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Ending bonus
Successfully complete the game. When you start a new game, you can immediately advance to the end. Select the "Leave Tomorrow" option at the hotel or pool menu to skip to the ending.

Ending sequence
Wait for the credits to end to see a extra FMV sequence featuring Zack and the remains of his island.

Bonus music tracks
You can unlock two hidden music tracks in the game: "How Crazy Are You" (by Meja) and "Is This Love" (by Bob Marley). To obtain them, play through the game once. When you resume that saved game file, these two hidden songs will be available in the Radio Station.

Extra items
Give a lot of gifts to one character and complete that game. Start a new game on that saved game file and choose to play as the character that received the gifts in the previous game. Those items will be available in your inventory in the new game.

Easy money
Note: This trick requires Dead Or Alive 3. Play Dead Or Alive 3 and select a character that also appears in Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball in survival mode. The more wins you have in survival mode, the more money you will start with in Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball.

In a volleyball match, the less points the opposing team scores, the more money you will end up getting.

Start the game with any character. The first game of volleyball is the easiest. Make sure you choose "Yes" when Lisa offers to show you around the island. Play the hopping game until you reach the first volleyball match. Play the match, making sure you time your spikes and your blocks perfectly to add extra points. Once you win, wait until the next day at the hotel. Choose "Leave Tomorrow" and start the game again with the same character. Repeat the same steps to get 80,000 to 149,000 credits every time.

Winning a volleyball game 7 to 0 will earn you 150,000 credits. To ensure you never miss, only use the underhand serve as it is guaranteed to go in. This is a great way to earn money quickly, but requires a lot of effort and a good partner.

Use the following trick to win money without winning points. Play as a character that has over one star for her power. While playing volleyball in story mode, have your partner set you up for a spike, wait until the ball is directly above your head, then aim straight for an opponent (preferably the one that is the furthest away). Hit it to the opponent, pressing [Attack] firmly. If you manage to make then struggle, your partner will award you 1,000 points, and you can usually finish the point off after this spike, or you can reset yourself to perform the spike as many times as desired.

When you do not have a partner, play the hopping game or go to the casino.

Go to Zack's Island. Go to poolside and play the hopping game. Every time you pass you will get at least 1,500 credits.

Play the hopping game. When you finish, you will get 1,500 credits or more. While playing, do long jumps the entire way unless you have use a short jump. Note: You must do the long jumps fast.

Swimsuits in exhibition mode
Earn or buy swimsuits in story mode (Zack's Island). The swimsuits that you acquire in that mode will also be available in exhibition mode.

See through swimsuit
Play as a girl with the Gimlet (Helena), Emu (Leifang), Carnelian (Christie) or another suit with a transparent part. Also wear a transparent visor. Go to the pool and allow your girl to lay on the chair until the menu disappears. Move the camera so that you are looking at the girl's body through the visor. The swimsuit will not be visible through the visor, but the girl's skin will. Small stars can be seen censoring her body. Each girl's stars appears different.

Disable commentary
Enter to the options menu, then change Zack's language to Japanese.
Preferred gifts
Ayane: Marrons Glaces, anything purple, Grape Juice, Peridot , Shurikens, any brooch
Christie: Tomato Juice, Driving, Knives, Guitars, Guns, Steering Wheel, Turquoise, Union Jack
Helena: Blanc Manger, Blue Conch, Candles, Dolphins, French Bread, Garnet, Perfume, all Murex
Hitomi: Chocolate Cake, Emerald, Frying Pan, Hourglass, Cooking Appliances, Music Boxes, Milk, All Recipes, Sachertorte, Silver Place Settings
Kasumi: Anything strawberry, Millefeuille, Amethyst, Balloons, Origami, Cushions, Crystal Balls, Tarot Cards, Brooch
Leifang: Chinese Deserts, Fans, Diamond, Nunchaku, Orange Juice, Teddy Bears
Lisa: Cactus, Cherry Pie, Doughnuts, Pens, Lavender, Lilies, Pineapples, Ruby, Salad, any books
Tina: Seafood, Cycling, Videogames, blue and/or red Guitars, Brooch, Pistols and Guns, Xboxes, Turquoise, Ukulele
Likes and dislikes
Ayane: Hates Kasumi, Zack, Origami
Christie: Likes Lisa
Helena: Likes Christie; Hates Meat Buns
Hitomi: Likes Tina; hates Zack, Guitars, Scholarly Books, Tomatoes, Tarot Cards, Guns
Kasumi: Hates Ayane
Leifang: Likes everyone
Lisa: Likes Tina
Tina: Likes Lisa and Hitomi
Character data

