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All venues
Highlight the "My Corner" option at the main menu, then press [Left]x3, [Right]x3, [Left], [Right]x2. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Big head mode
Highlight the "Fight Now" option at the main menu, then press [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right], [Left]. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Select the "Fight Now" option to have a big headed boxer.

Small fighter
Highlight "Play Now" option at the main menu, then press [Left]x3, [Right]x3, [Left], [A]. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Alternately, press [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right], [Left] at the main menu.

Fight as Big Tigger
To unlock Big Tigger as a boxer, go to the main menu. Select "My Corner", then "Record Books", then "Most Wins-Boxer". Tap [Up]x2 and you will now be able to play as Big Tigger as a middleweight fighter. A sound will confirm correct code entry.
Bangkok Palace venue
Win a match at Bangkok Palace in career mode.

Ceasar's Palace venue
Win a match at Ceasar's Palace in career mode.

Staples Center venue
Win a match at the Staples Center in career mode.

The Viceroy venue
Win a match at The Viceroy in career mode.

Westerholz Arena venue
Win a match at Westerholz Arena in career mode.

Alternate uppercut
Press "Jab" + "Hook" to throw an uppercut without Total Control Punching.

Bolo Punch special punch
Defeat Ray Leonard in career mode.

Ducking Hook special punch
Defeat Muhammad Ali in career mode.

Homerun special punch
Defeat Tarver in career mode.

Look Ma No Hands special punch
Defeat Roy Jones Jr. in career mode.

Lunging Hook special punch
Defeat Chris Byrd, Evander Holyfield, or Joe Frazier in career mode.

Lunging Uppercut special punch
Defeat Sugar Shane Mosely in career mode.

Shine The Glove special punch
Defeat Jake LaMotta in career mode.

Sledgehammer special punch
Defeat Sonny Liston in career mode.

Watch The Birdie special punch
Defeat Bernard Hopkins in career mode.

Wave In special punch
Defeat Felix Trinidad in career mode.

Executioner trunks
Defeat Bernard Hopkins in career mode.

Tito trunks
Defeat Felix Trinidad in career mode.

Recover from knockdown
Use the Left Analog-stick and Right Analog-stick to merge the images in your view until they become one.

An easy and effective way to recover is to match up the EA Sports patches on the referee's shirt.

Press [L] + [R] + click "Left-Analog-stick" + click Right Analog-stick during a fight to taunt your opponent, regardless of controller configuration.

Longer count
When your opponent's health is at 0 and he is about to fall down, hit him two or three times. The count will be longer.

Heavy bag training to increase punch power and speed
In the heavy bag training in career mode, start by a throwing a right hook to get the bag going, then throw a left hook while the bag is moving to the right. When the bag moves left, throw a right hook, etc. The bag will swing more and more, and you will receive the swing bonuses, increasing your score. Use good timing, and hit the bag when it is just entering the upswing. You will get more attribute points to increase your fighter's punch power and speed.

Get away with head butts or low blows
When the bell rings at the end of the of the round, use the illegal hit. As long as the bell to end the round sounds, you will not be disqualified.

Career mode
Career mode is only twenty years long. Choose your fights wisely. Also, do not Auto Train. You will not have enough years or fights. You will only start to get two to three fights per year as your fighter builds his rep.

Glitch: Rocky Marciano stats
In career mode, fight Rocky Marciano. In the pre-fight introductions, Big Tigger will say that Rocky is 188 pounds. This means that he is not a heavyweight (heavyweights are over 190 pounds) At that weight, Rocky would be in the cruiserweight class. Then in the "Schedule Fight" option, check Rocky's fight stats. It display his weight at 192 pounds.

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