Jedi with powerful lightsabers. There is also a dead Mandalorian in the crystal cave. He has several armor and weapon upgrades in his inventory.

Dantooine: Protection from Kath Hounds
Whenever facing any type of Kath Hound, equip some kind of self shield to your arm and activate .It this will cause every blow from the Kath Hound to do less damage.

Dantooine: Stowaway
As soon as you leave Dantooine, there will be a girl stowaway in your cargo hold. Big Z will mention something about missing food. If you walk around your ship, you will hear footsteps. Go to the cargo hold when instructed to find the girl. Return to Dantooine and talk to the Tw'liek near the tree. He will mention a missing girl. Convince the girl to out to meet the man. If she agrees, you will receive a Light side point.

Dantooine: Master Zhar's first test
Question#1: There is no emotion...
Anwser#1: There is peace.
Question#2: There is no ignorance...
Anwser#2: There is knowledge.
Question#3: There is no passion...
Anwser#3: There is serenity.
Question#4: There is no chaos...
Anwser#4: There is harmony.
Question#5: There is no death...
Anwser#5: There is the Force.
Kashyyk: Increase Light or Dark alignment
When speaking to the hologram on Kashyyk, you have the opportunity to earn both Dark and Light side points. You should answer the questions like a certain person, but there is an opportunity to comment about how you really feel and create a shift.

After you get the mysterious box (by selling the Spice in the Ebon Hawk's cargo hold), look for it in the cargo hold and activate it. You can still sell it to the Hutt afterwards. Save the game before opening the box. Now, find out what is inside for yourself.

Korriban: Cassus Fett's Blaster Pistol
Go to Korriban and talk to the merchant behind the desk near where you meet Lashowe. Ask to see his stock to find Fett's Heavy Blaster pistol. This pistol will be available at any time.

the Light side
To get Yuthara Ban to turn to the Light side you must visit Korriban before Dantooine is blown up.

Korriban Sith Academy: Easy experience
Enter the Sith Academy. Once there, you will find a room with slaves. There is a computer terminal inside the room. Log into the computer and chose "Hack into Sith Data files". When you do this, you will notice that the option to hack does not disappear. With the right party member, the cost for the Data Hack will only be 1 Spike. Each Data Hack will result in 360 experience points for your group. Note: This was done after all the Sith Academy quests were completed. Also, you can get unlimited Computer Spikes on Tatooine.

When inside the Sith Academy, talk to Yuthura Ban and ask her "I want to know about the code". Then, choose "I think I got it". Do this repeatedly. Each time you ask her for code, you will get 125 experience points.

Enter the Sith Academy. Find the room with the slaves. There is a computer terminal inside the room. Login to the computer and choose to hack into the Sith data files with T3-M4. Each data hack should cost 0 spikes if T3-M4's Computer skill is over 30. Note: Each time you access the computer, it will cost 1 spike

Korriban Sith Academy: Earning prestige Korriban Sith Academy: Uthar's footlocker
Use T3-M4 to break into the Master Uthar's bedroom. Look in his footlocker to find a mask which gives you extra saber damage and immunity to mind affecting powers.

Korriban Sith Academy: Keep all earned

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