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Check out these NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup cheats and stay cool!
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Cheat Mode
Create a new driver with the following names (use first word in the name as the first name, and second one as the last name) to enable a desired cheat:

Open Sesame - Unlock everything
The Intimidator - Unlock Dale Earnhardt, Sr.
Walmart NASCAR - Get $10,000,000
Walmart Exclusive - Exclusive Track
Dodge Stadium - Open All Dodge Events
Mr.Clean Racing - Open All Mr Clean Cars
Clean Crew - Mr. Clean Pit Crew
MakeMe Famous - 10,000,000 Fans
You TheMan - 2,000,000 Prestige (fight to the top)
Unlock Mr. Clean Pit Crew
Buy the 25,000 pt. platinum card to unlock the Mr. Clean pit crew. They all wear white shirts and have bald heads.

Unlock Earnhardt Sr.
Select Earnhardt Sr. as you favorite driver, then his thunder plate will be opened up for free.

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