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Primary Collection of Cheats
Every Thing Maxed
W e l c Y S G T O Q 2
a r 1 5 o A Q V X X i
c X s U 3 m V U n 1 c

These passwords are meant for one player. For a two-player game, have each player enter their desired password.

Start with full energy, 63 of everything, every book, and $0.15

i q X o k e S f a c i
m K p v c U k Z U z W
R i Q v r q h k T 4 Q

Start with $122, 30 in all attributes, and 99 strength

E M 7 K G A 0 D B D h
W c E t Z h S Q j T Z
f U X Y o f b a Z 7 N

Ivan beaten, high school open

t 1 i z v p d O Z n Z
J x N k J p 7 C p u b
X M P Q g X E r S M F

No one left but the boss, Slick

X f M d Z T H w i R 3
j a j 6 j f R U D E t
t i l m 2 t W R o 8 b

For $300 and full life everything at 63 all the books exept Fatal steps plus a $57.00 dollar game enter:

f n U l h P c X Z v
D X s x P X p c b 8 V
W u X y D l e Z Q U T

Super Password
Start With 63 of all levels, full will power, full stamina, every book, Texas Boots, and 550.50.

j r Y p l f T g b d j
n O o r L T I Y X w R
s j T u q p i l U H P
Music Glitch
At the stage, Sherman Park, enter the password screen. The music will be gone!

Die, But Keep Your Money (2-player)
In 2 player mode if your partner is about to die simply get to the very side of the screen, kill him, and go to the next screen quickly. When you are there your partner will have full life and the same amount of money as before they died.

Best Shop
In the Armstrong Thru-Way, under the fourth light there is a door. Go in to find extra cool (yet expensive) items.

Die, But Keep Your Money (1-player)
If you find yourself strapped with cash and falling into a hole, quickly access the password screen and select "Swap". Then continue the game, letting your character plummet to his death. With the next life go into the password screen and again select "Swap". You should now have the dead man's inheritance!

Beat the Twins in 3 Steps
Method 1:
1. Get the book "Dragon Feet"
2. Get "Texas Boots"

Method 2:
1. Get the book "Grand Slam"
2. Improve strength and throw power
3. Grab a box, garbage can or tire

With this, you can kill the Twins with 3 whacks of a weapon.

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