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Unlock All Levels on Replay Mode
At the main menu, press [Left]x11, [Right]x7, [X].
Defeating Ares
In the last level you fight will Ares, The God Of War. He is very difficult to defeat. Using the Sword Of Athens is recommended. First, shield bash him a few times then hit him with your swords. He will then throw you, but this does not do damage. He will then split in three so you have three Ares to deal with. The cloned ones will die in a few hits. He will usually bring dead soldiers around you to life next. Kill them quickly, because Ares will attack you while you deal with the soldiers. There is also only a certain time when you can use the God given power. He will shoot fire from his sword and it follows you everywhere.

Defeating Beowulf
When Beowulf comes towards you and tries to attack, dodge to get around him. When he attacks, to dodge him. Then, quickly get up and hit him with your weapon. Press this again to roll and dodge his attack. Keep doing this until he is dead. He will also throw fireballs at you, but you can dodge them by rolling. Make sure you do not run into the ring of fire. If you get caught on fire, roll and the fire will go out. Also, watch out for his barbarians. They will sometimes come in and attack you. There are only a few and they are not difficult to defeat. There is also a health shrine and a power-up shrine where you are at, if needed.

Secrets are found by opening chests that are located through out each level. The chests are not always visiblel some are hidden. The following is a list of how many secrets are found in each level.

Level 1: 4
Level 2: 11
Level 3: 6
Level 4: 6
Level 5: 3
Level 6: 6
Level 7: 5
Level 8: 0
Level 9: 16
Level 10: 17
Level 11: 3
Level 12: 5
Level 13: 5
Level 14: 4

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