AyaneJapaneseMugen TenshinBeauty Treatment/NinjaDark Purple
ChristieBritishShe QuanDriving/AssassinBlack
HelenaFrenchPi Qua Quan Walking/Opera SingerPearl White
HitomiGermanKarateCookingSky Blue
KasumiJapaneseNinjaFortune Telling/Runaway ShinobiMilky Pink
LeifangChineseT'ai Chi QuanAromatherapy/College StudentLemon Yellow
LisaAmericanThai BoxingSurfing/Sister and Host of ZackCrimson Red/Red, White, and Blue
TinaAmericanRoman-style Wrestling Singer/Entertainer/Pro WrestlerTurquoise/Red ,White, and Blue

Ayane: Mermaid suit
Wait until you get the Mermaid suit from Zack.

Ayane: Raccoon suit
Wait until you get the Raccoon suit from Zack.

Ayane: Get as a partner
Ayane can be a difficult to get as a partner because she is stubborn. Buy anything purple (flowers, glasses, swimsuits, etc.). Ayane also loves butterflies (as you can see in the Dead Or Alive 3 introduction sequence). Do not buy origami, as Ayane will throw them away. If you play as her or Kausmi and you receive them from someone and select "View", she will say "This brings back bad memories". Also, if you are Kasumi, Ayane will not team up with you (and vice versa). Kasumi and Ayane may be half sisters, but they do not like each other. It would be a waste of money if you are playing as either one and try to get the other as your partner. Another way to get Ayane as a partner is to keep visiting her after you send her gifts, and after you have defeated her in a volleyball match. It should take a few days, but Ayane will become your partner.

Christie: Cat ears
There is no way to buy the cat ears for Christie at the accessory shop. The only way to get them is to buy (or wait for Zack to send it to you) the "Panther" one piece bikini. The swimsuit has a panther tail, and once equipped to Christie, she will automatically wear cat ears.

Helena: Get as partner
If you are having trouble getting Helena as a partner try these steps. Always buy her white (clothes, shoes, glasses, flowers, etc.). You can also buy her anything that has to do with the ocean, as she loves dolphins (get her dolphin clocks, the silver dolphin, dolphin Sea World tickets, sea shells ,etc.). If Helena is still refusing to be your partner, play against her once then send another gift over to her and she should say "Yes".

Hitomi: Cheerleading suit
Buy it in the store with Hitomi. There are different versions of it.

Hitomi: Cat ears
There are two ways to get cat ears with Hitomi. You can either buy them at the accessory shop or wait for Zack to send them to you. You will have to play with Hitomi for at least two vacations before they appear in the shop or Zack gives them.

Hitomi: Get as partner
Though Hitomi's favorite color is "sky blue", there are not that many items of that color. The next best thing is anything blue (flowers, swimsuits, volleyballs, glasses, etc.). You can also get Hitomi other colors. Be careful of what you choose. Visors, glasses, shoes, and some swimsuits are acceptable, but do not get her different color flowers, nail polish, swimsuits etc. Hitomi should be yours within two to three days if done correctly.

Kasumi: Army hat and gear
To get an army hat and two canteens with Kasumi, go to the sport shop. It probably will not be there until after the first day. Look for the Salvia swimsuit. It costs 330,000 credits. When you purchase the bikini, you will not see the hat and canteens until you put it on Kasumi. The only way to get the army hat and canteens is with Kasumi, and they will never be in the accessory shop. Zack will never send you the Salvia swimsuit, as well as any other character, since Kasumi is the only character that can get it. You can send the Salvia to the other girls, but most of them will throw it away.

