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Primary Collection of Cheats
All VR missions and characters
Start a new Missions file, then enter "UUDDLRLRBA" as a name.

Control Codec sequences
Press the [L] or [R] to move the faces. Press [L] for a negative response such as "No way" or "Why don't you do it?". Press [R] for positive responses. The responses change depending on who you are talking to. You will also hear who they really feel about their women.

Press [Y] to fast forward a Codec transmission.

Control intermission sequences
Much like the Codec transmissions, you can also press [L] or [R] to zoom in during an intermission. The harder you press, the more the zoom. You will hear a gunshot. While holding the button, use the Right Analog-stick to move the view. Also during certain parts of some intermissions are sections where it looks like you are viewing the scene through a camera or binoculars. You can use the zoom feature with these as well, and the onscreen distance or zoom indicators will increase realistically the more you zoom in. This also can be done at the beginning of the game, before pressing [Start].

Digital camera
Successfully complete the game. The digital camera will be available when a new game is started.

The digital camera is locate in Strut E Shell 1. Go to the bottom of the screen and locate the platform with three red lights on it. Climb up onto it and equip the Z.O.E. Box. When the conveyor stops, press [Action] to climb on. You will be taken to another room. Press [Action] again to get off and retrieve the Digital Camera. Exit the room in the same fashion.

Costume and weapon bonuses
Complete all of the Snake Tales twice. Complete 100% of all VR missions. Then, complete the entire game under any difficulty setting. Start a new game with the save file that was completed. You should now have access to Snake's Tuxedo and Metal Gear Solid costumes in the items list. The M4 and AK7 rifle will also be placed somewhere within the Tanker.

After completing the game two times, Snake and Raiden will be wearing sunglasses.

The second time you play the game, Raiden will not only wear sunglasses but when you pull out the SOCOM or any other gun, he will be wearing a watch on his left hand in first person view.

Boss survival mode
Successfully complete Sons Of Liberty under any difficulty setting.

Casting theater option
Successfully complete Sons Of Liberty under any difficulty setting.

Raiden X
Successfully complete 100% of the VR missions as Raiden and Ninja Raiden.

Successfully complete 50% of the VR missions as Snake.

Tuxedo Snake
Successfully complete 100% of the VR missions as Pliskin.

Alternate ending sequence
Successfully complete a Snake Tale to unlock the M9. Begin game play and use M9 to stun the Bosses instead of killing them to view an alternate ending sequence.
Plant chapter: Angry characters
When you are covering E.E. with the sniper rifle, shoot a lot of birds. They will contact you on the CODEC. The next time you try to save, Rose will get mad at you.

After you get the Coolant do not waste any time and go directly to CD connecting bridge. You will see Snake in a box and a guard who is knocked out. Take out your gun and shoot him as many times as possible. Then, get a box in strut E, equip it, and call Snake. He will then talk about loving your box.

Select a ration and call Snake. Jack/Raiden will tell snake a secret about Rose.

Go to hostage room in Shell 1 Core and find Jennifer. Note: She does not have a gag. Use your directional microphone two times to ask her. The second time she answers "Stop don't touch me!", because she was violated by guards.

Tranquilize Jennifer her and crawl under a table. Take out your camera, take a picture of her crotch, and save it. Call the Colonel and they will protest.

Plant chapter: Emma comments
When you are sniping the guards to get Emma across the oil fence, get Snake to snipe for you. Use the directional microphone to listen to Emma talk to herself. She says things about how she thinks Raiden is cute.

Plant chapter: Waking the President
In the Plant chapter in the Extreme and European Extreme modes, you have to wake up the President. To do this, throw a stun grenade at the wall directly in front of the elevator. When he wakes up, go to the wall and put your back against it. Then, find a location where there are no crates and keep knocking. When he gets there, run to the place where you have to shoot out the Nikita. That will distract him and move him from the electric box.

