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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Control camera
Press [Start] to pause game play. Press [L] or [R] to scroll until the "Messages" screen appears. Press [X], [Left], [A], [X]. The text "Punch it Chewie" will appear as the last line in the "Messages" screen to confirm correct code entry. Press [Start] to resume game play, then click the Right Analog-stick to free the camera. Use the Right Analog-stick to aim the camera, then use the Left Analog-stick to move in that direction. You can pass through walls, doors, and other obstacles, and move back far enough to see entire areas.

Alternate ending sequence
Reach the final battle with Darth Malak, but do not open the door yet. Press [L] + [R] + [Y] on controllers one and four.

Change voice tempo
Hold [Black] or [White] on controller four during game play to increase or decrease the speed of the voice dialogue.
Bastila's underwear
Equip Dark Jedi robes on Bastila. Remove them to see new underwear.

Custom underwear
When you go completely to the Light or Dark side, your character will get custom underwear emblazoned with the Light side or Dark side logo. By unequipping any armor your character is using, you can see your custom Force underwear.

Defeating Dark Jedi
When you level up, you can choose a new Force ability. Choose Force Resistance, and the next one after that. When you know you are about to fight a Dark Jedi, cast Force Resistance and their Force powers cannot hurt you.

Force Breach and Force Resistance and good for dealing with other powerful Jedi. Make these the first thing you use in those battles. Focus on these as you power up your character.

Defeating droids with energy shields
To easily defeat droids with an energy shield, use the Disable Droid or Destroy Droid Force power to do a considerable amount of damage. However, if the droids do not have an energy shield and you do not wish to engage in close quarter combat, simply equip one or two lightsabers to deflect the gunfire. If you cannot equip a lightsaber, use an Ion Blaster or Ion Rifle.

Defeating Terentaks
When going up against a Terentak or two, make sure someone in your party can yse stealth, and at least one other person has the Insanity Jedi power. Enable the stealth and begin lay mines in a clump or a path. Once done, get out of the Terentak's range of vision and the blast radius of the mines, and uncloak. Then, throw some type of grenade at it and allow it to approach. If done correctly, it should cross all the mines and knock its health down quite a bit. Note: The Terentak can not be concussioned; do not waste any mines that cause concussion such as flash mines. Once all the mines have exploded, use Insanity on it. It will be unable to attack. You can then use Force Shock, Lightning, Storm, Drain Life, Death Field, Wound, Choke, Kill, Slow, and Affliction to whittle its health down. You can also attack it, and Power Strike works very effectively. Once the Insanity wears off, use Insanity again to render it harmless again. Repeat this until all the Terentaks are gone. Note: This is a great way to take down the two Terentaks during the Final Test on Korriban.

Dantooine: Ancient Ruins: Defeating droids
When facing the droids, have a party consisting of your character, Bastila, and Carth. Everyone should have some type of sword and use them to attack the droids.

Dantooine: Ancient Ruins: Ancient computer riddle
To get past the computers and prevent the guardian druids from reactivating, use the following answers. Primary death giving seed world types and those conducive to death: Volcanic, Desert, Barren. Primary life giving see world types and those conducive to life: Oceanic, Grassland, Arboreal.

Dantooine: Courtyard: Cassus Fett's Armor
When you get to the third Jedi trial, you will see a merchant near where the Kath Hounds first ambush you. Talk to the merchant that sells armor and weapons. Ask to see his stock and you will see Cassus Fett's Armor. It costs 15,000 credits. Note: You will no longer be able to get the armor after you are taken prisoner by Saul.

Dantooine Ebon Hawk: Easy credits
When you start to do the last Jedi trial on Dantoiine, go in the Ebon Hawk. Ask the droid, if available, to make Computer Spikes. Keep asking for more of them. Next, go to Big Z and let him make Frag Grenades. Then, find the merchant near the Jedi Academy. He sells expensive and good armor. Sell those Frag Grenades and Computer Spikes, then repeat for as many credits as desired. Note: You can only have about ten or eleven of anything the crew makes at a time. You also have to ask for them one at a time.

Dantooine Grove: Keep Juhani while playing a Dark character
If you are playing a Dark side character, when you defeat Juhani do not fight her again. Instead, say that she can come back to the Light side. She will join your team and be helpful in later missions. You can make up for the gained Light points gained by getting Dark points in the Sandral-Matale Feud quest.

Dantooine Grove: Mandalorian leader
Outside the Jedi Academy you will be approached by a man named Jon who will ask you to kill the Mandalorians raiding to the South. There are several rather obvious groups of Mandalorians on the southern maps, but the leader will not appear until after you have killed all of the advance party. After you have killed all the Mandalorian raiding parties, the leader will appear in the Sacred Grove (near where you rescued Juhani). Be careful; the leader fights with two lightsabers.

Dantooine Matale Estate: Increase Dark alignment
When doing the Sandral-Matale Feud quest, go to the Sandral home first when you have permission to investigate the disappearance of Shen Matale from the Jedi Council. Take the necessary steps to enter the home. After questioning Nurik Sandral, he will depart to the back of his home. Get to the point where you can deny Rahasia. You can go to the Matale's home and speak with him. If you select all the bottom answers, his last question will be for you to ask 2,000 credits for finding Shen. By selecting all the bottom answers, you have earned yourself a Dark side point. Talk to the droid again and Ahlan Matale returns outside with the same line of questioning. Repeat this to accumulate as many Dark points as desired.

Dantooine Sandral Estate: Increase Light alignment
When doing the Sandral-Matale Feud quest, go to the Sandral home first when you have permission to investigate the disappearance of Shen Matale from the Jedi Council. Take the necessary steps to enter the home. After questioning Nurik Sandral, he will depart to the back of his home. That is when Rahasia Sandral shows up and asks you for help. If you deny helping her free Shen, she will be upset. After denying her, go back to her and select "Apologize". After you apologize to her, she will continue with what help she needs, but deny her quickly instead of hearing her story. The apology earns you a Light side point. You can repeat this as many times as desired in order to accumulate high Light status.

Dantooine Sandral Estate: Crystal Cave
During your Jedi training you are told there are Force crystals present in a cave on Dantooine. However, none of the Jedi will tell you its location. The Dantooine Crystal Cave is in the far east corner of the "Sandral Grounds". The location of the cave will not show up on your map (or mini-map) until you have actually entered the cave. Inside the cave are several Kinrath that must be killed. They resemble large praying mantis and have stingers like scorpions. The Kinrath stingers use a very strong poison. You can use the Force "Cure" to restore your HP until you have recovered from the poison, or use an antidote kit. Note: The antidote kit is not available on Dantooine; you must return here after getting one on another planet. In the rear of the cave are several crystal formations and at least a dozen Kinrath eggs. Many of the eggs also contain Force crystals. Break them all open. During one run in the cave, it is possible to retrieve ten Red crystals, two Rubat crystals, one Bondar crystal, one Green crystal, one Yellow crystal, and one Blue crystal. There are more than enough crystals in this single cave to equip all your Jedi with powerful lightsabers. There is also a dead Mandalorian in the crystal cave. He has several armor and weapon upgrades in his inventory.

