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Hall Of Fame mode
Unlock all bonuses to access the Hall Of Fame difficulty setting.

Boss #1 court
Defeat the CPU by 69 points.

Boss #3 court
After unlocking the Lamar Odom Bobble-Head, get 30 total assists in one game.

Practice Gym court
Play ten Street Games.

Hieroglyphics team
Hold the CPU to 48 points or less.

2K5 team
After unlocking the Hieroglyphics team, hold the CPU to 48 points or less.

VC team
After unlocking the 2K5 team, hold the CPU to 48 points or less.

Rookie Class team
After unlocking the Sophomore Class team, hold the CPU to 48 points or less.

All-Time Celtics
Do not commit any fouls for an entire game.

All-Time Lakers
Win two games.

All-time Sonics
Score 127 points in three consecutive games.

All-Time Superstars
Win five games.

After unlocking the ABA Ball, do not allow any player on your team be the victim of a steal for an entire game.

Kevin Garnett Bobble-Head
Do not get blocked for an entire game.

Andrei Kirilenko Bobble-Head
Get one double double by any player on your team.

Yao Ming Bobble-Head
Block a total of ten shots total in one game.

Dirk Nowitzki Bobble-Head
Defeat the CPU by 15 Points in each quarter of a game.
Easy Baskets in 24/7 mode
When you facing someone in 24/7 mode and are down 7-0 (or something similar), get the ball and go up to the top of the key. You can either pump once, then shoot; or drive past him going left. If you have the ball after you receive the check, pump once, drive to either side, and make a layup.

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