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Ending bonus
Successfully complete the game. When you start a new game, you can immediately advance to the end. Select the "Leave Tomorrow" option at the hotel or pool menu to skip to the ending.

Ending sequence
Wait for the credits to end to see a extra FMV sequence featuring Zack and the remains of his island.

Extra items
Give a lot of gifts to one character and complete that game. Start a new game on that saved game file and choose to play as the character that received the gifts in the previous game. Those items will be available in your inventory in the new game.

Swimsuits in exhibition mode
Earn or buy swimsuits in story mode (Zack's Island). The swimsuits that you acquire in that mode will also be available in exhibition mode.

Disable commentary
Enter to the options menu, then change Zack's language to Japanese.
Preferred gifts
Ayane: Marrons Glaces, anything purple, Grape Juice, Peridot , Shurikens, any brooch
Christie: Tomato Juice, Driving, Knives, Guitars, Guns, Steering Wheel, Turquoise, Union Jack
Helena: Blanc Manger, Blue Conch, Candles, Dolphins, French Bread, Garnet, Perfume, all Murex
Hitomi: Chocolate Cake, Emerald, Frying Pan, Hourglass, Cooking Appliances, Music Boxes, Milk, All Recipes, Sachertorte, Silver Place Settings
Kasumi: Anything strawberry, Millefeuille, Amethyst, Balloons, Origami, Cushions, Crystal Balls, Tarot Cards, Brooch
Leifang: Chinese Deserts, Fans, Diamond, Nunchaku, Orange Juice, Teddy Bears
Lisa: Cactus, Cherry Pie, Doughnuts, Pens, Lavender, Lilies, Pineapples, Ruby, Salad, any books
Tina: Seafood, Cycling, Videogames, blue and/or red Guitars, Brooch, Pistols and Guns, Xboxes, Turquoise, Ukulele
Likes and dislikes
Ayane: Hates Kasumi, Zack, Origami
Christie: Likes Lisa
Helena: Likes Christie; Hates Meat Buns
Hitomi: Likes Tina; hates Zack, Guitars, Scholarly Books, Tomatoes, Tarot Cards, Guns
Kasumi: Hates Ayane
Leifang: Likes everyone
Lisa: Likes Tina
Tina: Likes Lisa and Hitomi
Ayane: Mermaid suit
Wait until you get the Mermaid suit from Zack.

Ayane: Get as a partner
Ayane can be a difficult to get as a partner because she is stubborn. Buy anything purple (flowers, glasses, swimsuits, etc.). Ayane also loves butterflies (as you can see in the Dead Or Alive 3 introduction sequence). Do not buy origami, as Ayane will throw them away. If you play as her or Kausmi and you receive them from someone and select "View", she will say "This brings back bad memories". Also, if you are Kasumi, Ayane will not team up with you (and vice versa). Kasumi and Ayane may be half sisters, but they do not like each other. It would be a waste of money if you are playing as either one and try to get the other as your partner. Another way to get Ayane as a partner is to keep visiting her after you send her gifts, and after you have defeated her in a volleyball match. It should take a few days, but Ayane will become your partner.

Helena: Get as partner
If you are having trouble getting Helena as a partner try these steps. Always buy her white (clothes, shoes, glasses, flowers, etc.). You can also buy her anything that has to do with the ocean, as she loves dolphins (get her dolphin clocks, the silver dolphin, dolphin Sea World tickets, sea shells ,etc.). If Helena is still refusing to be your partner, play against her once then send another gift over to her and she should say "Yes".

Hitomi: Cheerleading suit
Buy it in the store with Hitomi. There are different versions of it.

Hitomi: Cat ears
There are two ways to get cat ears with Hitomi. You can either buy them at the accessory shop or wait for Zack to send them to you. You will have to play with Hitomi for at least two vacations before they appear in the shop or Zack gives them.

Kasumi: Army hat and gear
To get an army hat and two canteens with Kasumi, go to the sport shop. It probably will not be there until after the first day. Look for the Salvia swimsuit. It costs 330,000 credits. When you purchase the bikini, you will not see the hat and canteens until you put it on Kasumi. The only way to get the army hat and canteens is with Kasumi, and they will never be in the accessory shop. Zack will never send you the Salvia swimsuit, as well as any other character, since Kasumi is the only character that can get it. You can send the Salvia to the other girls, but most of them will throw it away.

Leifang: Wearing almost nothing
In order to see the most of Leifang's skin wait until after the fourth day for the Oreial swimsuit. It barely covers her skin, but costs a lot of money.

Leifang: Phoenix
If you wait long enough, Zack will give you the Phoenix.

Leifang: Get as partner
Lei Fang is easy to get as a partner because she is nice to everybody. If you are having trouble getting her as a partner, buy her cute items (stuffed bears, cushions, yellow butterflies, sunflowers, etc.). Buy her anything yellow (fans, flowers, hats, sunglasses, etc.). If you want to buy a swimsuit for her, the best kind are ones that have the color yellow or those that have flowers or animals (in Hitomi's, there is one that has a yellow sun flower on the front).

Lisa: Leopard ears
Allow Zack to get you the leopard suit.

Tina: Black Cat suit
Wait for Zack to give you the Black Cat suit. It has cat ears.

Keeping on good terms with your partner
Give your partner their favorite gift in color, type, hobby, or their nationality (one or two gifts). When you wake up in the morning, check the music notes around their head. If only one music note floats up, you are not doing well with your partner. If it is two music notes, then their enthusiasm is pretty good. Three music notes indicates that both of you are getting along very well.

Getting a partner easily
Note: This trick may not work on Christie, Tina, or Ayane. Instead of buying gifts for the partner you want, defeat them in a volleyball match. The better you try, the better they will like you. If possible, try make the person you want make mistakes a lot of times so that you have a better chance of getting her. You may need to defeat some girls twice in order for her to like you.

Knowing when someone is ready to Moving your partner
If you do not like the position in which your partner is standing during a match, you can move them by using the "Right Analog-stick".

Soundtrack change
You can change the music playing at anytime by pressing [Black] (advance to next track) or [White] (repeat current track).

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