Dantooine: Star Map Room
The dead Jedi in the Star Map room has a Sigil Force crystal in his inventory.

Dantooine: Protection from Kath Hounds
Whenever facing any type of Kath Hound, equip some kind of self shield to your arm and activate .It this will cause every blow from the Kath Hound to do less damage.

Dantooine: Stowaway
As soon as you leave Dantooine, there will be a girl stowaway in your cargo hold. Big Z will mention something about missing food. If you walk around your ship, you will hear footsteps. Go to the cargo hold when instructed to find the girl. Return to Dantooine and talk to the Tw'liek near the tree. He will mention a missing girl. Convince the girl to out to meet the man. If she agrees, you will receive a Light side point.

Dantooine: Master Zhar's first test
Question#1: There is no emotion...
Anwser#1: There is peace.
Question#2: There is no ignorance...
Anwser#2: There is knowledge.
Question#3: There is no passion...
Anwser#3: There is serenity.
Question#4: There is no chaos...
Anwser#4: There is harmony.
Question#5: There is no death...
Anwser#5: There is the Force.
Ebon Hawk: Increase Dark alignment
After finding the stowaway on the Ebon Hawk after landing on the first planet you land on after Dantooine, select the "Get out of here, whoever you are! Right now!" option. Talk to her before she leaves to catch her again. Choose that dialog option again. Repeat this to increase your Dark alignment.

Kashyyk: Increase Light or Dark alignment
When speaking to the hologram on Kashyyk, you have the opportunity to earn both Dark and Light side points. You should answer the questions like a certain person, but there is an opportunity to comment about how you really feel and create a shift.

After you get the mysterious box (by selling the Spice in the Ebon Hawk's cargo hold), look for it in the cargo hold and activate it. You can still sell it to the Hutt afterwards. Save the game before opening the box. Now, find out what is inside for yourself.

Kashyyk: Avoid answering questions
Go to every planet and find the Star Maps on each one but Kashyyyk. Then, go there and you will be captured by Saul. After you escape from the Leviathan you will return to Kashyyyk. You must now help Chuundar and find the Star Maps. The droid will recognize you, and you will not have to answer any questions.

Korriban: Cassus Fett's Blaster Pistol
Go to Korriban and talk to the merchant behind the desk near where you meet Lashowe. Ask to see his stock to find Fett's Heavy Blaster pistol. This pistol will be available at any time.

Korriban: Dustil Onasi side quest
During your progress through the game, talk to Carth. Continue talking to him until he mentions how his wife and son were killed on his home planet. After he is finished, go to Kashyyk and have Carth in your party. Follow the path that leads from the Space Port to outside the Czerka Corporation office and continue walking. An intermission sequence will occur where someone who knows Carth will recognize and talk to him. The man will mention that Carth's son Dustil is alive and has joined the Sith on Korriban. Go to Korriban. Once you are inside the Sith Academy, look for Dustil. He is in one of those rooms in the area where Master Yuthara is found. Carth will start talking to him, and Dustil will say that the Sith are his family. Try to convince him that the Sith are evil and he will ask for proof. Go to the west end on the map. You will see the door to Master Ulthar's room. Use your Security skill to open the door. Collect the items from the footlockers. You will get a Datapad that proves the Sith killed Dustil's friend because she was slowing his progress. Show the Datapad to Dustil and he will leave the Sith. You will gain experience points for finishing the side quest.

Korriban: Turning Yuthara Ban to the Light side
To get Yuthara Ban to turn to the Light side you must visit Korriban before Dantooine is blown up.

Korriban: Entering the Sith Academy
Talk to the Sith Soldier guarding the Sith Academy on Korriban to learn that Yuthra Ban is at the bar and is accepting students for the academy, At this point there are two ways of trying to enter the base. The first is trying to persuade Yun to allow you in. However, this requires a high persuasion skill. The second is a lot quicker and once done, persuading Yun to allow you inside the academy should be easy. Instead of entering the bar to talk to Yun, go back to your ship, An intermission sequence and dialogue showing some Sith graduates trying to start a fight with you will start. No matter what happens, you will have to fight them. Defeta them and look at their remains. One of them will have a Sith Academy Medallion. Pick it up and talk to Yun.

Korriban Sith Academy: Easy experience
Enter the Sith Academy. Once there, you will find a room with slaves. There is a computer terminal inside the room. Log into the computer and chose "Hack into Sith Data files". When you do this, you will notice that the option to hack does not disappear. With the right party member, the cost for the Data Hack will only be 1 Spike. Each Data Hack will result in 360 experience points for your group. Note: This was done after all the Sith Academy quests were completed. Also, you can get unlimited Computer Spikes on Tatooine.

When inside the Sith Academy, talk to Yuthura Ban and ask her "I want to know about the code". Then, choose "I think I got it". Do this repeatedly. Each time you ask her for code, you will get 125 experience points.

Enter the Sith Academy. Find the room with the slaves. There is a computer terminal inside the room. Login to the computer and choose to hack into the Sith data files with T3-M4. Each data hack should cost 0 spikes if T3-M4's Computer skill is over 30. Note: Each time you access the computer, it will cost 1 spike

Korriban Sith Academy: Earning prestige for the Sith Master
One way to earn prestige for the Sith Master is to destroy a malfunctioning assault droid. Before you can this, you must first make your way through a large amount of battle droids. Once inside you can talk to the assault droid. He tells you information and how to help him. In helping him, you will get Light side points. The eight systems you have shut down are as follows: Combat, Motor, Sensory, Memory, Cognitive, Emotional, Creative, and Core.

In order to earn enough prestige to take the Sith test, you must persuade Lashowe that you will help her. Find the Jedi Holocron. When you get it, do not let her leave. After she fights you, get the Holocron and take it to Master Uthar to try to become a Sith.

You will gain prestige by reciting the Code Of The Sith for Master Uthar, It is:
Peace is a lie there is only passion
Through passion I gain strength
Through strength I gain power
Through power I gain victory
Through victory my chains are broken
Korriban Sith Academy: Uthar's footlocker
Use T3-M4 to break into the Master Uthar's bedroom. Look in his footlocker to find a mask which gives you extra saber damage and immunity to mind affecting powers.

Korriban Sith Academy: Keep all earned items
Instead of giving Master Uthar the items you have earned in the tombs, just kill your competition then tell Master Uthar that you killed them. He will say that since you are the only one alive, you win.

