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Unlock 4th Unique Character Weapon
CAW Naginata's 4th - Battle of Hasedo (Date army side).
CAW Spear's 4th - Siege of Osaka (Tokugawa army side).
CAW Sword's 4th - Battle of Sekigahara (Western army side).
Magoichi Saikai's 4th - Battle of Hasedo.
Masamune Date's 4th - Battle of Hasedo.
Mitsuhide Akechi's 4th - Battle of Yamazaki.
Mitsunari Ishida's 4th - Battle of Sekigahara.
Motochika Chosokabe's 4th - Showdown at Anegawa.
Motonari Mori's 4th - Battle of Yamazaki.
Muneshige Tachibana's 4th - Battle of Sekigahara.
Nagamasa Azai's 4th - Battle of Odani Castle.
Nene's 4th - Suppression of Odawara.
Ginchio Tachibana's 4th - Escape from Ishigaki.
Hanbei Takenaka's 4th - Assault at Chugoku.
Hanzo Hattori's 4th - Suppression of Odawara.
Hideyoshi Toyotomi's 4th - Battle of Komaki-Nagakute.
Ieyasu Tokugawa's 4th - Siege of Osaka.
Ina's 4th - Battle of Numata Castle.
Kai's 4th - Riot at Kasai Osaki.
Kanbei Koroda's 4th - Siege of Osaka.
Kanetsugu Naoe's 4th - Battle of Hasedo.
Katsuie Shibata's 4th - Battle of Tedorigawa (Oda army side).
Keiji Maeda's 4th - Battle of Hasedo.
Kenshin Uesugi's 4th - Showdown at Shizugatake.
Kiyomasa Kato's 4th - Escape from Ishigaki.
Kotaro Fuma's 4th - Riot at Kasai-Osaki (Toyotomi army side).
Kunoichi's 4th - Rescue of Mitsunari.
No's 4th - Battle of Inabayama Castle (Oda army side).
Nobunaga Oda's 4th - Incident at Honnoji.
Oichi's 4th - Showdown at Yogoko Lakeside.
Okuni's 4th - Battle of Kizugawa (Oda army side).
Ranmaru Mori's 4th - Incident at Honnoji (Oda army side).
Sakon Shima's 4th - Battle of Sekigahara.
Shingen Takeda's 4th - Showdown at Nagashino.
Tadakatsu Honda's 4th - Battle of Sekigahara.
Takamaru's 4th - Curiouser and curiouser (third Takamaru only level in Murasame castle, beat on normal, NOT NIGHTMARE).
Toshiie Maeda's 4th - Battle of Komaki-Nagakute (Hashiba army side).
Uyijasu Hojo's 4th - Kanto Defense.
Yoshihiro Shimazu's 4th - Breaking through Sekigahara.
Yoshimoto Imagawa's 4th - Battle of Mimasetouge (Takeda army side).
Yukimura Sanada's 4th - Siege of Osaka.

Unlock Secret mounts
Bear Mount - Collect all 54 Murasame Castle Tanukis on Nightmare difficulty.
Matsukaze Mount - Collect all 54 Murasame Castle Tanukis on Normal difficulty.

Unlock Characters
Aya CAW Model - Complete both Kenshin Uesugi & Kanetsugu Naoe's stories.
Masanori Fukushima CAW Model - Complete both Kiyomasa Kato & Mitsunari Ishida's stories.
Takamaru - Collect 33 Murasame Castle Tanuki on Normal Difficulity.

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