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Primary Collection of Cheats
All items in 24/7 mode
Enter "HUNT" as a case-sensitive first name and "4TREASURE" as a case-sensitive last name.

Hall Of Fame difficulty
Reach 100% of the unlockable bonuses.

All-Time Celtics team
Block 100 shots.

All-Time Sonics team
Complete 150 assists.

Sega team
Accumulate ten hours of game play.

Sega Sports Challenge team
Win one game in exhibition mode.

2K4 team
Get fifteen double-doubles.

Rookie Class team
Accumulate a total of 100 points scored.

Superstars team
Get 100 steals.

Menu color 1
Complete a game in franchise mode.

Menu color 2
Complete one season in franchise mode.

Menu color 3
Win the championship in franchise mode.

Menu color 5
Complete 30 years in franchise mode.

Menu music album 2
Win the championship in a 14 game season.

Menu music album 4
Win the championship in a 56 game season.

Boss #1 court in street mode
Defeat the first Boss in 24/7 mode.

Boss #3 court playable in street mode
Defeat the third Boss in 24/7 mode.
When your teammate is in position, press [X] + [A] to alley-oop the ball to him.

Easy baskets
Find a team with a small forward with good mid-range (for example, the Clippers, Sixers, Kings). Stand at the top of the 3 point line and call the pick and roll. When the pick comes, go left and the drive. If it works, your man will be out from the pick and the small forwards man will step up to you, leaving the small forward open for an easy two, or if they have good, threes you can step outside.

Classic players
To get classic players such as Magic Johnson, go to "Manage Roster" and trade a player with an All-star team. They can be used for franchise mode.

Glitch: Oooga-Booga ball
Select the Oooga-Booga ball in the unlockables area.The Ooga-Booga ball is an all white ball. Play a normal game. When you shoot the ball and you make it or it bounces off the rim, pause game play and do a replay. Rewind it back to where the ball is in front of the backboard, and turn the view to look at the ball through the back of the backboard. The ball will be a tiki mask. The view has to be behind the backboard, and the ball must be in front of the backboard.

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