Korriban: Naga Sadow Tomb: Special cold and fire grenades
Defeat the two Tarentateks in the temple room, then pull the lever in the right top corner to unlock two doors, the one you came in through and the one next to the lever. This second door leads to pillars with the fire and cold grenades which will get you across the acid pool. Note: Use the special cold grenade when corssing it.

Korriban: Naga Sadow Tomb: Defeating the Tarentateks
When finding the Star Map in Naga Sadow, you will encounter two Tarentateks. To kill them, back yourself into a corner. This allows you to fight one without the other one being able to attack.

If you have Jedi Speed or any stimulant packages, and a Stealth Shield, you can do this easily. Activate your Stealth Shield and walk out in the open to where the left side Tarentatek comes in range and throw a grenade. When the two run at you, run by them and hit the switch in the right, then run to the door and let yourself in. The monsters cannot follow you in here. You can kill them with distance Force attacks (such as Force Kill) without them approaching you.

Use Force Speed to get the Tarentateks out of the way so you can use the lever. Then, go into the room that has the special grenades. Either equip a blaster or just run up to the doorway to kill the Tarentateks. They should not attack you.

Run to the corner of the room where the Tarentateks are located. Try to fend them off and find the lever. Pull the lever to unlock the door which contains the grenade you need later find the Star Map. Run to the door, go in, and the Tarentateks will not be able to follow. You can get very close to them and inflict damage without them being able to inflict a lot of damage to you. If your health goes down a lot, simply retreat into the room, heal yourself, and continue.

Make sure sure you have the Stealth ability (preferably at high level; 10 or more). Turn on stealth mode and slowly sneak past them and pull the lever. This will allow you to open the door. Go in and get the special grenades. The two Tarentateks still should not notice you. Remain in stealth mode and sneak back out. This will take less time than trying to kill them from inside the room and will also save grenades.

Korriban Naga Sadow Tomb: Power ring puzzle
The four systems must be transferred from the left pillar to the right pillar. Move the four rings in this order.
Left to Right.
Left to Middle.
Right to Middle.
Left to Right.
Middle to Left.
Middle to Right.
Left to Middle.
Right to Left.
Middle to Left.
Right to Middle.
Left to Right.
Left to Middle.
Right to Middle.
Left ot Right.
Middle to Right.
Middle to Left.
Right to Left.
Middle to Right.
Left to Middle.
Left to Right.
Middle to Right.
Korriban Naga Sadow Tomb: Defeating Yuthura and Uthar
Complete the Naga Sadow's tomb after poisoning Yuthura and Uthar . When you have defeated the two Terentateks in the right chamber, get the cold and fire grenade to clear the acid. When you have the grenades, go to the central chamber where the acid is located. Throw the cold grenade and freeze the acid. When you are on the ice, lay about 12 mines of any kind besides flash and save the game. Get the Sith ceremonial lightsaber and return to the ice pack. The intermission sequence with Uthar and Yuthura will start. Kill both Yuthura and Uthar by running to the tomb door behind you. The mines will explode, killing both of them while they are still poisoned. Pick up the items, run to Dreshdae, and fly to the next world.

A simple way to defeat Yuthura Ban and Uthar Wynn on Korriban is to agree with Yuthura when told to kill her. Then, use the Dark side Insanity Force power on Uthar. After he is dead, proceed to tell Yuthura that you planned on killing her anyway. Then, use the same strategy on Yuthura.

Manaan Sith Base: Defeating the Dark Jedi
Have the main character as Bastila and Big Z in your party. Once inside the base, after getting past the water pressure is a room where you will find Sasha. Next to that room is another room with a dark Jedi and two fish-like creatures. To defeat the Dark Jedi, have Bastila throw the lightsabers at her and make Big Z attack her with two swords. Keep doing this and she will die quickly. You can take out the other two fish creatures afterwards.

Manaan Sith Base: Entering training room
The only way to get to the training room in the Sith base is to first go to the Cantina in the city. You will see a Selkath deep inside the room. Talk to him and he will tell you about his daughter that has joined the Sith. Agree to help him, and the door to the training room should be open. Return to the Sith base and go to the locked door. Once inside, it will look like a cross-shaped area. Find the door that is marked "Medical". Go in there first, then the dormitory. Talk to the daughter, then go to the training room to fight the Dark Jedi.

Manaan Republic Enclave: Sith encryption code puzzle
For these matrices:
Additive: 1, 2, 4, 7, 11, 16 (19, 22, 24, 31)
Subtractive: 21, 18, 16, 15, 15, 16 (14, 18, 19, 21)
Multiplicative: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 (48, 52, 64, 96)
Divisive: 128, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4 (2, 1, 0, -2)
Exponential: 1, 32, 81, 64, 25 (1, 3, 6, 9)
Logarithmic: 1 0 - 8 3 - 32 5 - 128 (5, 6, 7, 8)
The answers are: 22, 18, 64, 2, 6, 7. That will get you a security card to enter the Sith Private Hanger on Manaan.

Manaan: Increase Dark alignment indefinitely
Accept the mysterious datapad on Tatooine after killing Calo Nord. Go to Manaan and talk to Hulas in the eastern part of Athos City, but make sure you first switch everyone out of your party so that you are alone. He will ask you to assassinate Lorgal, who is in the Republic Embassy just north of his location. Hack into the terminal near Lorgal's cell in the Republic Embassy. Select the option to assassinate Lorgal, but make sure you do not have enough Computer Spikes to kill him (either sell all your spikes or deposit them into you storage onboard the Ebon Hawk, except for three). If done correctly, he should still be alive and be on the same screen after you select that option. The screen should say "FAILURE: Not enough spikes" or something similar. Keep selecting the option to kill him repeatedly until you are satsified. Log out of the terminal and you will gain Dark side points, but Lorgal will still be alive. If your not maxed out on Dark Side points, log back in and keep "killing" Lorgal.

Finish everything needed to be done underwater (get through the Republic Research Station, past the big shark, and to the Star Map). When you surface, Roland Wann will meet you just outside the door. You will converse about what you found out about the fate of the station. Once you are done talking to him, talk to him again. He will say something along the lines of needing to keep your conversation secret. Choose the option that asks him for a bribe to keep silent. He will more or less ignore you and you will gain Dark Side points. After that, he will continue to say the same thing every time you talk to him. Keep trying to bribe him and you will get a Dark Side point each time.

