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Primary Collection of Cheats
All cheats unlocked
Use a memory card with a saved game from Burnout with free mode unlocked, or have that file on the hard drive. Start Burnout 2 and load that game.

Cheat mode
Unlock any cheat and the "Cheat Mode" selection will appear at the options screen. Note: Races will not be counted as wins with any cheat activated.

Complete Crash mode with all gold medals on all fifteen tracks to unlock the "Runaway" option at the "Cheat Mode" menu. This is a free-play type Crash mode with no goals or brakes. Note: Hold [R] to boost at the start.

Complete the Custom Series Championship to unlock the "Freerun" option at the "Cheat Mode" menu.

Multiplayer Mode
Complete the first set of Offensive Driving 101 lessons

Unlimited Boost
Unlock everything in the Custom Series Championship to unlock the "Unlimited Boost" option at the "Cheat Mode" menu.

Custom Series Championship
Get all gold medals in every race and win everything in the first championship to unlock the Custom Series Championship. There will be about six more cars that you can unlock.

Custom Compact car
Win the Custom Series Qualifier.

Custom Muscle car
Win Pursuit 6.

Custom Roadster
Win all gold medals at Point Of Impact Grand Prix.

Custom Sport car
Win all gold medals at the Speed Streak Grand Prix.

Custom SUV
Win Pursuit 4.

Drivers Ed car
Get all gold medals in the Offensive Driving 101 competition. The Driver's Ed car is much faster and handles better than the Muscle car. You can see this at the stats at the car selection screen.

Police car
Win Pursuit 1 by destroying the criminal's car before it gets away. The police car has maximum top speed, average control, and good acceleration.

Hot Rod car
Win Face Off 1.

Japanese Muscle car
Win Face Off 3.

Two player pursuit mode
Successfully complete Pursuit 3.
Cheats in championship mode
When you unlock any of the cheats, they normally cannot be used to win championship mode. However, there is a way around this. Simply use the cheat to come in first until the last race. Then, go to the main menu and disable the cheat. You will have all the medals, and all you have to do is win the last race.

Quick start
Immediately before the countdown ends at beginning of a race, quickly press the brake ([L]), then the gas ([R]). You should take off with a sudden burst off energy as soon as the race begins, and be ahead of everybody else.

Hold [Brake], then press [Gas] to cause your tires to peel out. When "One" appears at the top of the screen, release [Gas] and immediately press it again when "Go!" appears. If done correctly, you will get a boost that will almost always put you in front of the other vehicles.

At the beginning of any race, pursuit or crash session, before it race starts, at the countdown, hold [Gas], then hold [Brake] briefly for about half second. Half a second before the counter reaches zero, release [Gas] and quickly press it again. You will start with a boost.

Spin your tires until the countdown is halfway through "1" and release the gas. Immediately after you release the gas, press [A] again. This gives you a boost start.

Powerful boosts in Crash Zones
This trick works in one player and two player modes. When you are doing the Crash Zones, at the start immediately hold [R] for a boost. After a few seconds, press it again. This should give you more boost, which results in a faster speed

When you are doing Crash Zone 7 "Whip Up A Storm Of Metal And Glass", go to the right onto the dirt. You can have a wider angle to turn left at the intersection, and therefore have more speed for a greater crash.

Better slides
When doing the tire burn, once you go around the turn and have a boost, press [R]. You will speed up and take the turn very fast. Also, if you get a perfect lap you will automatically get a boost.

Easy turbo
Drive on the wrong side of the road until your turbo (NOS) tank or bar is full.

Easy pursuit wins
Try to get as close to the vehicle as you can when you have turbo. Then, use it and get in front of the car. Stay in front of it. It will try to get past you. When this happens, keep hitting it as it tries to pass.

In the pursuit modes, you can win the race immediately if you force the other car into a head-on collision with traffic -- this will stop them quite nicely.

Easy money in crash mode
When you are about to hit the car you think will make the biggest crash, use the turbo and drive towards that car. Hit your brakes and do a power slide into the car. This should put you into the air. Note: This will not work on trucks.

For easy money in Crash Course 6, select a car that catches air easily (such as the SUV). Start with a boost and burn out of the tunnel. Go all the way to the left and hit that car.

for gold without having to restart
If you are halfway through getting all golds on a championship and you get a silver or less, turn off the Xbox before the autosave. Restart the Xbox, then continue the championship from the start of the race you just ran.

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