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Unlock Special Outfits and Items
There is a hidden password system in Mysims to unlock unique outfits and special furniture. To reach this password screen, do the following.

While running around town, bring up the pause screen with the - button. Then input the following commands on the Wiimote (not nunchaku):

[2 button], [1 button], [Dpad down], [Dpad up], [Dpad down], [Dpad up], [Dpad left], [Dpade left], [Dpad right], [Dpad right].

A special keyboard to enter passwords will now appear allowing you to unlock clothes and furniture. The following 3 passwords are a gift for reserving the game, and are case sensitive!

F3nevr0 - Bunk Bed (Furniture)
N10ng5g - Camouflage pants
Tglg0ca - Diamond Vest (Outfit)
Gvsb3k1 - Genie Outfit
Ghtymba - Hourglass Couch
I3hkdvs - Kimono Dress (Outfit)
T7srhca - Modern couch
Ahvmrva - Racecar Bed (Furniture)
Itha7da - Rickshaw Bed
R705aan - White jacket
Unlock New Tools
Once you reach a set level you'll receive a message telling you what new tool you've earned:

Crowbar - Reach one star
Saw - Reach two stars
Pickaxe - Reach three stars
Blow Torch - Reach four stars

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