Manaan: Genohardan assassination missions
At some point, you will be given a Datapad on Tatooine that tells you about someone named Hula looking for you on Manaan. He wants you to come alone or not at all. If you try to speak with him with others in your party, he will not talk to you about the Genohardan. If you come alone, he will talk to you about a secret bounty hunters guild that only the elite are allowed to join. If you are trying to remain on the Light side, do not take up his offer. Instead, politely refuse him and walk away. If you are playing on the Dark side, take him up on his offer. You will first have to kill one of two people, on Manaan and Dantooine. Kill both of them to get rewards. You then have to kill three others, on Manaan, Kashyyyk, and the Dune Sea of Tatooine. After you kill all three of them, you will learn that Hulas was actually having you kill the leaders of the Genohardan, and is now going to become the leader himself. You can either walk away or challenge him. If you challenge him, he will want to meet you in the Dune Sea of Tatooine for a final battle there. Do not go alone. He will be there with about eight others to help him. Also, be prepared before you exit the gates to the desert; the battle starts as soon as you go through. Once you defeat the Genohardan, you get some nice items and plenty of Darkside points from the assassinations.

Manaan: Win your own trial
After you complete what's needed at the Sith base, the only way out is the elevator to the city. Once you get to the top, the guards will place you under arrest. You will go to trial. If you accept the help of the Selkath to defend you, you will lose and die. If you represent yourself, they will find you innocent.

Manaan: Defeating Calo Nord
After you see the intermission sequence featuring Calo Nord coming to kill you, go to Maanan. Complete all the tasks at the underwater station. While you are going to your submarine, you will find Calo with two thugs with him. Equip a double vibroblade and attack Calo. Tell you teammates to attack the others and you will easily kill him. Note: He has 2,000 credits in his remains.

Manaan: Facing Darth Bandon
If you choose Manaan as the third planet you visit, you will fight Darth Bandon in the first hallway in the underwater base. He appears there after you return from the Star Map. If you stand in the middle of the door before opening it, the Dark Jedi that are with him will just stand there, making it a lot easier to defeat him. Note: They will attack you after Bandon is dead.

Manaan: Duplicate items
1. Go to the submersible in Manaan. Equip your two other party members with the items to be duplicated.

2. Go down to the underwater base. Go to any airlock.

3. Unequip all of the equipment from your other two characters.

4. Go through the airlock and come back in.

5. Your other two characters will have "respawned" with what they were wearing when they came down to the base, thus leaving you with one set of their equipment in inventory and another equipped to them.

6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 as many times as desired.
Note: Sometimes they do not respawn with the equipment. If this happens, re-equip all the items, then go through the airlock and come back inside. That should fix it.

Instead of doing the "do not respawn fix", you can just put the items you want duplicated on again, then save the game. Then, continue with steps 3 and 4. This way, you can duplicate other items than just the ones your other two characters were wearing when they came down to the base. You save time by not having to go out the airlock to reset the respawn.

Star Forge Command level: Darth Revan's and Star Forge robes
When you get onto the Star Forge, you will eventually run into a hallway with about eight gun turrets. At the end of the hallway farthest from the turrets is a room with an armor creator. With a number of Computer Spikes you can create personalized Jedi armor. If you choose the Dark Side you will caquire Darth Revan's Robes. If you are on the Light Side, you will acquire the Star Forge Robes.

Star Forge: Droids
When fighting the droids that keep respawning, slice the terminals around the hall and choose to overload the generators.

If you do not have enough Computer Spikes to slice the terminals, go to the door that Malak was behind, and bash it. Note: Press [B] to exit combat mode first. There will be one more door after that. Open it, but make sure that if the droids followed you in, that you exit combat mode again. They cannot follow you once you are out.

To stop the Star Forge droids from regenerating, you can either create your own droid or overload the terminal. If you run out of spikes, the containers next to every terminal will glow green as if they have an energy shield. Go to all of them that are glowing. Open them together and they will have enough spikes to overload the terminals or create droids.

It is possible to skip past the Star Forge Droids. After you talk to/convert/kill Bastila on the Star Forge and walk down the room leading the Malak, a conversation will begin. It ends with Malak saying the Star Forge itself will destroy you then slamming the doors in your face. You do not have to fight the droids. Simply select the door Malak just closed and press [Up]. The ''Bash" option will appear. Press [A], and after a few hits the door will open. You can proceed straight to the final battle with Malak.

Star Forge: Battling Dark Jedi, Dark Jedi Apprentices, and Sith Troopers
If you can, avoid using Force powers to save things such as Drain Life or Death Field for fighting Malak. Switch to the easy difficulty setting if desired and change it back later.

Star Forge Factory: Defeating Malak
To make the final battle easier, use Drain Life, Death Field, Shock, Force Lightning, or Force Storm on the captive Jedi to destroy them. Note: Drain Life and Death Field will restore you to maximum vitality.

While fighting Malak at the very end of the game, there are "dead Jedis" around the arena. If you have the power of Death Field or Drain Life, you can also use these bodies the same way that Malak does. Target the Jedi and use the Drain Life or Death Field power. You will have a fresh bar of life, and Malak can no longer recharge by using the Jedi.

When you begin battling Malak on the Star Forge, fight him until he retreats and takes energy from the dead Jedi. Then, fight him a second time until he retreats again. Once he retreats the second time, destroy all the Jedi. Start from the Jedi on the left side of the room, then make your way to the balcony and destroy all of them there. Finally, travel to the right and destroy the remaining ones there. Try tp heal yourself as you are making your way to the Jedi. Once you get to the right and destroy the Jedi at that location, wait for Malak to catch up to you. He should be considerably stronger the third time you fight him. Battle him until his health is half way depleted. If your health starts dropping too low, use either Medpacs or the Heal power. Once his health is half way down, boost your health all the way, and you should be able to finish him with your lightsaber. The Flurry attack is recommended.

To defeat Darth Malak easily, you can use the Destroy Droid Force power on the dead Jedi. This way, Malak cannot power up and there will be only one battle.

Upon entering the room for the finale between yourself and Malak, unleash as many Force Waves as possible to send the Dark Lord's vitality points plummeting. After the intermission sequence, he will attack again. Press [B] to exit combat mode and target the captive Jedi with any destructive Force powers in your arsenal. Kill all of them. There are more on the upper level. After running around, keeping as far from Malak as possible to restore lost Force points, unleash a never-ending wave of Force Waves on him. Even if Malak is not stunned or knocked back, he will still take damage. About fifteen to twenty Force Waves will be needed to win.

The easiest way to beat Malak is to run. All close range attacks end in your death. As soon as he shows you his captured Jedi, run away. Run to all the "dead" Jedi and finish them off with a "kill" Force attack. Then, allow Malak to get close enough for you to attack with "Force Storm." Hit him once and run. Get far enough away and use the same attack. Keeping running and hitting until he is dead. He will not attack you from afar; and you will be safe.