Plant chapter: Easter Island head
Look under one of the desks in the computer room on B1 of the Shell 1 Core , you will see an Easter Island head (Masi).

Plant chapter: Sick guard
When you are in the Shell 1 Core listening to Ocelot and Solidus using the directional microphone, point it to the left of them (just to the right of the flag pole). You will hear the same guard from Metal Gear Solid on the toilet. He makes some funny comments and says what happened to him and how he ended up at the Big Shell.

While walking Emma and covering her with the PSG-1, when she reaches the second tank use your directional microphone. He will halt and let Emma go free then discover that he has allergies on good looking women.

Tanker chapter: Marines in boxer shorts
You can make the Marines in the Tanker chapter appear in their underwear in the room where Metal Gear is being held. Press [White] two or three times when start at the title screen then select the normal difficulty setting. When you get to where you have to take pictures of Metal Gear, the nearby marines will not be wearing their pants.

Tanker chapter: Confuse the Marines
In any one of the holds, sneak up behind one of the Marines on the corner of the group. Keep pressing [B] (punch) until he flips forward. He will then hit two or more Marines, and this will begin a chain reaction of Marine-flips. In the end, more than half of the marines will end up looking around with question marks over their heads, wondering what just happened. Wait a few seconds and they will return to their ranks. You can do it again. Note: Having the stealth makes this a lot easier, as they cannot see you when they get up and start looking around.

Tanker chapter: USP Suppresser
After completing the game once and saving it, start a new game with the saved data. On the Navigation Deck after the battle with Olga, go up the ladder to where you would normally get the Thermal Goggles. On the middle platform, before the goggles, should be a USP Suppresser on the left. You can now equip the USP with it and muzzle the gunfire for the rest of the Tanker chapter.

After you complete the Tanker chapter three or four times, you can find the USP Suppresser on the navigational deck after you defeat Olga. It is located on the second floor on the lookout, near where the thermal goggles are found.

Tanker chapter: Secret passage
In the Holds 2 room, go all the way to the left to find a hatch. Open it, and you will climb down into a small area. Crouch and go through the vent on the ground. You will eventually see a gun clip fall through and a man will start talking. His shadow will be on the ground. Wait there until his shadow leaves, then move through the area. After you get past that, you will reach an opening and an intermission sequence will begin. After it ends, crawl through a vent on the right side of the small room. After you crawl through, you will find a ladder. Climb up the ladder, and it will lead you to a small perch. Look down at the bottom of Metal Gear RAY, and you will see Ocelot standing there. He will then go away. You can keep doing this and experiment with things to do with Ocelot.

Immediately when you enter the engine room, there is a small Vulcan Raven figure standing on the ground with a flashlight shining on it. If you shoot it, it will start shooting very small balls around and will repeatedly say "Raven!", or something similar.

Tanker chapter: Easter Island head
When you are in the room with Emma's parrot, crawl around underneath the computers and electronics. You can find a small statue of a Easter Island head.

Tanker: Hidden intermission sequence
In the second room with all the Marines before the Metal Gear room are two projectors and two screens. Approach the first projector. Then, press [Y]x7.

Defeating the MG-RAY Boss
Note: This can be done under the hard or extreme difficulty settings. When the battle starts, immediately shoot the middle RAY unit in the hand then its mouth. Before the missile hits its head, quickly take aim at the right one's knee and start tapping [X]. Also shoot its head. Once again, before the missile hits, quickly aim over to the far left RAY's knee and start tapping [X]. Repeat this for the center RAY, then the right again, then the left again. You should be able to keep doing this until all of their life bars are below half. Eventually, one of them will start firing missiles at you and the others will follow. They will keep firing until you manage to squeeze a shot in on one. The best time to do this is when one of them opens up with its machine gun (or whenever you think you have the time). When one of them jumps onto the platform, stay close, but far away enough that you cannot be stepped on. The exact center of the arena is recommended. The RAY on the platform will rear its head back and shoot its laser at you. When it rears its head back, immediately roll to the left or right. It should miss if done correctly. You will have a good five seconds to hit it in the knee and then the mouth (or just the mouth if you are quick enough, since it is already open). Keep doing this, but make sure you do not get close enough for it to step on you. Once again, the exact center of the arena gives just about the right distance. Also, the RAY may also periodically pause to do its Godzilla-like roar. When it does this, you will have a good opportunity to get off a knee and mouth combo on it. Keep doing this for each RAY that jumps up onto the platform.

