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Nov. 29, 2006
Apr. 15, 2006
Author: 26KB
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Increase Bouncing
Go to the settings and set your age to 99. This will increase how "bouncy" the girls are.
Change Arenas
Press [X] or [Black] while selecting a stage to alter the arena.

Unloc Bayman
Play for 10 hours to unlock Bayman.

Unlock Skins
Beat story mode on each difficulty with every character to unlock every costume.

Unlock Hair Styles
Press [White] or [Black] while selecting characters to alter their hair style.

Unlock Tengu
Beat story mode with each character once on any difficulty.

Unlock Hitomi
To unlock Hitomi, have a DOA 3 save on the Xbox and beat story mode on normal with Ein.

Unlock DOA3 Booster Pack
To unlock a bunch of extra costumes for your fighters in DOA3, simply unlock all the alternate costumes in Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate. The Booster Pack will appear as a ninja star on the main menu and you can upload the outfits from their. You'll also receive a CG Gallery for your trouble.

Unlock DOA Ultimate Announcers
Complete Exercise Mode in the Sparring, Single Battle Mode. Only Kasumi, Ayane, Tengu and Ein are unlockable.

Unlock Costume Listing
To unlock costumes, you can play through either Story Mode or Time Attack. However with Hitomi, Bayman, and Tengu, you have to unlock them with Time Attack. Also, when the costumes say they are unlocked on a certain difficulty; that is the earliest one can unlock them.

Kasumi: C3 - C7 (Easy Mode); C8 - C15 (Normal Mode); C16 - C20 (Hard Mode)
Gen Fu: C3 - C4 (Easy Mode); C5 - C8 (Normal Mode)
Tina: C3 - C7 (Easy Mode); C8 - C14 (Normal Mode); C15 - C16 (Hard Mode)
Zack: C3 - C4 (Easy Mode); C5 - C8 (Normal Mode)
Jann Lee: C3 - C4 (Easy Mode); C5 - C8 (Normal Mode)
Ayane: C3 - C7 (Easy Mode); C8 - C15 (Normal Mode); C16 - C20 (Hard Mode)
Hitomi: C3 - C7 (Easy Mode); C8 - C11 (Normal Mode); C12 - C14 (Hard Mode)
Tengu: C3 (Easy Mode)
Hayabusa: C3 - C4 (Easy Mode); C5 - C9 (Normal Mode)
Helena: C3 - C7 (Easy Mode); C8 - C11 (Normal Mode); C12 - C13 (Hard Mode)
Bass: C3 - C4 (Easy Mode); C5 - C8 (Normal Mode)
Leon: C3 - C4 (Easy Mode); C5 - C7 (Normal Mode)
Lei Fang: C3 - C7 (Easy Mode); C8 - C15 (Normal Mode); C16 - C20 (Hard Mode)
Ein: C3 - C4 (Easy Mode); C5 - C7 (Normal Mode)
Bayman: C3 - C4 (Easy Mode); C5 - C6 (Normal Mode)

Unlocking Everything
On the initial page, you have to use each character and obtain their 3 unique items each, as well as the 4 generic items. You also have to obtain the medal which is dropped after your 50th win on survival (any difficulty) Once you have your first page full on the collection, it will open up a second page, with 15 more items. With each of the 15 fighters again, you must obtain their last unique 'rare' item, and upon doing so, you unlock all costumes, cg gallery and the DOA3 booster pack (for those that don't already have it). My thanks to the DOA boards.

DOA1 Adjust Replay
After winning a round, but before the replay screen shows, hold DOWN the [Hold]+[Kick] buttons. There will be a fast forward and Rewind icons on the bottom left of the screen. By holding DOWN the [Kick] button, you rewind the video. While not holding the [Kick] button DOWN, you allow the replay to playing.

DOA1 Selecting Win Pose
Hold either [Hold]+[Punch], [Punch]+[Kick], or [Hold]+[Punch]+[Kick]. There is a fourth pose if you win unharmed.

DOA1 Unlock Extra Options
Once any of them become available, they can be accessed in the Extra Config screen in the Option Section:

Danger Bounce - (adjust how high a character flies when they hit a danger zone) Enter "DOA" as your initials.
Fighting Order - Finish Time Attack Mode in under 5 minutes.
Ring Size - Complete Arcade Mode once with any character.

Unlock DOA1 Raidou
Complete Arcade mode with all characters with Options set to Default Mode.

Unlock DOA1 Costumes
Complete Arcade Mode, with Options set to Default Mode. You can unlock up to six new outfits for each character. To activate them, press UP or DOWN on the directional pad and choose the question mark you want to use.

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