To defeat Malak easily, keep him at a distance unless you are about level 20. First, set your items to Advance Medpacks, so that you can use those quickly when needed. Next, run away from him and exit battle mode. Then, destroy all the captive Jedi so that Malak cannot heal himself. Keep your distance from Malak and use the "Throw Lightsaber" feat to kill him easily without having to fight him one on one. Make sure to have plenty of Advance Medpaks to keep yourself healed during the fight. Do not use "Force Heal" if possible to save your Force powers to throw your lightsaber.

You can defeat Malak faster if you have about 12 Life Support Packs. Whenever Malak pauses to drain life from one of the Jedi, save the game. It will return paused, giving you the chance to use a Life Pack and fight again. Repeat this until he is defeated.

When facing Malak, have Burst Of Speed and as many shields and stimulants as you can get. When you begin the battle, cast Force Resistance or Immunity, then fight after he tells you about the suspended Jedi. When you begin to fight again, use Burst Of Speed and run around the deck to get far enough away from him to activate your shield. Then, run more and pump yourself full of stimulants. Next, drain the life from every Jedi so Malak cannot use them. Finally, fight Malak. Repeat this if needed for the third bout.

When you obtain Yusani's Energy Shield, save it for the final confrontation with Malak. It is by far the best energy shield in the game and you only get it once. When active, it makes you invulnerable to lightsaber attacks.

If you are a Dark Side character fighting Lord Malak, use Plague to slow him down and use Force Life Drain or Death Field on the captive Jedi. Doing so will replenish your health and Force points.

If you are playing on the Light Side and have Throw Lightsaber, you can replenish your Force points by freeing the captive Jedi by throwing it at them. Keep running away from Malak, throwing your lightsaber at him. When you run out of power, throw a lightsaber at the Jedi to defeat him rather easily.

If you chose to be a Jedi Guardian, run as far away from him as you can and use the Force Jump to hit him. Run away before he can hit you back. Repeat this and any of the other strategies for using the Jedi and he will be incredibly easy to defeat.

Make sure to have two of the following: Master Power Attack, Master Flurry, or Master Critical Strike. These will benefit you when having to face him physically. The Force powers that you should have are Death Field and Force Storm. He will be immune to almost everything else (except perhaps Force Wave). Use the physical attacks until he explains the Jedi generators. Then, use your Force powers to drain the generators for yourself. Then, use your physical attacks to finally defeat him. When he goes over to a remaining generator to restore his power, use this time to regain your own health and boost your powers will Heath Packs and Stimulants.

When facing Malak as a Light side character, fight him to the point in which he reveals his Life Drain on the dead Jedi surrounding the room. Then, use Lightsaber Throw to kill the remaining dead Jedi. You will not gain Dark side points since you are "setting them free". Each kill will result in you regenerating to full health. After that, use the run and Medpack technique.

Make sure you have Heal, and Death Field, Lightning or Destroy Droid. Stock up on Thermal Detonators and Mines (preferably Average and Deadly Frag and Plasma). When you are in the factory before you fight, lay down the mines in order from Deadly to Average to Minor. Have Malak run into the mines. Once you engage the battle so he runs to the first Jedi, save the game under a new slot then destroy the Jedi one by one. Then, keep a distance from Malak and keep throwing Thermal Detonators at him. If your health gets too low, use Heal or Medipacks or Life Support Packs.

When facing Darth Malak, use Force Breach on the Captive Jedi. Note: This can only be done after Malak has drained the life of one of the Captive Jedi. Also, you cannot free a Captive Jedi when his energy is drained.

Before facing Darth Malak, make sure you have all Force points and have Life Drain or Death Field and Force Immunity. Also, make sure you have at least two Verpine Prototype Shields. You can get those at Korriban after you have received all the Star Maps. The seller of these shields is in the Korriban Cantina. Before you walk into the door which Malak is behind, use Force Immunity and activate the Verpine Prototype Shield. When Malak is done talking and the fight begins, you may need to activate Force Immunity again. Fight Malak until he runs and tells you about the captive Jedi. Once he is done, run around to all the Jedi and use Life Drain or Death Field. Next, reactivate Force Immunity and the Verpine Shield. Save the game. Once you have saved, Malak should be close behind you. Try to stand next to a captive Jedi -- while you are fighting Malak, when you get him down to low health he will try to drain life from the Jedi. However, because you already drained all the Jedis it will do nothing except give you a chance to get some hits on Malak. When you are fighting him, use a double bladed lightsaber. It seems to be the most effective weapon against Malak. Sometimes your Verpine Shield will run out. If this happens, use Force Push on him. This will give you a chance to reactivate the shield and keep fighting.

Taris: Black Vulkar Base: Easier Swoop Accelerator battle
If you want to get the Swoop Accelerator from Brejik, but do not want to fight as much in the room and outside the base for Light path followers, or in the Hidden Beks Base for Dark side followers, use the following trick. When first in the room with the accelerator, say that you will betray Gandon and race for Brejik. You will now be taken back to the Lower City, with all the Vulkar guards removed. Then, return into the Vulkar base and go back down to where the Swoop Accelerator is located. You will now have only three Vulkars in this room, which makes that fight slightly easier. However, after that fight, when you gain the accelerator and you return to the Lower City, you will not have more enemies to fight along this passage. This allows you safe access to the Hidden Bek base, which you now also no longer have to fight through. Go up to where Gandon was loaced and tell his bodyguard you have the accelerator, cutting out a lot of the battles. Note: You do not gain Dark side points for doing this.

Taris: Black Vulkar Base: Increase Dark alignment
There will be a waitress in the Black Vulkar Base. Talk to her, then threaten to kill her.

There will be a Vulkar who will talk to you after you fight him. Kill him.

When you go to steal Gadon's Swoop Bike Accelerator, the Vulkars will negotiate with you. They will tell you to kill Gadon and race for the Vulkars.

Taris: Lower City: Bounties
Go to a hutt named Zax in the Lower City Cantina to get bounty jobs. After killing a bounty, return to Zax and ask for the money. He will give you more if you use Persuade successfully. The bounty victims can be found in the following locations:
Matrik: Lower City, first apartments

Largo: Upper City North apartments

Dia: Upper City South apartments

Selvan: Lower City, second Apartments

Bendak Starkiller: At the Upper City Cantina, Bendak will be in the Pazaak room. Talk to him and he will tell you to return after killing all of the duelists in the dueling ring.
Taris Lower City: Keep Sith Armor
After obtaining the Sith Armor, transfer it to another person in your party and equip it. Swap that person out of your party for another character before getting the Sith papers from the Hidden Bek leader, Gadon. Note: Whoever you switch out to must keep it on while going between planets or you will still lose it.

