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Cheat mode
To enter the following codes, choose the "Options" selection at the main menu. Then, press [L] or [R] to cycle from the "Game Settings" option until the "Cheats" option appears. Then, press [Down] until the desired cheat option appears. Press [B] to display a keyboard that is used to enter the code to unlock that cheat option.

All machines
Enter "MINIGAMES" as a code.

50cc class
Enter "SQUIRRELDOG" as a code.

500cc class
Enter "BIGDOGS" as a code.

Career completion
Enter "CLAPPEDOUT" as a code for the "Character Completion" option at the "Cheats" screen. All bonuses in the game will now be unlocked.

All Freestyle tracks
Enter "BUSTBIG" as a code.

All National tracks
Enter "ECONATION" as a code.

All Supercross tracks
Enter "STUPERCROSS" as a code.

Bowling mini-game
Enter "WRECKINGBALL" as a code. Alternately, play the Ocotillo Wells track in freestyle mode. Get to the purple stunt competition marker then look for the nearby row of power lines. Follow the power-lines to the west to reach the bowling lane.

Pro Physics
Enter "SWAPPIN" as a code for the "Pro Physics" option at the "Cheats" screen.

Expert opponents
Enter "OBTGOFAST" as a code.

Reset vehicle
To reset you vehicle (dirt bike, monster truck, trophy truck, etc.), press [L] + [R] during game play in freestyle mode. If you try to do this with the biplane or helicopter, you must be flying slow and close to or on the ground. If you have your propellers broken off, you can also do it there regardless of the speed. If you flip your trophy truck or monster truck, you can do this to get up faster without waiting for the game to do it for you.

Control demo mode
Allow the game to idle at the title screen until the demo starts. Press [X] to play during the demo.
Enter the options screen and set the "Throw-Away" trick to be used. Save the game in the options screen and you will be able to bail whenever that trick is used during game play.

No Hander
You can do a No Hander stunt off a small jump and land while still doing the trick.

Wheelie in monster truck
Reverse then gun it, or hold the clutch and the gas. Let go of clutch keep holding the gas.

Pointing at the sky
Do a "Back Flip" + "Taunt" and you should be spinning while pointing at the sky.

Belly flop
Do a Hart Attack and make your players face look at the ground, then crash.

Easy Double Backflip
When you are about to hit a jump, press [Down], [Up]x2, [Down] very quickly.

Mega Backflip
Do a backflip and add a move onto it. If you are able to, add another move onto that. This will get you a lot of points.

Do a Backflip ([Up] + [Down]), then do a flatliner ([Y] + [Right]).

Super jump
At any level, go far in one direction and you will see huge mountains. Go over them and you will see flat land. Keep going and you will hear a loud noise. Note: If desired, you can do a stoppie when you hear the noise. In a moment, you will be shot in the air.

Can Can: Press [B] + [Left].
Lazy Boy: Press [B] + [Down].
Taunt: Press [B] + [Up].
Catwalk: Press [B] + [Right].
Okoo: Press [R] + [B] + [Up].
Superman: Press [R] + [B] + [Down].
Stalelin: Press [R] + [B] + [Right].
Saranwrap: Press [R] + [B] + [Left].
Nac Nac: Press [Y] + [Left].
Flatlinar: Press [Y] + [Right].
Pendulum: Press [Y] + [Down].
No Hander: Press [Y] + [Up].
Tsunami: Press [R] + [Y] + [Up].
Cordova: Press [R] + [Y] + [Right].
Shaolin: Press [R] + [Y] + [Left].
Seatgrab Indian Air: Press [R] + [Y] + [Down].
Backflip: Press [Up] + [Down].
Wheelie: Press [L] + [Down].
Stoppie: Press [X] + [Up].
Crashing for points
When doing a high and/or long jump, get as many points as you can. Then, quickly straighten out and land on your front wheel. Note: This can be very difficult.

Easy points
When you do the longer tricks, Catwalk, etc., end them with "No Handers". This cuts the harder trick off sooner and gives you more points. Note: This works best with Catwalk.

Use a couple No Handers in a row. This will get you many points. This works especially well when you add another trick to it.

Do a Backflip ([Up], [Down]) with a Lazyboy ([B] + [Down]) to get a lot of points.

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