Kasumi: Get as partner
Buy Kasumi everything pink (flowers, hats, stuffed bears, glasses, swimsuits, etc.). You can also buy her swimming goggles. Within one or two days, Kasumi should be your partner.

Play as Ayane and accept Lisa as your partner. Immediately begin buying gifts for Kasumi .Check the guides for gifts that she likes; but she generally loves anything pink, and origami from the Zack of all trades. Play volleyball when you do not see her out during the day to keep your cash flow high. Whenever you see her, flood her with gifts. Do not be frustrated if she rejects them at first, as she undoubtedly will the first few times. You may want to start by giving her cheaper gifts first. Once you are sure she is accepting gifts, send her the more expensive, rarer Zack of all trades gifts whenever you see her. This may take a while (even most of your vacation), but is worth it.

Leifang: Wearing almost nothing
In order to see the most of Leifang's skin wait until after the fourth day for the Oreial swimsuit. It barely covers her skin, but costs a lot of money.

Leifang: Panda costume
Wait until Zack gives you the Panda suit. It has panda ears.

Leifang: Phoenix
If you wait long enough, Zack will give you the Phoenix.

Leifang: Get as partner
Lei Fang is easy to get as a partner because she is nice to everybody. If you are having trouble getting her as a partner, buy her cute items (stuffed bears, cushions, yellow butterflies, sunflowers, etc.). Buy her anything yellow (fans, flowers, hats, sunglasses, etc.). If you want to buy a swimsuit for her, the best kind are ones that have the color yellow or those that have flowers or animals (in Hitomi's, there is one that has a yellow sun flower on the front).

Lisa: Leopard ears
Allow Zack to get you the leopard suit.

Tina: Rabbit or cat ears
There is no way to purchase cat or rabbit ears in the accessory shop with Tina, and Zack will never give them to you as a gift. To get them, go to the Sport Shop and buy the Arnob one piece swimsuit. Note: It is not cheap. When you play in a volleyball (or hopping) game with Tina, she will be wearing rabbit ears.

Tina: Black Cat suit
Wait for Zack to give you the Black Cat suit. It has cat ears.

Tina: Getting as partner
Use the following trick to get Tina as your partner at the start of the game instead of Lisa: Tina is probably one of the most difficult characters to get as your partner besides Christie. Start the game as Lisa. Tina will now be in the chair at the start of the game instead of Lisa. Note: Tina will give you an expensive present every night (for example, swimsuits that only she can get or rare accessories) as long as you send her a blue gift each night.

If you are having trouble getting Tina as a partner follow these steps. Always buy blue items for Tina. Not all blue items work. For example, if you are playing as Lei Fang and you give the Heron swimsuit to Tina, she will either throw it away or it will bring down her friendship with you. It depends if Tina likes you or not. Some recommended items would be anything leopard (volley balls, wristbands, shoes, etc.), western items (western hat, gold guns), and anything American. It should take a few days before Tina will become your partner and say "I'll Do It!". If Tina refuses a gift at anytime, either go back and see her the same or send it to her from the hotel.

Keeping on good terms with your partner
Give your partner their favorite gift in color, type, hobby, or their nationality (one or two gifts). When you wake up in the morning, check the music notes around their head. If only one music note floats up, you are not doing well with your partner. If it is two music notes, then their enthusiasm is pretty good. Three music notes indicates that both of you are getting along very well.

Selecting a partner
Choose your partners wisely. Try to partner up with girls that have a lot of power; for example, Tina or Hitomi. Then, when you are receiving the ball during game play, try to have them make the first hit upon return, in which case you set them up for a spike using [B]. Very often, the other players, even if they are blocking, will be knocked down by their enormous spikes.