Taris Lower City: Extra items
Find Mission and get inside the Black Vulker's base. Go to the room where the prototype swoop racer engine is located. One of the Black Vulkers will offer to let you join them. Do this and he will tell you to kill Gadon. Once you are outside the base, go back inside to that same room. Kill the three bodyguards and get the prototype engine. Then, go to the Hidden Bek base, but do not kill Gadon. Tell them that you have the prototype engine and enter the race. Win the race, and kill Bergek and his people. You will have Bastila at you hideout. Once there, return to the Hidden Bek base. You will be able to enter the race again. You do not have to win it this time. Bastila will be standing there, Talk to her and you will return to your hideout with an extra double-bladed lightsaber, Bergek's belt, and his gloves. You can sell these items or equip them to your allies. You can do this multiple times and get however many desired.

Taris Lower City: Easy credits
After taking the elevator into the lower levels of the Vulkar base, locate the disabled war droid. It resembles those used by the Sith. While scrolling through the "Repair" options, you should see one to program the droid to ram the hanger bay doors. After doing this, enter through the doors the droid destroyed. Defeat the guard droid and open the two footlookers in the room. You will find 2,000 credits inside one.

Taris Sewers: Finding Zalbaar
Enter the sewers and take the door to your right, go straight, go through the first door on your right, skip that room and go straight, go through the first door on your left, go through the first door on your right, then take a left.

Taris Sewers: Leave Mission behind
Use the following trick to use Zaalbar immediately when you rescue him from the Gammorean slavers. Press [Start] before you enter the upper sewers. Keep pressing [R] until the "Transit Back" screen appears, then press [X]. You will return to your hideout and be healed if you were injured. Press [Start] again. You should still be at the "Transit Back" screen. Press [A] and the party member selection screen will appear. Choose Carth and Zaalbar as your two party members. Then, transit back to the sewers and you can use Zaalbar and Carth instead of Zaalbar and Mission.

Taris Sewers: Finding the Rancor
Go through the first door to your left, then go straight, go through first door to your right, take a right, go straight, and take a left.

Taris Sewers: Defeating the Rancor
In the room just before the Rancor, you will notice a dismembered arm. Search the arm, and you will receive an item (synthesized scent) that is supposed to lure the Rancor. Go into the Rancor room, approach the corpse pile, and search it. Take all the items. Search it again, then press [X] to enter "give" mode. Put in one frag grenade and one of the synthesized scents obtained from the dismembered arm. Exit the item screen. The Rancor will approach the corpse pile, eat it, and explode. This saves you from fighting, keeps your health, gives you more experience points, and also saves you four or five grenades.

Take Mission to the doorway. Go into solo mode and use her stealth ability. Walk to the pile of bones in middle of room. Take the things in the pile. Access the now empty pile and drop the odor (obtained in the same area) and one frag grenade in. An intermission sequence will begin. The monster will approach the pile, eat the grenade, and die.

Search the severed arm just outside the door to the Rancor's lair to get three vials of synthesized scent. If you have only one frag grenade, run carefully to the corpse pile and take all the items there. If you do not approach the Rancor, he will stay back and not attack, even though he is shown as an enemy. After looting the pile, switch to "Give Items". Place one frag grenade in the pile, then one vial of synthesized scent. You will be treated to an intermission sequence showing the Rancor's demise, and an easy 200 experience points.

If you have a few frag grenades, you can easily use them to kill the Rancor. Walk towards it, and as soon as it highlights as an enemy, throw a frag grenade. Then, immediately turn and run back into the doorway you just came from. The Rancor will be unable to follow you, and after suffering 20 damage, will walk back to its starting location. Save the game and repeat to kill the Rancor for 700 experience points. Five or six frag grenades should be sufficient, especially if you save and reload to ensure that each grenade does the full 20 damage instead of 10. For added flair, you can rush in and finish the Rancor off with a melee attack once it is almost dead. However, you will be killed if your first swing misses.

Hit it with a poison grenade. After it wears off, give him another. It will not kill it, but you can finish it off with a frag grenade.

When outside of the room before the Rancor, go into solo mode with any character. Get close enough to the Rancor to throw a harmful grenade (not a concussion grenade, etc.) When you throw your first grenade at the Rancor, run back to the room outside the Rancor area. Repeat this to eventually defeat the Rancor. Note: Do not let the Rancor catch up to you and damage you when you throw your grenade; as soon as you throw it, run away.

Use Mission's stealth and sneak past the Rancor by taking the very right side, then walk in front of it. Kill both of the guards at the door, then come back directly in front of the Rancor and blast him continuously, keeping him occupied. After that, sneak all your other characters to where Mission is standing.

Taris Sewers: Bypassing the Rancor
When you see the Rancor that is facing away from your team in the large room, take only one of team members and put the other in the "Apartment". You should only have "yourself" and Mission Vao. At the entrance of the large room facing the Rancor (with his back turned), take over Mission. Turn on the invisible camouflage and move Mission towards the door the Rancor is facing. Move Mission to the right side of the Rancor where his right foot is far enough back so she can pass. After moving past the Rancor, go to the door, open it, and notice two guards. Toss two plasma grenades at them, then finish them off with Mission's blaster. Turn around and move fairly close to the Rancor. Open fire on the Rancor to keep it distracted. Switch to your character and follow the same route that Mission took. The Rancor will be too distracted with Mission and will not notice you. Be sure not to touch the Rancor. Once your character has made it where Mission is located, toss only frag grenades. It will take between five to seven of them to kill the Rancor. You will not have enough frags to kill the Rancor, but you can both move to the door that the guards where watching and move to the next level. Finish off the Rancor later and continue on.

Switch to solo mode. Turn on the stealth camouflage. Then, use Mission to pass the Rancor first. When she reaches the door to the gang base, equip a blaster and open fire. Then, take the main character and use their stealth camouflage to also pass the Rancor.

Save the game at the door just before confronting the Rancor. Walk up until you pinpoint the monster in combat mode. Then, throw one concussion grenade. If he does not turn around, the grenade worked. Quickly run for the door to the left or right of the beast. Note: You will also need to kill two guards.

When you see the Rancor, slowly walk up to it and throw an adhesive or concussion grenade at it. Then, quickly run in the room and defeat the Vulkar guards. Make sure you have a lot of medpacs.

Taris: Sewers: Easy experience points
When you get to the sewers, if you find a pack of Rakghouls, kill them. Transit back to the hideout, then transit back. The Rakghouls will be there again.

Taris Undercity: Cheap Medpacs
In the Undercity in Taris is a man that has a shop. He sells Medipacs for 30 credits. Everyone else sells them for 40 credits.

Taris Undercity: Finding the Rakghoul Serum
To locate the Rakhgoul Serum, go through the village gate. Go right and fight some Rakghouls and look for a dead Sith corpse. There are two dead siths, but only one of them has the serum. Search the corpse to find the serum, then either return it to clinic or Zax at Javyar's Cantina.

