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Blood vision
Click the [Right Analog-stick] to activate your "blood" vision.

Click the [Left Analog-stick] to duck.

Rapid fire pistol
Hold down the fire button ([R]) on the pistol (Redeemer) to "fan" it, or shoot in rapid fire.

Rapid fire
When you pick up the dual pistols and are fighting a Banshee, Blob, or Dark Mark (Evil Tree), hold down the trigger. You will rapid fire and kill the enemy a lot faster.

Hold two weapons
Press [Down] to switch to your second weapon slot. This is useful if you are saving a rail rocket or shotgun. Also, press [Up] to switch between dynamite and splitter grenades (if available).

Defeating Banshees
Be careful when fighting banshees. If you cut off their arms and they still live, they will fire non-stop energy balls at you.

Shoot them in the head once with a shotgun or twice with just about everything else. Sharpshooters should use a high powered rifle to zoom in close. Aim between the eyes, then fire. Its head will roll off (at least on the ground).

Defeating Lazaurus
When fighting Lazaurus for the final time, hide in the house when he is using his twister move. It will shield you. Also, when he shoots his fireballs and smoke clouds, shoot them. They will blow up and you will be unharmed.

Defeating Reapers
When fighting Reapers (the undead with two scythes or cleavers), it is best to conserve ammunition and melee with the shotgun. The blade on the end of this weapon will kill the Reapers in one hit. Use this tactic when there are at most three reapers in the area. When there is more than one reaper in front of you, backpedal to take them on in a single file line.

Quick clear
When fighting a group of enigmas and there is a Dark Mark (Evil Tree), quickly go for the tree. Destroy it before fighting any enemies. When it is destroyed, it will shoot a shockwave, instantly destroying all enemies in that area.

Final battle opponent
When you defeat Lazaurus, if you choose to break the spell of the west, in the final battle you will fight Tala in her vampire form. If you choose to become the new lord of vampires you will fight your ghost-friend Cassidy, when she is an angel, then kill Tala in the intermission sequence.

Darkwatch Outpost level: Easy completion
On the level 5, "Darkwatch Outpost", to complete the last part of easily go up on the ledge by double jumping. When you fight the flying ladies, shoot them in the head when they come up to slash you. When the undead cowboys appears, either shoot them or ignore them. When the little slashing opponents who can jump high appear, just hit them. When you get the snipers, go up to them and hit them a few times. Note: It is useful to have a shotgun for the flying ladies and a Reedemer for the little opponents.

Quicker kill on Root Of Evil
Use the Blood Frenzy power on the Root Of Evil to avoid killing all of the troublesome enemies and dying quicker during the "Root Of Evil" encounter.

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding bonus content for that level:

Allies and Bosses Art: Curse Of The West under the Shootist difficulty.
Attract Mode Movie: Dead Light Prism with at least 80 kills.
Cowboy Animatic: Torture Maze with at least 30 melee kills.
Darkwatch Archives: All Gunslinger levels on Deadeye.
Enemies 1: Boneyard with at least 65% accuracy.
Enemies 2: Showdown with at least 20 melee kills.
Environments 1: Darkwatch Outpost with no deaths.
Environments 2: Invasion under the Deadeye difficulty.
Environments 3: Curse Of The West in 10 minutes or less.
Evolution of Jericho: Single player campaign under any difficulty.
Highmoon Trailer: Rescue in 15 minutes or less.
Rescue Intro Movie: Hangtown with at least 20 headshots.
Showdown Animatic: The Right Train under the Shootist difficulty.
Vehicles: Deadfall with at least 20 headshots.
Weapons: Morning After with at least 70% accuracy.
Wrong Train Animatic: The Wrong Train with at least 65% accuracy.
Good deeds
Silver Bullet: Unlimited and more powerful bullets for a short time.
Fear: Some enigmas will run scared for a short time.
Mystic Armor: Strong armor (possible 0 damage) for a short time.
Vindicator: Shoots a chain of lighting that instantly destroys most small monsters.

Evil deeds
Blood Frenzy: Adds a supernatural boost to hand-to-hand combat.
Turn: Turns some enemies against each other for a short period of time.
Black Shroud: Covers you in a black shroud of darkness that hurts enemies when they attack for a short time.
Soul Stealer: Sucks the souls right out of living enemies (can be used at a distance).
Immortal Friends: No matter how many times you shoot Cassidy or Tala, they will not die.

Kill one of the following types of opponents and they will drop the corresponding weapon for you to collect.
Gunslinger: Reedemer
Fat cowboy zombie in Hangtown: Shotgun
Skeleton sniper: Sniper rifle

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