Defeating Vamp
As soon as the fight begins, run over to Vamp and get as close as possible to him without falling into the water. Quickly equip the stinger missile launcher and begin to constantly bombard him with missiles. Tap the button as fast as possible to defeat him in about fifteen seconds.

Under the extreme difficulty setting, at the beginning of the battle when Vamp bows, shoot him with the Stinger. You might be able to do this two or three times if you are lucky. As soon as he goes underwater, shoot the lights out quickly before he comes back up. When he first goes underwater, he will come back up after about one sixth of his oxygen is used, unless of course you shoot him while he is underwater (which will deplete his oxygen after a few shots). If you shoot the lights, you will most likely not have enough time to shoot him while he is underwater. Throughout this battle, Vamp will alternate between standing above you while throwing knives at you, and chasing you around on the catwalk trying to slash at you. He always starts the battle by going above you while throwing knives. When Vamp throws knives while above you, wait until he starts throwing them in rapid succession. When he does this, try to anticipate his movements so you will end up directly beneath him once he finishes throwing the knives. As soon as he stops, fire repeatedly with the Stinger. You should be able to hit him about three or four times. When he goes underwater after throwing knives at you from above, place a Claymore mine on the catwalk to the right as you enter the room. Then, stand on the southern-most catwalk in the room as you enter. Stand to the right of the line that is in the middle. When Vamp comes up, he will run directly into the Claymore, causing him to go back under. When Vamp's life bar reaches about one third, he will change his knife throwing pattern. He will throw two knives in rapid succession, then pause for a second or two before throwing a third knife. He will do this three times before going underwater. With this knife throwing pattern, it will be difficult to hit him. You may want to dodge his knives rather than try to attack him during this time. If you do choose to attack him, do so by getting your Stinger ready before he comes up. When he comes up, shoot him immediately when he lands. This can be dangerous because you will be open to attack from his knife-throw if you do not hit him. if you do not attack him, a good strategy to avoid getting hit is to run in circles while moving in a zig-zag pattern. Also, do not let him get close to you with your back to him. If this happens, you are very likely to be hit. Once Vamp's life is down to approximately one tenth, he will change his attack pattern. He will move around very quickly and occasionally throw five or six knives simultaneously. The best way to hit him during this stage is to track him with the Stinger and fire just as he is about to throw knives at you (or any other time when you think you can hit him). This last stage is the toughest; you will have to be very quick not to get hit. Try to make sure you have full rations for this battle (especially the last part).

When the battle starts, shoot Vamp. When he goes into the water, run anywhere near an edge and plant a C4 bomb. Then, jump over the edge directly next to the bomb. When Vamp approaches, he realizes that he cannot hit you and jumps down. He will start to walk toward you, and when he steps over the C4, blow him up. He will jump back in the water. Repeat the cycle until he dies. Note: Act quickly, because if he jumps up before you are done, you will be knifed.

Easy radio shots
To knock out an enemy's radio easily, when you hold them up shoot it (on the belt to the right of their back). Also shoot an enemy's radio when they are knocked out to prevent them from calling for help if they wake up.

If you shoot at an enemy's radio when he is calling for backup, it will be destroyed and you will have a better chance to kill him. This also works if you throw a Chaff Grenade at a enemy's radio.

Automatic rations
Equip a ration icon. When your life reaches zero, the ration will automatically restore part of your life so you do not have to.

Collecting claymore mines
Get near claymore mines, then get into a prone position over them. The claymores will be placed into your inventory

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