Taris Undercity: Finding the journals
Talk to Rukil and he will ask you to find the journals of his student or daughter. If you agree and find it (off to the far left from the gates, surrounded by Rakghouls), he will tell you to look for the journals of his father and grandfather. Both of these are in the sewers of the Undercity. When you get to the sewers, look in every door that you can open. The journals are far apart from each other. Bring them back to Rukil and he will read them. He will give them to Gandor, then the entire village will begin a long journey for the Promised Land.

Taris Undercity: Easy experience
Go to the location where you meet a gang of looters. They will tell you to go back. You will then be attacked by Rakghouls. Slightly farther in that direction, you will find two groups of the monsters. Fight them. Return back later to that location and they will be there again. Repeat this to gain experience points.

Taris Undercity: Increase Dark alignment
In the Under City, there is a cage where people with the Rakhgoul disease ask you to get the cure. Instead, tell them that you will kill them.

Taris Upper City: Dueling rewards
Go to the Upper City Cantina and talk to a hutt named Ajurr. After a duel, go back to him to collect the credits.
Deadeye Duncan: 100 credits
Gerlon Two-Fingers: 200 credits
Ice: 300 credits
Marl: 400 credits
Twitch: 500 credits
Devak Starkiller: 900 (if you Persuade Ajurr sucessfully)
Taris Upper City: Duelist weaknesses
Deadeye Duncan: Anything
Gerlon Two fingers: Grenades
Ice: Grenades
Marl: Blasters
Twitch: Grenades
Bendak Starkiller: Grenades
Taris Upper City: Defeating Bendak Starkiller
Go to the vendor that is outside of the cantina in the Upper City. Buy the Echani Ritual Brand or any other melee weapon that does considerable damage. Start the match with Bendak. When the fight begins, target him and run along the outer edge of the arena until you get within a few meters of him. Then, run towards him in a zigzag motion to avoid getting hit by his blasters until you are directly next to him. At this point you should have suffered little or no damage from Bendak. Start hitting him with everything you have and you should be able to kill him using little or no medpacs.

Make sure you have the Flurry feat and two swords equipped to your character. After talking to Brendak, exit the place and go back in. Talk to the Hutt and he will set up a match. Pause and save the game. Load the game just saved and hold [Up] on the D-Pad. When the game is done loading, you should be standing next to Brendak. Switch to the Flurry attack. and it should hit him. After you hit him, run away and throw a Poison Grenade. After the gas clears, run up to him and force him to draw his sword. Let him chase you until the poison wears off. Use medpaks when needed. After the poison wears off, let him hit you. This should stop him from chasing you. Brendak will start to shoot again. Throw another Poison Grenade and repeat this until he is defeated.

This trick requires the Echani Fiber Armor and a Mesh Underlay. Assemble the Underlay in your Echani Armor and it will give you damage reduction against fire. Bendak only throws plasma grenades; you will be invincible if you wear it while fighting him. Do not try to get closer to him than the starting point and you will be all right.

Be a solider and progress until you pass the military base and defeat every duelist in the cantina. Talk to Bendak and he will challenge you. Train in the Undercity until you are at level 8 and get Master Power Attack. Go back to the cantina and talk to Ajuur. Bendak will throw plasma grenades. Dodge them, then throw concussion grenades at him until he is dizzy. Use Master Power Attack on him. Repeat this as many times as possible until he is dead. Note: He has Master Power Attack, Master Rapid Shot, Master Power Blast, and Master Sniper Shot.

Taris Upper City: Defeating opponents in duels
To defeat strong opponents in the duel ring, such as Twitch and Brendack Starkiller, get a lot of Medpacs and frag grenades. At the start, throw a frag grenade and begin to run from side to side. Keep throwing frag grenades. When your health gets low, use a medpac and repeat until they are defeated. Note: If you defeat Brendack Starkiller, you will get his blaster. It is a good weapon for Carth.

Use the following trick to win all the duels with only a level 2 character. If you are saving your level ups for more Jedi Powers, you can still defeat all of the duelists on Taris. For Dead-eye, just use a blaster. For Gerlon 2-Fingers, use your choice of a blaster or Prototype Vibroblade. Then, progress through the planet to the point after you break into the Sith base. As you do this, save mines, grenades, and energy shields. Use your choice of blasters or swords against Ice next. Then, start the fight with Marl. Do not engage him when it pauses. Instead, plant a mine (frag recommended) right where you start. Run forwards so that Marl does not hit the mine, and intentionally allow him to kill you. Do this repeatedly until you have five or six mines placed. Then, start the fight. Use an Adrenal Alacrity to increase your speed. Run around and lure him over the mines. If they do not kill him, run away, blast him, run away again, blast him, and repeat. For Twitch, use grenades. If you can, incapacitate him with either a Cryoban or Stun grenade. Keep throwing them. Then, take the steps necessary to fight Bendak. Make sure you have a decent amount of grenades before fighting him. As soon as the fight starts, use an energy shield and as many Stims as feasible. Throw grenades at him, and dodge his by running back and forth. When he hits you, use the shield again. If you get stunned, he usually does not kill you at that time. When throwing grenades, use this progression: Plasma, Cryoban, Frag.

Taris Upper City: Getting the Sith uniform
In the Upper Cantina, there will be a girl named Sarina. Talk to her and compliment her and/or agree with everything she says. She will invite you to a party. It will be at the North Apartments, at the second door to your left. There will be a backpack in the corner of the room that contains the Sith uniform.

Taris Upper City: Open hologram locked box
During your stay on Taris, you will find a locked box in one of the Upper City apartment rooms. To unlock it, you must activate the holograms in the correct order. The order is: Enlinda, Ujaa, Ujii, Loopa, Fodo, Ashana. Open the box to get Echani Light Armor (upgradable).

Taris Upper City: Save 20 credits
In the Upper Cantina, there is a girl in the gambling room who want 20 credits to get a drink. Do not give it to her.

Taris Upper City: Unlimited Medpacs
Go to the Hutt that will let you duel. Lose intentionally then go to the corner to the left of the Hutt. There will be a container that marked as first aid. You can only get one Medpac at a time. Then, talk to the Hutt to fight again and lose. Go back to the container and you can get another Medpac. Repeat this as many times as desired. Note: If you defeat Twitch, the Medpacs will stop appearing in the container. Keep losing to Twitch or anyone before him and return to the container after each loss.

Taris Upper City: Increasing Dark alignment
When you first go outside of your apartment, by the entrance to the Upper City North there will be two Bounty Hunters that will be harassing a merchant. Save the merchant, then threaten him.

When you are on the east side of Taris, walk toward the three drunkards. This will initiate one of the drunkards to insult you. Pick the last response at the very bottom of the dialogue menu to start a fight with the drunkards. Before the fight, it will state that you have gained Dark Force points. Beat the drunkards to continue.

