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Crazy Kick cheat
Get a 99 yard kick or punt return for touchdown.

Big Head Mode cheat
Create a custom player.

Da Juice cheat
Get 50 interceptions.

Mini mode cheat
Throw six touchdowns to different players.

Air hockey table
Win the Superbowl.

Paper Football mini-game
Play an entire game in first person mode.

Trivia Machine mini-game
Successfully complete all the tutorials.

Bret Farve bobblehead
Score 84 points in a game.

Chad Pennington bobblehead
Get 600 passing yards in a game.

Clinton Portis bobblehead
Get 2,000 rushing yards.

Corey Dillan bobblehead
Get 400 rushing yards in one game.

David Carr bobblehead
Reach 25 sacks in a career.

Donovan McNabb bobblehead
Get 250 passing yards or 100 rushing yards with the same player.

Faulk bobblehead
Win 50 games.

Jevon Kearse bobblehead
Get 20 tackles in a game.

LaDainian Tomlinson bobblehead
Get 3 interceptions in a game.

Mark Brunnell bobblehead
Get 250 interceptions in a career.
Touchdown celebrations
When running into the endzone you can taunt/highstep into it by stopping short of the goal line and not moving. The CPU takes care of the celebration for you. There are many celebrations, including the Heisman.

Getting yards
If you are not good at the pass, then try running the ball a lot. jukes work well, but because the players can change directions so quickly, changing directions with the halfback is the best way to pick up some yards.

Choose Hail Mary formation, and any play. Wait a few seconds for the receivers to start their routes, then hold [R] to tuck and run a sweep to the most open side. You can pick up chunks of yards at a time.

It is difficult to get all the milestones. However, if you play in two player mode, you can get them much easier by playing against yourself or a willing friend. You will still get the milestones as long as you play on the pro difficulty setting.

Use the following trick to get all the time milestones, Tape your Analog-stick [Up] so that when you leave it, the game will be doing something. Try doing this on the menu. The selector will just keep going through the modes. Leave it on for a long time to get the milestones.

Franchise steals
In franchise mode, if anyone on your roster is injured, you can sign their lives over. Go to "Front Office", then to "Contracts". Select the injured player and re-negotiate their contract. Because they are injured you can get them to sign a contract for the same money that you are paying them now, but you can increase the years up to 6 or 7.

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