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Hidden characters Earn a "Jet" ranking at Fortified Residential Zone.

Beat: Defeat him in a street race.

Boogie: She can be found at Kibogaoka Hill.

Clutch: Follow DJ Professor K's instructions.

Combo: Successfully complete his challenges.

Cube: Defeat the Noise Tanks At Sky-Dinosaurian Square, then go to the bottom of the Sewage Facility and defeat Cube in the City Rush.

Doom Riders: Earn a "Jet" ranking at Dogenzaka Hill.

Garam: Successfully complete his challenges.

Goji Rokkaku: Earn a "Jet" ranking at Rokkaku-Dai Heights.

Immortals: Earn a "Jet" ranking in Skyscraper District and Pharaoh Park.

Jazz: Go to the future site of Rokkaku Expo Stadium. Defeat Jazz at City Rush

Love Shockers: Earn a "Jet" ranking at Hikage Street.

Noise Tank: Earn a "Jet" ranking at Highway Zero.

NT-3000: Earn a "Jet" ranking at Sky-Dinosaurium Square.

Poison Jam: Earn a "Jet" rank in a test run at the Tokyo Underground Sewage Facility and at the bottom of Sewage Facility.

Potts: Earn a "Jet" rank at Kibogaoka Hill.

Rapid 99: Earn a "Jet" rank at 99th Street.

Rhyth: Go to the top of the Poison Jam warehouse in Rokkaku-dai Heights to find her the first time. Follow and find her two more times in the game.

RoBoy: Earn a "Jet" rank at Chou Street.

Soda: Defeat Soda in City Rush at Highway Zero.

Suga: Get 32 spray cans at Chuo Street then jump off of the dinosaur. Suga will be at the bottom of the stairs.

Zero Beat: Earn a "Jet" rank in a test run at Shibuya Terminal.
All characters
Successfully complete everything in the game under ten hours.

Hidden message
Collect all the Graffiti Souls and look at the square that you select your pictures on. On SS there is "be a" S is "master" M is "of" L is "the" and XL is "streets". This creates the message "Be a Master of the Streets".

To find out what year the game is based in, go to the "Garage" center in the game. Go to the big stack of speakers in a pyramid by the basketball hoop. Move the Right Analog-stick for about one minute. You can now use it to look in first person mode. Look in a corner on a speaker. In bold white writing, you will see "INU-2007".
Easy Jet Tech
In each level there is a 500 point grind. For example, in any level with the green metal side walk guard gives you 500 points. If you do the back to front or [Y] grind combo over that same grind, you can easily get a Jet ranking.

Easy win at Ballhog 2P
Go against Poison Jam. Get the ball, then go into the second pipe. Turn around and throw the ball. Go into the middle of the pipe and wait. Poison Jam will just stand there.

At Future Site of Rokkao Expo location, go to the area where you wallride and jump onto the platforms. Then, go up to one of the levels and through the ball so it stays on the platform. Wait and the Noise Tanks will just stand there.

Defeating Beat
When you have to race Beat in the street race, you will get to the point where you have to copy his exact moves, grind on the rail, break through the glass, jump on both rooftops, then jump off and finish the rest of the race. You will get at least around five corners from him but you will hear his roller skates. However, if you look on your map his dot will be far from where you are. Keep going, but do not take your time or he will "boost dash" and knock you down.

When racing Beat in a street race, just follow him around Dogenzaka Hill. Once you see stairs with a blue outline, do a Boot Dash. You will be in front of him. Go up the stairs and you will win.

Defeating the Rokaku Police
In order to defeat the Rokaku Police easily, try to get to the captain, trip him, and put graffiti on him. After that, go for one of the minions and defeat him. This also works for the tougher minions.

Beat and YoYo
Play as Beat then let him remain idle and watch him dance. Play as Yoyo and watch him dance. They both dance the same.

Gum and Jazz
Allow the game to idle for a few minutes and you can see that they dance the same.

Noise Tank and Roboy
When you unlock the Test Run option, complete Rokkaku-Dai Heights on the graffiti, tech, and flag to unlock Noise Tank. Then, use him and talk to Roboy. When he says "What are you lookin' at?", do not press a button. Instead, watch them dance. They dance the same, revealing that Roboy is a Noise Tank prototype.

Earn a "Jet" ranking at Highway Zero to unlock Noise Tanks. When you get spray cans, he has 20 (same with Roboy) and they have the total life bar 100%. If you do tricks but get hit by a car, you will take a long time to die. Also, if any one hurts you in Tager's Tag, it takes a long time to die.

Gougi and Clutch
After you get a "Jet" ranking from Rokaku-dai Heights, you will unlock Gougi Rokaku. Once you have saved the game, play in versys mode on a team. On the same team, have one person choose Gougi and another person choose Clutch. Win any mission and watch them dance the same.

Rokkuku-dai Heights: Easy Spray Cans
Begin at the first save point. Grind up the rail. After getting off that rail, go up the telephone pole and grind across the telephone wire onto the rooftop. Next, jump down off of the rooftop and land on the other rail. Grind across that one. Once you get off and get to the point where there is a rail that looks like a chain-link fence with a mobile trailer, go through the mobile trailer. You will get about twenty Spray Cans and one Health Can. You will also be in another area that you can reach about five seconds more than this secret.

Avoid fall damage
Do an air combo until you reach the ground.

Shuffle for longer boost
The shuffle is the grind move where you press the "Left Analog-stick Down". When you boost, you can use the shuffle to make it longer. You do this by shuffling at the end of the boost. You can also use it for going up objects. The shuffle is just like grinding, so you can use it to get up hills and other objects.

Halfpipe drop-in
When grinding on the edge of a halfpipe, press the [Left Analog-stick Down].

Glitch: Timeline
When you first go into the Rokaku Expo Stadium and do the first Ball Hog mission, you can see Rokaku's weird tower completed. However, at the end of the game Rokaku mentions that it has just been finished, even though the Ball Hog tournament was two days before.

Glitch: Billboard
In the garage, go to entrance to 99th Street. Go to the bottom of that staircase and look to the right so that you can see a board up on the wall. If you look closely, you will see GUM and a freshly made graffiti mark on the billboard.

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