Taris Upper City: Increasing Light alignment
Somewhere in Taris is an alien that kids are taunting. He will ask you to help. If you tell the children to leave him alone, they will leave after a short conversation. The alien will thank you. If you offer it a Medpac, you will earn a Light side point.

Tatooine Anchorhead: Unlimited Computer Spikes
You can find unlimited amounts of Computer Spikes on Tatooine. Go to where you can purchase droids (near the desert gate) and you can buy an unlimited supply of Spikes for 250 credits each.

Tatooine: Anchorhead: Easy credits
Look for a woman near the Hunting Lodge that will sell you a Wraid Plate. Sell it for 500 credits. After that, go out into the desert and kill all the Wraid and get their skull plates. Return to the Hunting Lodge and sell them for 32 credits each.

This trick will give you 600 credits each time. However, you must be skilled at Pazaak. You also must have most, if not all, of your cards be both positive and negative (making it very easy to win). On Tatooine, go into the Hunting Lodge and save your game. Play the Pazaak player there. If you lose, reload your game, and if you win, save your game. Eventually, when you win enough times he will start playing you for 600 credits per matche. He never runs out of funds. Depending on how skilled you are, you can make 600 credits about every two minutes.

Tatooine: Anchorhead: Getting battle droid for less credits
Go to the droid shop and persuade the shopkeeper to the point that you only have to pay 2,500 credits. If you need credits, get Wraid Plates to sell at the Hunting Lodge.

Tatooine: Anchorhead: Easy credits
This trick will give you 600 credits each time. However, you must be skilled at Pazaak. You also must have most, if not all, of your cards be both positive and negative (making it very easy to win). On Tatooine, go into the Hunting Lodge and save your game. Play the Pazaak player there. If you lose, reload your game, and if you win, save your game. Eventually, when you win enough times he will start playing you for 600 credits per matche. He never runs out of funds. Depending on how skilled you are, you can make 600 credits about every two minutes.

Tatooine Sand People Territory: Entering enclave
When you go to the Sand People enclave on Tatooine, you have to war the Sand People robes. Also, you must walk and not run. Even if you kill all the Sand People outside the enclave, you can still get in. Put on the robes and walk to avoid the gun turrets. You must also have HK-47 in your party to enter.

Tatooine Sand People Territory: Sell Sand People clothing
Equip the Sand People clothing to any character then change to another type of armor. The clothing you just took off will now be in a new slot in your inventory. You will now be able to sell the piece that your character wore. If you have a lot of them, keep switching your armor between the unworn Sand People clothing and another armor. They do not sell for much, and they disappear after you meet with the Sand People. Note: Make sure that you do not sell all of them, otherwise you will not be able to enter their enclave.

Tatooine Dune Sea: Easy experience and credits
After you give the Sand People Chieftain the water vaporizers, go back to the entrance to the Sand People territory. The Sand People guarding the entrance will not react to you, unless you talk to them. The Sand Person to the far left (not the Elite) will keep respawning after you kill him. You can rack up unlimited credits by taking his Gaffi Stick each time you kill him. You also can accumulate unlimited experience by killing him each time.

To level up quickly and early, go to Tatooine and kill the Wraids for over 2,000 experience points. Leave the area and return then kill them again. Kill the Sand People who attack you while you are doing this to get more experience and credits for the Gaffi Sticks and Wraid Plates. Repeat as many times as desired The Wraids will respawn in three areas all of the time in the same pattern.

At the entrance to the Sand People territory, there is a large group of Sand People. Before you go near them, intentionally get ambushed by a small group (go near the sides of the desert or near the Wraids). Then, have your party put on their clothing. Walk close to the Sand People. They will not recognize you until you try to talk to them. Talk to them one at a time and only that individual will fight you. More will appear from the sand, but they also will not fight until you talk to them. This makes it extremely easy to gain experience and Gaffi Sticks to be sold at the Czerka office. Note: This was done under the easy difficulty setting.

Tatooine Krayt Dragon Cave: Defeating Calo Nord
Have a party consisting of Bastila and Carth. Have Carth equip one or two melee weapons and have your entire party attack Calo. Note: It helps to have the normal or advanced power swing to attack him. If you have it, keep doing this and Calo will probably attack Bastila and Carth instead of your character. He should die quickly, and his thugs are easy pickings.

When Calo Nord appears after coming out of the dragon's lair, instead of engaging him, you can run around the slain dragon on its right side and proceed to the exit of the Eastern Sand Dunes. Calo will not attack you. Make sure your entire party is with you when doing this.

Make sure you have a healthy supply of mines (may can be recovered in the Western Dune Sea) and Thermal Detonator (found on the body of a Twi'lek in the Western Dune Sea). Complete the Krayt Dragon quest and save the game. Enter the dragon's cave, acquire the Star Map, then leave. Pay close attention to where Calo and his henchmen appear. Load your saved game and place all your mines approximately where Calo appeared. Enter the cave and acquire the Star Map again. Leave and watch the intermission sequence. Calo and his henchmen should already be standing in death row. While the game is paused, select the Thermal Detonator and aim it at Calo Nord. Let it fly, then prepare for an all out assault.

Tatooine: Defeating Sandpeople
While in the desert, if a group of Sandpeople ambush you, make sure that your party consists of HK-47, your character, and Bastila. HK-47 should have the Disrupter rifle. As he shoots them from afar, have yourself and Bastila attack them with lightsabers. After you kill them, check their remains for their clothing. If you wear it, they will not attack you.

Unknown Planet: Zal Armor
The Zal armor is one of the best in the game. It is better than Cassus Fett's Armor, and it is free. On the Unknown Planet, be peaceful with the Tribe of The One. Kill the Mandalorians near the Temple. Return to the outside of The One's Base. Turn left, and talk to the Warmaster. He will lead you to a footlocker. Inside, you will find the Zal Armor, a thermal damage-preventing belt, some mines, and some Thermal Detonators. The Zal Armor has the following stats: Defense Bonus +12, Max Dexterity Bonus +1, Damage Resist: 25 Sonic, 25 Fire, 25 Cold.

Unknown Planet: Keep Zaalbar on Dark Side
If you decided to turn to the Dark Side and you are returning to the Ebon Hawk with Bastila, you must tell your comrades at the ship that you have turned back to the Dark Side. To avoid losing both Mission and Zaalbar, you must have the Dominate Mind Force power. You can use this to force Zaalbar to kill Mission.

Unknown Planet: Faster completion
You can go directly to the enclave of The One, reject the invitation, and free the prisoner instead of first going to the Elders and receiving the mission.

Unknown Planet Temple: Crystals
Before you leave the planet, make sure that you go to the w

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