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Cheat Mode
Select the "???" option at the "Options" menu at Anthony's house. Select the lights in the correct order then enter the symbolic code:

[Right Arrow] [Left Arrow] [Left Arrow] [Right Arrow] then Ladybug, Clover, Boy Face, Plane, Bus, Bike. Press [2] while selecting a stage in Free mode to play on its mirror version - Mirror mode
[Right Arrow] [Left Arrow] [Left Arrow] [Right Arrow] then Square Robot Face, Car, Award Ribbon, Bike, Helicopter, Strawberry - Master Higgins Ball
Unlock Hard Mode
Complete the game on Normal mode once.

Unlock Marbles
Panda Ball - Take more than 3 minutes time to complete stage 1-1.
Anglerfish - Beat Challenge Stage 11 in the Sunken Depths (Normal mode).
Earth - Beat Challenge Stage 11 in the Space Station (Normal mode).
Figure Roller - Beat Stage 10 in the Stump Temple (Normal mode).

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