Getting a partner easily
Note: This trick may not work on Christie, Tina, or Ayane. Instead of buying gifts for the partner you want, defeat them in a volleyball match. The better you try, the better they will like you. If possible, try make the person you want make mistakes a lot of times so that you have a better chance of getting her. You may need to defeat some girls twice in order for her to like you.

Knowing when someone is ready to leave
One way of knowing when a character is ready to leave is to look at the music notes that float above the their picture. Another way is by looking at the character's pictures as they will change if they are confident, unsure, or unwilling.

Moving your partner
If you do not like the position in which your partner is standing during a match, you can move them by using the "Right Analog-stick".

Managing your items
While in any shop, choose the item that you are interested in. Press [X] and the girl will tell you if she has seen that item before. This will help you determine if you have the item in your inventory. Keep in mind that if you have given another girl the item, she will say she has seen that item before. This hint would probably work better for someone who is starting the game from the beginning. However, it is useful when trying to fill your girl's inventory.

Soundtrack change
You can change the music playing at anytime by pressing [Black] (advance to next track) or [White] (repeat current track).

Force replay
Hold [L] immediately after someone scores.

Lock view
When viewing a "Gravure" movie or another camera-controlled angle, click the Right Analog-stick to lock and unlock the desired angle.

Click the Left Analog-stick to lock the view controlled by it in its current position. Zoom to a desired magnification then press [X] to lock it at that setting.

Good serve
In order to receive 1000 points for each serve, make sure that your calibration is adjusted so that it is about 30% (one third of the way from the left of the bar), then press [A] firmly to throw the ball in the air. Press [A] firmly again just before the player is about to make contact with the ball. This is very helpful during game play, as you can still get some points even if you lose your match.

When your partner sets you up for a spike, there is an easier way to score. Hold [Left Analog-stick Left] to make the ball fly closer to the net, so it is harder for the other team to recover. If they try to block your spike, use the same method only use "Tap" and they will almost never get it.

Toss wisely
While playing the a volleyball game, it is often useful to toss the ball to your partner who may spike it and score a point. However, if you toss the ball to your partner while she is back half way or more from the net, she may try and spike the ball hard and hit the net, causing the other team to get a point.

Control ball during a spike
Press [Left] during the spike to spike it short; [Right] to spike it deep; [Up] to spike it high (to the top of the screen); or [Down] to spike it low (to the bottom of the screen). You can do this in a combo (for example, press "Down/Right "to spike it low and deep.

Avoid getting blocked during a spike
Hold [Away] on the D-Pad (towards your side of the court) and tap [B]. This will gently tap the ball just over your opponent's head. It will fall behind them, just far enough from their partner's reach.

Preventing cheap shots
When you are playing a match, and the opposing team spikes the ball so hard that your player receives the ball but hits the ground and the ball flies back over the net, about 90% of the time the opposing team is going to spike that ball at where you are laying. Use the Right Analog-stick to move your partner to the spot where you were standing, so they can bounce it to you while you are getting up, or hit the ball back over the net.

Finding an easy match
When looking at the selectable courses, look at the profiles of the two characters you are playing against. They seem to follow the same ones from Exhibition mode, where if her head is turned slightly, it indicates that she is less willing to play with the person she is paired with. This often leads to a lot of missed volleys and spikes on their part, making for an easier match and a chance to win more money.

Detecting bad emotions on the court
During the first few matches with a new teammate, she will compliment you on a good serve or spike. The moment your partner stops giving you kudos, it is time to cheer her up as best as possible. If it is someone you can do without, this is not that important, but otherwise you will need to buy your friend something she will really like to stay in good terms with her. If none of the shops have exactly what you want, go to the Sports Shop and buy a moderately expensive swimsuit. That usually does the trick and usually there is something that she really likes in the shops the next day. Remember, when the two of you break up she will not accept any more gifts from you until the vacation's over.

