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Bonus Stadiums
Hit an out of the park home run in the indicated location to unlock the corresponding bonus stadium:

Atlantis: Hit a homer in AT&T park.
Coliseum: Hit a homer in Fenway.
Empire: Hit a homer in Yankee Stadium.
Forbidden City: Hit a homer in PetCo park.
Rocket Park: Hit a homer in Minute Made park.
Bonus Teams
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding team:

Bobble head: Hit 10 home runs in one game.
Casey: Hit a triple in Wrigley Field.
Dolphins: Hit a home run in Atlantis.
Eagles: Walk 3 times in one game.
Tame Evil clown: Hit a home run with a Yankee in Empire park.
Gladiator: Hit a home run in the Coliseum Park.
Horse: Steal 10 times in one game.
Lion: Hit a home run with the Lions in Comerica park.
Martian: Hit a triple in Rocket Park.
Minotaur: Hit a home run in Forbidden City.
Pinto: Hit a home run at Busch Field.
Rodeo clowns: Turn a double play.
Trick Pitches
Trick pitches can be performed before the pitch is thrown:

When a fastball is selected
Fireball: Press [A]x3
Rising Fastball: Press [Down], [Up], [A]
Spazz: Press [Left], [Right], [B], [X]
Freight Train: Press [Up], [Right], [Down], [Left], [Up], [A]x2
Cutter: Press [Left], [Down], [Right], [A]
Buzz: Press [Down], [Left], [Up], [A], [B], [A]

When a slider is selected:
Mr. Snappy: Press [Left], [Down], [A]x2
Backdoor Slider: Press [Right], [Down], [Left], [X], [B]
Screwball: Press [Right], [Up], [Left], [X], [Y]
Slurve: Press [Up], [Left], [Down], [A]
Lights Out: Press [Up], [Left], [Down], [Up], [Down], [A]

When a sinker is selected:
Bouncer: Press [Up], [A], [Down], [A]
Gyroball: Press [B], [A], [X], [A], [Y]
Bobber: Press [Y], [Up], [A], [Down], [Y]

When a changeup is selected:
Eephus: Press [Up], [Y], [Up], [Y], [Up], [Y]
Circle Change: Press [Right], [Down], [Left], [Up], [Right], [A], [Y]
String Puller: Press [Up]x4
Loop-D-Loop: Press [A], [Up], [Down], [A]

When a curve is selected:
Sweeper: Press [A]x2, [Left], [Down], [Right]
Rockabye: Press [Right], [Down], [Left], [Down], [Right], [A]
Bell Curve: Press [Up], [Down], [A]

When a knuckler is selected:
Whizzer: Press [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right]
Flutterby: Press [X], [B], [Y], [A]
EKG: Press [Y], [B], [A], [Y], [B]

When a spiltter is selected:
Cobra: Press [Left], [Down], [Right], [A], [Right], [Down], [Left], [A]
Dive Bomber: Press [Y]x2, [Down], [A]x2

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