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Apr. 16, 2011
Apr. 16, 2011
Dec. 16, 2009
Aug. 10, 2007
Dec. 13, 2006
Easter Egg: Control a Cucco!
Unlike other Zelda games (where you got attacked if you hit the Cuccos), in Twilight Princess if you hit a Cucco about 8 times, you'll be able to control it for a short period of time.

Bottle: Fishing Hole
Go to the fishing hole, and find the sign that says: No Littering! You can get a bottle if you fish on the left side of the bridge that is near that sign. Its darker water than normal.

Wallet Upgrades
To upgrade your wallet size to carry more rupees, you need to catch Golden bugs for Agatha in Hyrule Castle Town.

Big Wallet - Give Agatha 1 Golden Bug
Giant Wallet - Give Agatha all 24 Golden Bugs

Frog Fishing Lure
To unlock the Frog Fishing Lure for the Fishing Hole, you must beat all eight levels of Roal Goal, a game found in the owner's establishment. To play it, simply look at it in first person using the [C] button.

The game requires 5 rupees a play and you win 10 rupees for each round, and the frog lure for the eighth. (If you run short before you manage to get the lure, mowing the tall grass just outside (still in the fishing hole area) offers around 60 rupees.)

Lure description: The must-have lure for bass.

Donation Reduction
Donate 1000 rupees to Goron inside the Malo Mart in Kakariko Village (you must progress past the third dungeon beforehand). Talk to the old Goron outside the shop and complete the quest he offers. Once completed, the second donation amount will be reduced from 2000 to 200 rupees.

Bomb Bag Upgrades
There are 3 bomb bags to obtain and 1 capacity upgrade that affects all 3 bags:

Bomb Bag 1 - Purchace from Barnes Bomb Shop in Kakariko after 2nd temple.
Bomb Bag 2 - Free the goron from the giant lava rock located underwater in zoras domain.
Bomb Bag 3 - Destroy the rock barriers for the River Canoe mini-game owner.
Bomb Bag Capacity Upgrade (Double) - Score 25 points or more on the River Canoe Mini-Game.

Daytime whenever
You need to be able to get to the City in the Sky. At whenever time you go there, when you come back, it will always be daytime.

Glitch: Easy Way To Win Flight-By-Fowl Minigame!
When you unlock Falbi's Flight-By-Fowl minigame on Lake Hylia save as soon as you enter his hut. Then pay for the minigame and try to land on the top tier platform. If you fail reload. For some reason it lets you start again inside his hut. Where you can try again instead of having to pay 10 Rupees to get launched from Fryers attraction again.

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