Easier survival mode
Choose two characters that you are very good with. When you start, the first character(s) are very easy to defeat. Once you get to about 7 or 8, it starts to get difficult. Always pick up the little icons that drop from the CPU when they lose, as this brings up your health slightly. When the CPU is on the ground, quickly press [Down] + [Black] button as your second character (if playing in team attack mode) to stomp on the CPU character. If successful, an icon will come out of them. If you are low on health, pick it up. When the CPU keeps attacking, grab their attack after the first hit. For example, when Zack keeps kicking you can grab his kick after the first hit if you are fast enough. If the CPU keeps switching characters, block and hit when you can get the chance then quickly switch to your other character. Note: You can tell when they are going to keep switching if you watch their health. Their first and second character should be at the same amount of health. If one is higher than the other, the CPU will call the character with the lower health back.

When playing in survival mode, press [Start] on controller two. You will go to a two-player versus battle. Defeat the non-moving opponent, and select "Return". Your health will be fully restored, and your wins count will not be reset.

Hidden FMV sequence
Go to the casino and play the slot machine "My Fair Lady" (Tina's slot machine). Bet $300 every time when playing until you get three Tinas. You will then see a short FMV sequence of a neon light showing Zack kissing Tina.

Give any girl the Venus swimsuit
Play as Lisa and win about 1,500,000 credits playing volleyball. Buy the Venus swimsuit then start a new game. Lavish the desired character with gifts. After the character in question starts to give you a lot of gifts in the hotel, lay the Venus swimsuit on her in the morning. Next, buy her a couple more gifts -- one that she will really like and one that she will dislike. Start a new game with the character you gave the Venus swimsuit to, and it should be in their inventory.

Play the game as Lisa and earn 1,000,000 credits. As you are earning the money, start giving the person you desire gifts that she really likes. Wait until the music notes start to move rapidly. Once you have enough to buy the Venus, wait until evening to give her the swimsuit. She has to open it in front of you.

Give any girl a swimsuit
If you want to give a girl an expensive suit, but she keeps throwing it away, get on good terms with the girl. Keep trying to give her the suit. If you give it to her three times and she throws it away each time, leave the island and start a new game with that girl. Give a lot of gifts to the girl who has the suit. She will eventually give it to you as a gift. This may take some time and money, but it almost always works.

Increasing your swimsuit inventory
Since any single character can only buy certain swim suits, it can become somewhat tedious to obtain every outfit. In order to speed things up a little, team up with someone you know has a costume you would want, or one that your teammate does not have yet. Once you become better friends, anything you give her as a gift, in this case a swimsuit, she will keep. The key is to make sure she is at least somewhat happy with your performance on the court. After you give your teammate an outfit, it is most likely you will get one as thanks when you return to your room the next evening.

If your character is not performing very well, take them to get some juice or food to eat. Afterwards, do the pool hopping game to increase their response and enthusiasm.

Keeping items fresh
Certain items purchased from the Accessory Shop or Zack Of All Trades can spoil or dry out if held too long. The best time to give gifts is back at the hotel since you can give something to everyone without time passing. If you are going to buy something that could go bad, such as a favorite food, it is best to buy it during the evening before the last match of the day so it will not spoil until the next morning. This is also useful when you need to put these things in the collection, which can only be transferred from the items section at the hotel.

Hopping game views
While playing the hopping game, stop your girl on any float and watch her try to keep her balance. She will not fall off. This gives you another option to watch her with the two toggles and the [R] zoom. Use [L] and set the camera, click down on the toggle to lock the view, then do the same with the right toggle. Press R to zoom and L to change the camera angle.

Casino action
Do not play for too long. It seems you will get on a losing streak if you play over fifteen times in roulette, twenty five times in poker and blackjack, and thirty times on the slots. However, some days are better than others. You can win the most money in roulette

Winning at roulette
Save about 1,000,000 credits. Then, go to the casino and set your chips to 10,000 credits. Play roulette and put all the chips you can on either the red or black panel that has no numbers. The red or black panel is the row closest to you. You will have a 50% chance of winning.

The more items you buy, the more videos Zack sends you. If you play forever and never by anything, not a single video will be sent to you. Try to collect as many items, swimsuits, etc. as possible. The Ninja Gaiden trailer is the eight movie to come from Zack.

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