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Primary Collection of Cheats
Krypt Kodes
Enter at the ? in the krypt:

[White], [Y], [Right Trigger], [Up], [A], [A] - General Reiko's map room arena
[Up], [Up], [Down], [Up], [White], [A] - Unlocks Armageddon Promo Movie
[A], [X], [Left], [Y], [X], [A] - Unlocks Armory Music
[Y], [X], [Left], [Right Trigger], [Left], [B] - Unlocks Blaze
[A], [Right Trigger], [Right Trigger], [White], [Up], [Up] - Unlocks Comcept Art Pyramid of Argus
[Right Trigger], [Y], [White], [White], [Right Trigger], [X] - Unlocks Concept Art Blaze
[Up], [A], [White], [Down], [White], [A] - Unlocks Concept Art Early Taven
[Right Trigger], [Left], [Up], [B], [White], [Right Trigger] - Unlocks Concept Art Ed Boon Drawing
[Up], [X], [Right Trigger], [White], [B], [Right Trigger] - Unlocks Concept Art Firewall arean
[White], [Forward], [Up], [Right Trigger], [Y], [Up] - Unlocks Concept Art Mileena's car design
[Y], [Left], [Left], [A], [Down], [B] - Unlocks Concept Art Pyramid of Argus
[White], [Right Trigger], [Left], [A], [Up], [Right Trigger] - Unlocks Concept Art Sektor's Pulse Blade
[B], [White], [Y], [Down], [B], [Left] Unlocks Concept Art - Unused Konquest Trap
[Right Trigger], [Right Trigger], [Y], [Down], [Down], [X] - Unlocks Daegon
[White], [Right], [A], [White], [Up], [Up] - Unlocks Drahmin's alternate costume
[Right Trigger], [Left], [Up], [B], [White], [Right Trigger] - Unlocks Ed boon drawing
[White], [B], [X],[A], [B], [Y] - Unlocks Falling Cliffs Arena
[Down], [White], [Right Trigger], [Right Trigger], [B], [White] - Unlocks Frost's alternate costume
[White], [Left], [B], [A], [White], [Forward] - Unlocks Lin Kuei Palace Tune
[Up], [X], [X], [B], [B], [Up] - Unlocks Meat
[Y], [Up], [White], [Right Trigger], [Right Trigger], [White] - Unlocks Motor Gameplay Movie
[Right Trigger], [Left], [Left], [Down], [Right Trigger], [X] - Unlocks Nethership Interior Arena
[Down], [Right Trigger], [Up], R[Right Trigger], [Right Trigger], [Right] - Unlocks Nitara's alternate costume
[Right Trigger], [Right Trigger], [X], [A], [White], [Up] - Unlocks Pyramid of Argus arena
[Down], [Left], [White], [White], [Up], [Right Trigger] - Unlocks Pyramid of Argus Music
[B], [Right Trigger], [Up], [X], [B], [Down] - Unlocks Red dawn arena
[Right Trigger], [Left], [Up], [B], [Up], [White] - Unlocks Shang Tsung's alternate costume
[Left], [Left]. [B], [Up], [Y], [Right Trigger] - Unlocks Shinnok's spire arena
[Right Trigger], Left, [White], [Up], [B], [Down] - Unlocks Taven
[Up], [B], [Right Trigger], [Right Trigger], [Right Trigger], [A] - Unlocks Tekunin Warship Music
Konquest Mode Super Moves
Powerful moves unlocked by Taven throughout Konquest Mode:

Super Move - Fire Ball Get to the fourth area of the Tekunin Warship.
Super Move - Ground Pound Defeat Jarek in the first training obelisk.

Get 20,000 Koins in Konquest Mode
Obtain 20 Relics in Konquest Mode to get 20,000 Koins.

Each of the following soundtracks are found in Konquest Mode in the shape of musical notes:

Bo'Rai Cho's Brewery Tune - It's located after the bridge and in the cave to the right in the Botan Jungle.
Botan Jungle Track Tune - Get the musical note which is located to the left before the second fallen log in Botan Jungle.
Lumbermill Fight Tune - Get the musical note after the second crusher when you return to Arctika after the second obelisk.
Subway Fight Tune - Get the musical note after you defeat Sonya Blade in Arctika.
Tekunin Warship Tune - Get the musical note in the area where you get attacked by Black Dragon Thug's in the Botan Jungle.

Unlock Characters
The Relic items needed to unlock Meat, Daegon and Blaze are found all throughout the Konquest Mode:

Unlock Blaze - Collect 50 Relic items in Konquest Mode
Unlock Daegon - Collect 30 Relic items in Konquest Mode
Unlock Meat - Collect 10 Relic items in Konquest Mode
Unlock Taven - Complete Konquest Mode

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