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Cheat mode
Press [L], [R], and [A] ([Juke], [Turbo], and [Hurdle]) to change the icons below the helmets on the versus screen. The numbers in the following list indicate the number of times each button is pressed. After the icons have been changed, press the D-Pad in the indicated direction to enable the code. The name of the code and a sound will confirm correct code entry. Example, to enter 1-2-3 Left, press [L], [R]x2, [A]x3, [Left].

Extra time0-0-1 Right
Disable Auto-Passing icon0-0-3 Down
Auto-Passing icon0-0-3 Up
No CPU assist<SUP>1</SUP>0-1-2 Down
Show more field<SUP>1</SUP>0-2-1 Right
Big feet0-2-5 Left
Power loader0-2-5 Right
Chimp mode0-2-5 Up
Chrome ball0-3-0 Down
Classic ball0-3-0 Left
Faster running0-3-2 Left
Central Park0-3-3 Right
Arctic Station0-3-4 Down
Training Grounds0-3-5 Up
Super Blitzing0-5-4 Up
Tournament mode<SUP>1</SUP>1-1-1 Down
Super field goals1-2-3 Left
Clear weather1-2-3 Right
No punting1-4-1 Up
Huge heads1-4-5 Left
Big heads2-0-0 Right
Big head teams2-0-3 Right
No first downs<SUP>1</SUP>2-1-0 Up
Allow out of bounds2-1-1 Left
More code entry time2-1-2 Right
Always QB (two humans on team)2-2-2 Left
Always receiver (two humans on team)2-2-2 Right
Ground fog2-3-2 Down
Fast passes2-4-0 Left
Midway team2-5-3 Right
Rollos team2-5-4 Up
Bilders team3-1-0 Up
Smart CPU teammates3-1-4 Down
All stadiums3-1-4 Right
No highlighting receivers3-2-1 Down
Noftle mode3-2-5 Up
Extra play for offense3-3-3 Down
Neo Tokyo team3-4-4 Down
More fumbles3-4-5 Up
Showtime mode3-5-1 Right
No interceptions3-5-5 Up
Crunch Mode team4-0-3 Right
Power-up offense4-1-2 Up
Unlimited turbo4-1-5 Up
Power-up defense4-2-1 Up
Brew Dawgs team4-3-2 Down
Gsmers team5-0-1 Up
Power-up Linemen5-2-1 Up
No random fumbles<SUP>1</SUP>5-2-3 Down
Armageddon team5-4-3 Right
No replays5-5-4 Right
Weather: Snow5-5-5 Left
Weather: Rain5-5-5 Right

1. Two player agreement required.

Hidden players
Enter one of the following ID and PIN values to unlock the corresponding player.

Random teams
Press [Left], [Right], [R] at the team selection screen.

Easy catches
When playing a game with two players on the same team, as soon as the play starts, have the receiver stiff arm whoever is guarding them.

Easy touchdowns
Find the "Da Bomb" play in your playbook. Every time you use it, always throw to your running back. He always catches it if thrown correctly. You should always get a first down. As soon as you are close to the goal line, use the "Monkey" play in the front of your playbook. Throw it to the receiver that is wide open to the right and you should always get a touchdown.

Easy yardage
Do the play Cruis H in the Jets playbook. Hold [L] and move player "X" to the other side. You cannot flip the play. Hike the ball and lateral it to player "Y", then pass it to player "B" for some easy yardage. Note: This does not always work.

Jump pass
Hold [Turbo] and jump. In midair, press the button for the receiver you wish to throw to. This gives you a little bit of extra time while the opposing team is blitzing.

Get on fire easily
Select "Da Bomb" on the third page of the play selection screen. When the play starts, wait until your running back runs about 10 yards and cuts. When he cuts, his defender will be behind him. Throw the ball to him three times and you will be on fire. If you throw it to him and he gets by his defender, go past the first down marker and jump out of bounds. Then, do the same play and repeat the process.

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